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Hi! I’m Laura, and I’ve been sharing recipes and helpful culinary tips at Julie’s Cafe Bakery since 2021. It started as a hobby, but I soon realized that blogging could become a full-time job.

Today, Julie’s Cafe Bakery brings together food and cooking enthusiasts from all over the US and beyond. With more than 100k monthly readers, we’ve shown that we produce helpful content and easy-to-follow recipes.

In addition to recipes, I share tips on how to add a twist to classic homemade dishes, how to elevate pre-made meals, guidance on optimal food pairings, and strategies for preserving or repurposing leftovers. I also frequently visit restaurants, so don’t be surprised if I share what impressed me about their menu. If something dazzles me, I’ll definitely try to make a copycat recipe!

Our History

I started this food blog with my grandma Julie.

Julies Cafe Bakery About

As she was a mother of two, she didn’t go to work. Instead, she managed to develop many tasty recipes that I was happy to learn from her. Thanks to her culinary lessons during babysitting, I discovered my passion at an early age.

Her specialties are traditional Mediterranean dishes, such as fish soups, roasted lamb, and pasta with meat sauce.

My specialty? Improvising and adding some twists to Julie’s specials. 🙂

Meet the Team

As the blog grew over time, there was a need to expand the team. Currently, along with me, there are five wonderful women working on the blog. Here’s who they are:

laura bais from julies cafe bakery

Laura Bais

Content Strategist & Author

Laura, a graduate journalist, has been pushing culinary boundaries since her younger days. While mostly self-taught, her expansive culinary expertise is fortified by books, workshops, and online courses. On our site, she’s the driving force behind topic selection, drawing inspiration for the next big article. Not only does she develop innovative recipes, but with the support of her team, she pens the captivating articles that follow. Laura’s prowess isn’t limited to the stove; she can craft anything from scratch, be it cakes, pastries, pasta, or meat dishes. When not brainstorming or cooking, she’s either breaking a sweat working out or plotting her next travel adventure.


Ivona Zajec

Social Media & Lead Editor

Armed with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Pedagogy and English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb, Ivona brings a blend of academic rigor and passion to our site. On our site, Ivona takes the helm as the team lead. She skillfully manages our editors as they compile information for upcoming articles, handpicks compelling photos that embody our brand, and ensures our content captures the imagination of the social media audience, aiming for virality. Recently, she’s cultivated a passion for reading and incorporated yoga into her daily routine. In the kitchen, Ivona excels at blending herbs, spices, and condiments to perfection. Beyond culinary exploits and her professional endeavors, she has an uncanny knack for identifying the next must-watch series or riveting read. Ivona delights in experimenting with new dishes and diving into diverse flavors. To her, food is not just nourishment—it’s an exhilarating journey of taste, and she’s always on the lookout for the next gustatory revelation.

natasa peevska from julies cafe bakery

Natasa Peevska


Natasa moves with grace both on the dance floor and in the kitchen. A fervent dancer with an equal penchant for culinary arts, she’s also a seasoned linguist. She’s mastered the art of translating her passion for cooking into written word, blending her professional and personal worlds seamlessly. Having studied at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Natasa earned her degree in Translation and Interpreting. She later secured a Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature from FON International University. Baking runs in her veins, perhaps a legacy passed down from her lineage of bakers. On our site, Natasa plays a crucial role as the vigilant fact-checker, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of everything we publish. Though she relishes seafood, she’s still learning the ropes of preparing it—a challenge made easier with a chef for a husband. For Natasa, food is essential fuel, but its preparation? Pure artistry.

jelena milosevic from julies cafe bakery

Jelena Milošević


Jelena’s journey with the English language began at the age of nine, leading her to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language philology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. Currently, she is diving deep into Spanish. Beyond the world of letters, music and sports captivate her, with tennis and volleyball taking center stage. On our site, Jelena dedicates herself to scouring the internet for accurate information and meticulously reviewing online feedback about the products we test. In the kitchen, Jelena becomes an alchemist, skillfully experimenting with spices and herbs. Pasta is a dish she could savor daily, so it’s no surprise that she’s a self-proclaimed pasta maestro. Outside her culinary domain, she dreams of traversing the globe, discovering new lands, and indulging in their rich and diverse cuisines. In one sentence: Jelena finds joy in eating, more than anything else.

marija krsmanovic

Marija Krsmanović


Marija is a seasoned editor and adept copywriter for our renowned food site, bringing stories of culinary delights to life with her meticulous touch. A proud alumna of the University of Belgrade, Marija holds a Bachelor’s degree in Serbian language. A self-proclaimed bookworm and photography aficionado, she finds magic in the kitchen. To her, preparing a dish is akin to spellcasting, especially when conjuring Italian classics like lasagna and bruschetta. Lately, she’s added masterful renditions of moussaka and eggplant salad to her repertoire. Her multifaceted talents make Marija an essential pillar of our team.

nejra delalic from julies cafe bakery

Nejra Delalić

Nutrition Editor & Recipe Tester

Nejra is a passionate traveler with a deep love for reading and writing. Currently studying at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica, Nejra’s pursuit of understanding the human body and its wonders has proven invaluable to our website. As she meticulously fact-checks all nutrition-related information, her medical expertise ensures our content’s accuracy. Beyond verifying facts, as a food lover, Nejra tests and refines the recipes we publish, ensuring they meet our standards of deliciousness and authenticity. When she’s not engaged with our content, she’s in the kitchen, crafting dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Her special touch? Combining ingredients to highlight their health benefits. Outside the kitchen, her calm demeanor shines, especially when under pressure. For Nejra, food isn’t just about “good” or “bad” labels – it’s about finding the right balance that suits one’s well-being. Her relationship with food? It’s pure love.

If you’re interested in how our content is created, read the Editorial Guidelines.

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