What Is the Difference Between Fudge and Truffle?

difference between fudge and truffle
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Those who enjoy sweet snacks and treats on daily basis know that fudge and truffle are some of the best treats in the world of desserts. Both of these desserts are characterized by creamy and chocolatey structures, so many times they are regarded as the same type of dessert, which is not true at all. Therefore, what is the difference between fudge and truffle?

Fudge is a cube-shaped chewy candy that does not always contain chocolate. It is made of crystallized sugar, which has been made by cooking milk, sugar, and butter with salt and flavors. Truffle is a ball-shaped soft candy made of chocolate and heavy cream, then rolled in cocoa powder.

Understanding the difference between desserts and candies is important when choosing the treat you will include in your daily diet. This article will discuss the difference between fudge and truffle, i.e., how they are made along with their main ingredients. I will also explain the notion of truffles as ingredients in chocolate or other sweet desserts, so you will truly understand how are truffles used in the chocolate industry.

Fudge vs. Truffle: Comparison

Fudge and truffle have some significant differences in their structure. Even though both of these sweet treats can be creamy and chocolatey, they differentiate in the way in which they are made and the ingredients included in their texture. When deciding between fudge and truffle, it is better to be familiarized with the ingredients, so you can choose the right dessert for yourself. 

That being said, now we can discuss their structures in detail. Fudge is a type of candy that contains crystallized sugar and it is significantly sweet. The sugar in the fudge is made by cooking milk, sugar, and butter with salt, and some other ingredients like chocolate, or a similar flavor. 

On the other hand, the truffle is made with ganache, i.e. this is its made ingredient. Ganache is a cream made of chocolate and heavy cream in a ratio of 1:1. The ganache is rolled in a chocolate or cocoa powder, and once you eat the truffle, your mouth usually feels powdery. It is also quite sweet candy, but the sweetness is not felt so much as in fudge. The sweetness also depends on the bitterness of chocolate used in ganache. 

Fudge is a firm candy, and it tends to be chewy. Truffles are soft and they give you a rich, flavorful melt-in-your-mouth experience.

What Exactly Is Fudge?

Fudge is the little bonbons you see in the chocolate shop windows, and they usually make you crave something sweet immediately. Their origins are in Baltimore, the USA. Fudge is a type of dessert that has special and delicate ingredients in the structure, so you have to like it once you try it. 

Fudge is creamy candy characterized by a firm, solid, and soft texture. It is made of butter, milk, and sugar. Sometimes instead of milk, people use heavy cream, so you can notice some differences when you try various kinds of fudge. In the texture of fudge, you can also notice additional ingredients, such as vanilla, peanut butter, nuts, candies, and fruits. [1]

Fudge is usually in the shape of small cubes. People tend to choose something that is smaller for dessert, and that is why fudge is so attractive and popular around the world. Tiny desserts are commonly chosen since they seem harmless to weight and to the shape of the body.

difference between fudge and truffle

What Makes Truffle a Truffle?

Truffle originated from France. It is different from fudge due to its ingredients and taste. The most important ingredient in truffle is ganache which actually makes truffle unique in taste and in structure. Ganache is the starting ingredient of truffle which is rolled in cocoa or chocolate powder, making the unique texture of a dessert such as a truffle. 

Ganache is actually a smooth glaze that has been produced by melting cream and chocolate. Sometimes, butter is also added to make the chocolate’s structure even smoother. The ganache is also used in different desserts; however, it is the most typical ingredient for truffles. 

Truffles do not usually include some other ingredients for intensifying the flavor. It is usually plain chocolate since the cocoa or chocolate powder is enough for this sweet treat. All these ingredients make this chocolate treat bitter from the outside and sweet from the inside.

Truffles are common across the whole world and they are the most picked desserts when it comes to selecting something special and of unique taste. 

difference between fudge and truffle

I know you probably thought about this, so let me clear this out: truffle chocolates are not made with truffles, even though you can find different kinds of truffle chocolates. However, if you look closely, truffle chocolates can remind you of truffle fungus. This similarity inspired people to name this chocolate treat the same as truffle fungus.

What Separates Fudge from Chocolate?

Although there are insinuations that fudge and chocolate can be regarded as the same, that is not entirely true. There are quite some differences that will make you see the distinction between chocolate and fudge clearly. There are differences in the structure, flavors, and ingredients that are used for each of them. 

Firstly, you might notice the first difference if you pay attention to the texture of fudge and chocolate. While chocolate has a smooth, firm, and shell-like texture, fudge is softer and almost resembles a sponge. 

Furthermore, you might spot some differences in the flavors that are used in both. 

For instance, chocolate can be white or dark, while fudge can include any imaginable flavor. That means that in fudge, you can find chocolate, but sometimes, chocolate might not even be included. Finally, you can spot some differences in ingredients. 

While chocolate is made of milk, sugar, cocoa, and cocoa butter, fudge is made of milk, sugar, and many kinds of flavors. These flavors can include cocoa, but that is not the mandatory ingredient.

Even though fudge and truffle might seem more similar than different, you have to have a closer look into their structures and notice the obvious differences. Which one is tastier depends on personal taste, so you will have to try both and see for yourself.  

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