Redlicious Sweetheart Cupcakes

Sweet Heart Cupcakes
Sweet Heart Cupcakes

Redlicious Delicious Sweetheart Cupcakes For Your Sweetheart

Here at Julies Cafe Bakery, we just absolutely LOVE to bake. Regardless of whether it’s simple oat meal biscuits, red velvety cookies, strawberry bars, or even apple pie, we’ve got a real talent for whipping up desserts and pastries just like it’s nobody’s business. So we decided to make something special for that sweetheart (and sweettooth) of yours. Something nobody could possibly resist.

A couple weeks back we  had been brainstorming some exciting Sweetheart  treats to blog about right here on the website and I remembered  these cupcakes I discovered which had hearts baked on the inside of them. I performed a bit of research and discovered these surprise heart inside cupcakes were totally doable and comparatively simple to make. We gave them a go and I believe they turned out very well! Here’s the way I made them:

Redlicious Suprise Sweetheart Cupcakes

1.  Prepare the Vanilla Cupcake mixture.




After they had been cooled, We frosted all of them with fresh made butter-cream icing plus smothered them with pearly sprinkles that we purchased at a nearby craft shop.


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