Sprouted Essene Bread – How To Make

essenebreadIn this recipe post we look at sprouted Essene Bread and how to make it. This bread is made essentially from sprouted grain usually Rye and contains so much goodness due to the sprouting process. Its a very filling thick and heavy bread so you don’t need a lot of it to have the full feeling. Its so easy to make and requires very little in the way of extra ingredients.

Below is the video on how to make this bread along with the ingredients. I have opted to buy this bread many times due to its healthy properties, however it is very expensive to buy so being able to prepare and cook it yourself can save you a lot of money. I often enjoy it with soup as it tends to be a crumbly type of bread falling apart very easy, mostly due to no binders being used.

I have tried this bread with bananas and cheese (my quirky taste buds) and although delicious tends to fall apart and is messy so keep the fillings simple or just use butter. Let us know how you find it by leaving a message below.

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