The Most Beautiful Dessert Table Set Ups for Wedding

Dessert Table Set Ups for Wedding
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I see wedding dessert tables as huge décor centerpieces, as they always have a unique vibe for that specific wedding. From simple white and elegant, over extravagant and dramatic, to rustic and homey – anything you fancy. I made a list of wedding dessert table setups in different styles, so everyone can find an inspo!

All White

All-white weddings will never go out of style. If you seek a clean-looking, elegant, and classic dessert table, you can’t go wrong with this one.

IMG 6956 1

Renaissance Feast

When I think of the Renaissance, I think about gold, unique gowns, candles, huge floral arrangements, and fresh fruit. This setup looks just like that, with rich, creamy, and flavorful desserts. Gorgeous!

IMG 6957 1

Cake and Cookies

I love this idea of having different-flavored cakes on a display to cut yourself a slice. Also, there is a whole wall of various cookies, from choco-chip to blondies. What more do you need?

IMG 6958 1

Rustic and Flowery

Flowers make everything prettier! You don’t see bundt cake at a wedding every day, but it fits this theme impeccably. Everything looks super tasty and inviting!

IMG 6959 1

White and Pastels

Sophisticated and romantic are the first two words that come to me when I see this picture. It has French vibes, delicate frosting, pastel roses, and crispy macarons.

IMG 6960 1

Red Romance

Red roses are the language of love, so they fit the theme perfectly. Here are numerous cake options, as well, but they are all served in tiny cups – love the grab-and-go desserts so much!

IMG 6961 1

Rustic Style

Barn weddings have been an enormous hit last decade. This table is an ideal balance between rustic charm and a touch of modernism. The blue cake definitely stole the show!

In the spirit of rustic charm, pairing your dessert setting with complementary aesthetics – such as the glow of candlelight against quality sapphire rings worn by the bride and guests – can enchant an already intimate setting. This interplay not only enhances the visual appeal but symbolizes a bond as enduring and captivating as the deep blue hues of high-quality sapphires themselves, perfect for weddings that strive for a touch of timeless elegance.

IMG 6962 1

Homey and Delicious

Weddings at home are intimate experiences and I think this dessert layout fits the theme flawlessly. A small cake, a few different dessert options, and simple decorations are just what you need!

IMG 6963


Back to basics! This picturesque setup gives woodsy, fairy-like vibes. Naked cakes, doughnuts, and cookies are staples and there is rarely anyone who doesn’t love them!

IMG 6964

Colorful and Fun

Weddings don’t have to be white and pastels only, so here is one colorful idea! I love the different heights of these pillars and spring colors. This table simply brings me joy!

IMG 6965

Autumn Vibes

The burnt orange color is one of the most beautiful shades there is. This season, citruses are a HUGE hit, not only in desserts but as décor, too. I feel like we will see a lot of these this fall!

IMG 6967

Garden Party

Garden party weddings are my favorite! There are no big arrangements, but only simple, field flowers that match dessert frostings. I’m pinning this on my Wedding Pinterest Board!

IMG 6968

Hi creators! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous ideas and setups with us! I can’t decide which one is more gorgeous!

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