Desserts That Go With Pork Chops [15 Delicious Ideas]

Desserts That Go With Pork Chops
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Though pork chops are not a meal that can fall hard on your stomach, they are packed with proteins and contain a large amount of fat. Still, you will probably be craving dessert after a meal like that. So, what are the best desserts that go with pork chops?

Panna cotta, cherry pie, rice pudding, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu, or any other soft and creamy dessert is perfect for a main course like pork chops. Whether you prefer fruitier or more chocolaty sweets, cakes, pies, or cookies, you will have a wide choice when pairing it with this main course.

If you are making pork chops for lunch or dinner and have no idea what dessert would go well after it, look at the following text. Here you will find 15 exquisite ideas that will be more than a cherry on top of your cooking skills.

Panna Cotta 

Panna Cotta is a famous dessert that originates from Italy. Many appreciate it because of its silky smooth texture that combines well with different sorts of fruits. It is a vanilla custard that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to prepare, and each bite of it is pure joy.

To prepare panna cotta, you will need milk, vanilla pod, sugar, cream, unflavored gelatin, fruit, a couple of pots, and some fancy dessert containers. If you don’t have a vanilla pod, use vanilla bean paste or extract instead. 

When it comes to fruit toppings, any berries will do. Still, you can also experiment with peaches, oranges, mango, and even dragonfruit. And, if you are up for something different, you can also serve it with caramel or chocolate topping. 

Cherry Pie

In case you are looking for a more traditional dessert, cherry pie is probably the thing you are searching for. It is a sour, sweet, creamy, and crispy dessert that is pretty simple to make.

You can also buy a frozen cherry pie in the store and heat it before serving, or buy the crust and the filling and assemble them. However, if you are not in a hurry, make this pie from scratch because nothing beats homemade pie.

To bake a homemade cherry pie, you will need flour, sugar, butter, a pinch of salt, and water for the crust. For the filling, you can use fresh, canned, or frozen cherries, sugar, cornstarch, butter, and lemon juice. If you wish to modify the taste, you can add vanilla or almond extract, lemon zest, and other fruits like pears or apples.

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a classic dessert that doesn’t take more than a few ingredients to make. Milk, rice, and sugar are all that you need to prepare it.

This is a pretty basic dessert, yet it leaves a lot of space for improvisation. For example, you can cook rice and milk with vanilla and cardamom pods. Instead of cow milk, you can use coconut or almond milk while cooking. 

You can serve it with raisins, dried cranberries, and fruit jams or sprinkle it with cinnamon. 

Desserts That Go With Pork Chops Rice Pudding

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate always goes well after meat, so you cannot go wrong with this chocolate lava cake. It comes with a soft and spongy crust on the outside and creamy, runny chocolate on the inside. 

This dessert takes 20 to 35 minutes to prepare, and you will need butter, flour, dark chocolate, whole eggs and egg yolks, powdered sugar, and some ramekin for souffle dishes. Add cinnamon, coffee, or vanilla powder to the batter to enhance the chocolate flavor. In the end, you can serve it with ice cream or fresh fruit. 


Tiramisu is an excellent choice if you want something light and easy to prepare. Its smooth filling and coffee flavor will come as refreshments after a meaty main course. 

This well-known Italian dessert doesn’t require any baking. You will need the following ingredients: ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, espresso, eggs, rum, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder. You can adapt the tiramisu recipe for children by substituting decaf coffee for espresso and leaving out the rum altogether. 

Red Velvet Cake

A slice of cake is the best way to complete an outstanding meal. That is why, after pork chops, I suggest serving the red velvet cake. If you are a sweet tooth, this buttery and moist dessert will fulfill your desire for sweets.

You can easily find already-made red velvet cake in the store. Some batter and filling mixtures are also available. However, if you wish to bake it from the beginning, follow the exact instructions from the recipe. 


