18 Fabulous Desserts That Start With O

Desserts That Start With O
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Have you ever wanted to eat a nice dessert but couldn’t put your finger on it? Or you are planning a themed party, and you want everything to be in that mood? My friends came over yesterday, and we played the Town-Country-River game, but added a dessert category, and I must tell you — it was so funny because everyone kept making up silly dessert names! Do you think you could do better?

This article is all about the O-desserts! So whether you need some sweets starting with “O” for your Town-Country-River game or you just want a quick fix for your indecisiveness, you can find a bunch of awesome ideas below. 

Oatmeal Cookies 

Starting this idea list with a simple idea for when you want a satisfying sweet without all the fuss. To make them, you’ll need only oats, flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. You’ll love the comforting, home-baked taste they offer, and if you feel creative and peckish, you can always enhance them with raisins, chocolate chips, or nuts. Mix the ingredients together and shape them like cookies, bake, and you’re done.

Oatmeal Raisin Bars

Oatmeal Raisin Bars

Another simple O-dessert, for those moments, you can’t do more than just mix and bake. So, why not make yourself happy with a few simple ingredients? Oatmeal raisin bars are delicious treats made with oats, raisins, flour, butter, and sugar, giving you dense and comforting sweets you can enjoy on the go or at the kitchen counter. 

Oatmeal Apple Crisp 

If you want to inject some warmth and hope on a rainy autumn day, or you just want to curl up with a movie, oatmeal apple crisp may be the perfect O-dessert for you. This warm and comforting crisp consists of a layer of tender baked apples topped with a crisp and crumbly combination of oats, butter, sugar, and spices. It offers an abundance of textures contrasting each other, making each bite a little magical experience. 


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Olive Oil Cake 

If you’re looking for something unusual and like to experiment with flavors and ingredients, the olive oil cake is the one for you. This is a tender and moist cake, and to make it, you’ll need olive oil, flour, sugar, and eggs. The usual flavorings are orange and lemon, but you can add other citrus flavors if you want. This is a unique-flavored delight, and it’s one of those you either love or hate, so you can never know it unless you try it. 

Orange Chiffon Cake 

Orange Chiffon Cake

Made with fresh orange juice, oil, eggs, sugar, and flour, this is a vibrant cake with a strong orange flavor. I like to mix the orange juice with some pineapple juice to add some of that unique pineapple tang, but you don’t have to if that’s not your thing. It is quite soft and delicate, perfect to serve after a more decadent meal. 

Orange Cranberry Bread

If you are seriously into baking, then give this option a try. This flavorful quick bread is infused with fresh orange juice and zest and tart cranberries, so if you’re looking for something to enrich your Thanksgiving table, look no further. This quick bread is very easy to make, which is totally disproportionate to how flavorful it is, so you will definitely get more than you invested. 

Opera Cake 

If you are in the mood for something fancier, the opera cake is just the O-cake for you. This indulgent French treat is crafted from delicate layers of almond sponge cake, each fully immersed in a rich coffee syrup. It’s then beautifully adorned with a velvety layer of ganache and a buttercream that’s been infused with coffee. Yes, it is as fancy as it sounds and more delicious than you can imagine. So, if you have some time and are willing to go the extra mile, roll up your sleeves and give this cake a shot!

Oreo Cheesecake 

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake takes a bit more time and effort, but it is absolutely worth it! It is a creamy and delicious concoction where you enhance the cheesecake filling with crushed Oreo cookies for that extra crunch. Velvety, smooth, delicious, and extra chocolaty, this cheesecake will definitely fit perfectly in any occasion you make it for, even if that occasion is Netflix and chill by yourself.


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Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake may be your favorite I-dessert, but why not upgrade and make it your favorite O-dessert? You can easily make this at home by whipping up some ice cream, whichever you prefer, layer ice cream, and crushed Oreos. Let it freeze, and enjoy the refreshing chocolate ice cream cake. It is also great to brag at parties! 

