Sensuous Favourite Banana Pudding Cupcakes


Banana Pudding CupCakes – A Real Treat

These real delicious beauties begin with a very dense and vanilla cake (also with a flaky vanilla wafer baked in,) and then they are filled with a very generous portion of yummy banana pudding. The actual frosting is essentially very lightly sweetened whipped cream, which is made more stable for piping. (However the regular old whipped cream would work also with no problems, but however it tends to get droopy with time and so adding a cornstarch mixture to the cream actually keeps it more stiff and pipe-able.)

I think bananas are really healthy. In fact any fruit can be good for you so i like to use fruit wherever possible. Bananas contain some magnesium which is good for the heart along with potassium. Banana’s are a great source of instant energy so rather than grabbing that energy bar for a quick pick me up, why not grab a banana and make some of these delicious banana pudding cupcakes.

Yield: 24 cupcakes



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