Awesome Birthday Dessert Table Set Up Ideas

Dessert Table Set Ups for birthday
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Hosting big birthday parties was never my style, but as I’m getting older, I like that idea more and more. Celebrating each year on this planet is awesome! I made a list of birthday dessert table setups for different themes, and I love each one. Scroll down to see which ones I chose!

Fun and Flamingos

Summer is almost here and that means only one -POOL PARTIES! Vibrant colors, flamingos, and pineapples – you have it all at this table. Don’t forget your summer playlist!

IMG 6969

Lavender Haze

Simple and pastel, this dessert table is an ideal option for a small party. Lavender gives the most calming and romantic vibes. Love everything about it!

IMG 6970

Snow White

Red apples remind me of Snow White, and who doesn’t love a good Disney-themed party? A little picnic setup and rich colors have my heart! 

IMG 6971

Soft and Woodsy

There is something so calming about small forest animals. Flower-inspired desserts pair flawlessly with little décor fawns, bunnies, and trees. My childhood-dream-come-through!

IMG 6972


When you say Bridgerton birthday party, you know it will be romantic, extravagant, and flowery! This table is everything and more, just imagine the dresses you would wear for a party like this…

IMG 6973

Coastal Vibes

Blues and whites give the summery, coastal vibes, especially when you have hydrangea flower arrangements! Simple cakes and party favors wrapped in blue paper are ideal!

IMG 6974


Desserts with berries are a whole new level of juiciness! Cakes, tarts, bites, parfaits, and fresh berries at one table – I wouldn’t know which one to taste first.

IMG 6975

French Bakery

If you want to create the feeling of a French bakery at home, this is the right table setup for you. Simple cakes with traces of gold, macarons, and chocolate-covered strawberries are everything you need!

IMG 6976

Tea Party

English tea party birthday is probably every little girl’s dream! These beautiful shades of pink fit the theme flawlessly. Let’s go thrifting for vintage tea sets together?!

IMG 6977

We Were in Paris

There is nothing a little trip to Paris can’t fix, even if it’s just a party setup! Eifel tower toppings, suitcase props, and champagne are more than enough. 

IMG 6978


Nothing screams a Birthday Party as cake sprinkles and balloons! This combination is so cute, it looks like a core memory of elementary school birthdays.

IMG 6979

Cottage Core

There is something special in homemade, imperfect, and warm party setups. This is a true cottage core, simple, delicious, and unintentionally beautiful.

IMG 6980

Creators, each of these setups is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

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