Orange Marmalade Cake 

If you want to practice your dessert-making skills and make a cake you will definitely want to show off with, the orange marmalade cake is the perfect practice book for you. It contains all the classic cake ingredients, and the making procedure is medium in terms of complexity. The result is a soft, moist, and tangy cake with a playful citrus flavor and a slightly sticky texture. I love it because it is excellent to decorate with glaze or frosting, as well as orange slices.

Olive Oil Gelato 

If you are curious and want to discover new and unusual ways to make gelato, this olive-oil-flavored one is definitely the one you’ll want to try. It is a smooth and creamy frozen treat made with extra virgin olive oil, milk, sugar, and flavorings. You can flavor it with vanilla or orange zest or maybe add a rum or a hazelnut extract. It is definitely a unique treat, offering an exquisite dimension and an even more delicate texture.

You can also get a similar food experience by having some gelato with olive oil — to make it, you will simply use olive oil as a topping for your gelato. It may seem weird, but at least give it a chance!

Orange Creamsicle 

The orange creamsicle is a nostalgic sweet treat that reminds us of a simpler time, but did you know that you can turn back the clock any time you want? If you are having a pool party or just want a midday refreshment during a hot summer day, look no further. Whip up some vanilla ice cream, milk, orange juice, and a few orange pieces, fill in the popsicle molds, and let the freezer do its magic! 

Old-Fashioned Peach Cobbler 

When it comes to baking, everything that starts with “old-fashioned” is a winner. This old-fashioned cobbler contains peach slices topped with biscuit topping. You will instantly fall in love with its warmth and wholesome. It offers a warm and comforting combination of tender peaches with a slightly sweet and buttery crust, perfect to have over iced coffee or iced tea.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars 

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

If you’re anything like me, always searching for tasty simplicity, this O-desert is for you. I love oatmeal treats, and for a good reason, too; you can make countless desserts with this simple ingredient. These chocolate chip bars are soft, chewy, and made with rolled oats, chocolate chips, flour, butter, and sugar. You’ll most certainly enjoy the combination of classic flavors of oatmeal and chocolate merged into a simple yet indulgent treat.

Oatmeal Fudge Bars 

Fudge bars are decadent and rich treats with a delightful, gooey, and chewy texture and a consistency that’s just perfect. Oatmeal fudge bars are everything fudge bars are, only even better because they are made with oatmeal! These indulgent treats consist of layers of oatmeal cookie crust, creamy fudge, and a crumbly oat topping, making each bite taste like a little piece of heaven. 

Orange Almond Biscotti 

Orange Almond Biscotti

Biscotti are simple yet divine Italian double-baked cookies that can sit on the shelf forever and still remain fresh. These baked miracles are the little black dress in the sweet snack department because they fit great in any setting and never go out of style. The orange almond biscotti is a variation of the classic recipe involving almonds and orange zest in addition to the standard ingredients. The orange twist makes this O-dessert incredibly refreshing and vibrant, while the almond gives it a layer of texture, further enriching its consistency. Oatmeal Cream Pies: Oatmeal cream pies are soft and chewy sandwich cookies made with oatmeal cookies and a creamy filling, often flavored with vanilla or marshmallow. They have a nostalgic and comforting taste reminiscent of childhood treats.

Ombre Cake 

Even though the ombre style is better known in the hair-styling and nail art department, it works excellent with cakes too! Still, the ombre on a cake is the same as on hair or nails, the same color shade varying and getting lighter as the cake layers pile up. Basically, you can make any cake ombre as long as you are an artist with the frosting because the ombre part means playing with shades of the same color, tailoring them to perfection. 

The ombre cake can have any flavor you want, and it is a visually stunning cake you eat with your eyes first! And I absolutely enjoy watching the decorating process videos!

Oreo Stuffed Brownies 

If there’s anything that can make a brownie taste better, that’s Oreo stuffing, which is why Oreo-stuffed brownies made their way to this list. Everything stays the same; you don’t have to do anything to the recipe except add brownies. Your palate will be very pleasantly surprised by the fudgy and rich texture with the occasional Oreo crunch and the recognizable richness of the cream. I love them with milk, coffee, or hot cocoa. 

Which of these is your favorite? Or do you have a favorite to add to this list? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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