How to Make Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix Better? 8 Ways

This cake includes ingredients such as food coloring, cacao powder, baking powder, and vinegar that react to create a beautiful red color, as well as basic ingredients like butter, flour, and eggs. You can glaze it with cream cheese frosting, and there are numerous ways to decorate it — from buttercream roses to truffles and sugar glazing.

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

No-bake blueberry cheesecake is a tasty dessert that doesn’t require a lot of effort. To make this cheesecake, you can use premade graham cracker crust. If you make the crust yourself, experiment with flavors and use other biscuits like Oreos or ginger nuts instead of graham crackers.

To make this cheesecake, you will also need cream cheese, heavy cream or non-sour yogurt, gelatin, powdered sugar, and blueberries. Instead of cream cheese, try using mascarpone cheese. It will make the cream more buttery. 

Apple Crumble

Apple crumble is a common dessert at holiday dinners. With a buttery, crumbly crust flavored with apples and cinnamon, this dessert will make your next big meal with pork chops a celebration in itself.

As it is one of the favorite winter sweets, you can find it in stores in different variations. Still, warm, homemade apple crumble is worth the trouble.

Desserts That Go With Pork Chops Apple Crumble

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is yet another dessert with a simple recipe. Ingredients for this delicious cream are eggs, milk, cream cheese, dark or semi-sweet chocolate, and sugar. 

The convenient thing about this dessert is that you don’t have to use the oven, and you can make it in 20 minutes. However, chocolate mousse needs to be in the fridge for at least 4 hours, so you will have to prepare it in advance. 

The best way to serve it is with whipped cream and some grated chocolate, but you can also sprinkle it with some cocoa powder or add strawberries or raspberries on top.

Creme Brulee

This French classic appeared in many movies and is a good choice if you wish to impress your dinner guests. Though creme brulee seems like a simple vanilla cream with caramel crust, it takes some time to perfect it. 

You can start by picking the ingredients: vanilla pod, heavy cream, and eggs. However, the true mastery is to “torch” the sugar on the top of the cream without burning it.

Caramel Toffee

As simple as caramel toffees are, no one can resist them. Made with sugar, butter, and milk and cut into bite-size candies, caramel toffees are a great solution if you host a dinner with children. 

However, by making some adjustments, you can transform it into a candy that grown-ups will enjoy as well. For instance, you can add chocolate glazing with crushed hazelnuts and slices of almond or coconut powder or add nuts to the caramel directly.

Vanilla Slice

Vanilla custard between the light puff pastry is another plain dessert with great potential. It will take you around an hour to make it. However, the process is quite simple.

You will need eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla pod or extract, and cream cheese. If you are a beginner when it comes to making puff pastry, the best option is to buy it in the store.

Lemon Bars

Fresh, sour, and soft lemon bars make a lovely dessert for any meal. They are the ultimate lemon sweet that will awaken your senses after a meaty meal such as pork chops.

You will need 4-5 lemons, eggs, flour, butter, sugar, and salt to make this dessert, and the preparation time will be from 35 minutes to an hour. Still, once you remove the main dish from the table, you can be sure that this dessert will steal the show.

Desserts That Go With Pork Chops Lemon Bar

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are another dessert that can go well with various meals. You can make them using cream, chocolate, cocoa or coconut powder, cookie sprinkles, or any other ingredient suitable to roll in the truffles. You can also coat them in colored sugar frosting or dark or white chocolate.

With a soft texture and rich chocolate taste, chocolate truffles make an excellent dessert for kids as well as adults. 

Poached Pears

Poached pears are probably the best choice if you are in the mood to make some simple yet fancy dessert. Since you can serve it in a salad or side dish to meals made of meat, there is no doubt that it makes a great follow-up to pork chops. 

To make this delicacy, you will have to use red or white wine, spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks, a vanilla pod, orange zest, orange juice, and pears. All you need to do is to cook the pears in the mixture of wine, orange juice, sugar, and spices until they become soft and leave them to cool down in the fridge afterward.