Decoration Ideas and Toppings for Crème Brulée [with Photos]

Toppings for Crème Brulée
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A true classic of French cuisine, this delicious dessert is appreciated worldwide. And since I’m a sucker for classics, it has a special place in my heart. The decoration part has always been my favorite. Mixing, matching, and playing with toppings and angles — I’ve been missing it for a while. So, I decided to revisit my favorite decoration ideas and toppings for Crème Brulée!

Your next Crème Brulée design idea is waiting for you below — don’t sleep on it!

Toppings to Make Your Crème Brulée Decoration Pop

Making your Crème Brulée look like a masterpiece is the same as decorating any other sweet delight — first, you need to have a vision. And to make this vision happen, you’re going to need to get some fresh and fitting topping ideas. Check out what you can use below!

Decoration and Topping Ideas for Crème Brulée

What Fruit Goes with Crème Brulée?

One of the possible options you have is fruit, of course! If you want to freshen up your dessert, this is the best way to go! Still, not all fruit options are the best ones, so make sure you check out the perfect Crème Brulée fruit toppings below.


currant on Crème Brulée

If you’re aiming for sweet and sour bliss, currant is the right one for you. The tartness of currant takes on the sweet creaminess of this French classic, and matches it quite well. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with it — not everyone likes its tartness.

Cherry Compote

cherry compote as decoration on Crème Brulée

Another great sour option, cherry compote has it all. With just a hint of tartness, cherry compote balances out the caramelized burnt sugar on top of the Crème Brulée. My favorite is picking out the cherries from the compote to make the decoration just right!


strawberry on Crème Brulée

Even though the strawberry season is nearing its sweet sweet end, depending on when this article finds you, this is a wonderful idea! The flavor of burnt sugar combined with the juicy sweetness of strawberries is a true delicacy. And the added crunch of strawberry seeds is just an added bonus!

Orange Slices

orange slices on Crème Brulée

My friend serves this all the time, and I guess this is why I love it so much! Crème Brulée served with orange slices is fresher than served with any other fruit. I love munching on orange slices while enjoying my sweet, but my friend always eats the crunchy top first and then squeezes the orange slice over the rest, sprinkling the juice all over it.


raspberry on Crème Brulée

Here’s my absolute favorite Crème Brulée fruit idea! The slightly floral undertones of raspberry can make anything taste truly fruity, and so is the case here. Even though the sweetness here will be a lot subtler than the strawberries’, the flavors will be quite more intense, resulting in a harmony of flavors!


blueberry as decoration on Crème Brulée

Blueberries are another option you cannot miss with! And the best thing is — you don’t even have to add a lot because a little goes a long way. The woody and musky aftertaste combined with the sweet tang of Crème Brulée is a must-try.

Dry Figs

dry figs as decoration on Crème Brulée

Sweet goes well with sweet — so this combination should be a no-shocker. Still, because of their chewy texture, not everyone is a fan. My rule of thumb when serving these is not to serve it to the people who don’t like raisins; the two are similar, so it’s a foolproof method.


blackberry as decoration on Crème Brulée

Apparently, berries are the safest Crème Brulée topping idea. So, it’s no wonder that blackberries work great, too. The freshness is the most prominent reason to choose them, but they also bring a certain earthiness to the sugary notes, and I’m a fan of this combo!

What Else to Garnish Crème Brulée With?

If you’re not a fan of fruit, you can top your Crème Brulée with some of the options below, too. Plus, all of these make superb enhancements, so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Powdered Sugar and Fruits

powdered sugar as decoration on Crème Brulée

Powdered sugar can make any dessert look and taste like magic! But if you’re worried it would make your dessert too sweet, it won’t because its sweetness is on the delicate side. Still, if you’re not convinced, pair it up with some of the fruit options we’ve talked about before and add some mint leaves for extra freshness!


mint as decoration on Crème Brulée

Sometimes, I like to serve my Crème Brulée with mint leaves only. It’s great if you’re a fan of simple decoration and minty flavor. The mint’s cooling sensation balances out the sweetness, giving it a nice and refreshing aftertaste, and richness of flavor!

Nuts and Fruits

nuts as decoration on Crème Brulée

This is a great option if you want to make your sweet treat more nutritious. Combining the subtle saltiness of nuts, a hint of sourness of fruit, and the sweetness of the custard. You can adjust it to your taste and pick your favorite fruit and nuts, but it’s also quite eye-catching if you decorate nicely.

Edible Dried Flowers

dry flowers as decoration on Crème Brulée

My favorite option when it comes to other toppings for Crème Brulée, these edible dried flowers will make beautiful results! And I absolutely adore this idea of serving it all in a flower-shaped ramekin bowl! This should be your go-to solution if you don’t want your garnishing to influence the taste of the dessert.

Whipped Cream

whipped cream as decoration on Crème Brulée

Classic, but no less fabulous, whipped cream is a perfect dessert topping for a reason. Not only does it look luxurious, but its lightness and color make it quite refreshing. Moreover, it holds its shape well — and I love making swirlies!

Vanilla Bean

vanilla bean as decoration on Crème Brulée

If you want to go as simple as possible, but still make your Crème Brulée look fancy, this is the solution for you. Even though vanilla bean may seem impractical since you cannot eat it unprocessed, the syrupy sweet vanilla smell will upgrade your dessert in an instant!


rosemary as decoration on Crème Brulée

Even though rosemary is used primarily in cooking for the flavor it gives, it also does a great job as a dessert adornment! It will make your dessert smell fresh, and the dash of green makes for a lively mood booster! Since it’s a herb and therefore not something you would eat, I recommend pairing it up with other options.

Caramel-Dipped Almond

caramel dipped almond as decoration on Crème Brulée

You can skyrocket the appearance of your dessert to a professional level simply by adding some caramel-dipped almonds. It may take some skill, but all you need is almonds and caramel — dip almonds one by one and let them cool. Your Crème Brulée will look like it was made by a pro!

Shredded White Chocolate

shredded white chocolate as decoration on Crème Brulée

Last but not least great option for Crème Brulée decoration, shredded white chocolate is like a cherry on top. So, if you’re a fan of the sweet, buttery flavor, by all means; go ahead! Since this sweet treat is sweet and tangy, if I’m adding white chocolate, I also like to add something to balance out the sweetness — like strawberries!

What do you usually use for decorating your Crème Brulée? I’m curious to read about your favorite Crème Brulée toppings in the comments below!

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