Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Easy Healthy Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe in 5 Minutes

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

This Dragon Fruit Smoothie in a bowl is very creamy and full of goodness. It doesn’t just look beautiful it also tastes really good.  Serving these smoothies in a bowl will allow you to top it with more fresh fruits like raspberries, blackberries, and you can also garnish it with almond nuts, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds for additional crunchiness when you eat them.

Have you ever tasted a dragon fruit smoothie? You would agree that it was refreshing and a delicious drink. A smoothie is a drink that is made from either fruit or vegetable with the use of a blender, my favorite liquid base is coconut water or coconut milk.

Since I love fruits, I always explore different ideas on how to make my recipes awesome and unforgettable.

I came across a dragon fruit (commonly known as pitaya) in the supermarket, which I don’t see often, and honestly, the look of it is stunning, it’s very bright pink and the shape is unusual. It’s a bit expensive, to be honest, but since I love every new variety of fruit that I find, I bought 2 pieces of it without any hesitation. Right after I arrived home, I sliced it – looks very beautiful in the inside – and I tasted it straight away. It tastes like a combination of kiwifruit and watermelon. I suggest putting it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before consuming it.

Since I like smoothies, I decided to find information about what other fruits can go along with dragon fruit. I found out that there are too many recipes you can make with dragon fruits. This Dragon Fruit Smoothie is just one of them. You can visit fruitinformation.com  for more dragon fruit recipe suggestions.

Is Dragon Fruit Good in Smoothies?

To answer that question directly, I would say YES. The Dragon fruit has a light sweetness and a mild taste, that is why blending it with other sweet fruits like banana and mango will enhance the taste. 

For more healthy options I prefer to use non-dairy milk for my smoothies like almond milk or coconut milk. Adding a plant-based protein like almond nuts, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds will make this recipe more hearty. If you are doing a heavy exercise, adding a whey protein to your smoothies is another good healthy option.

Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

You would be wondering why your smoothie looks pink? The dragon fruit skin is a pink color and the flesh inside looks hot pink that explains why the smoothie is pink. But what makes this smoothie pink is the compound that they called betacyanin, this pigment can be seen also in some plants like beetroot.

Did you know that some dragon fruit flesh is not pink? It will vary depending on the variety that you get from the supermarket. I once bought a pink skin dragon fruit but the flesh inside was a white color. If you use them in your smoothie you cannot get the same pink color but the taste is still the same. But you would agree that the pink flesh dragon looks really stunning in the smoothie.

The problem is that when you want the pink flesh dragon fruit, usually the supermarket doesn’t even know the color of the flesh.

I also found out that some are even sweeter than others. I found this article informative where they compare different varieties of dragon fruit, you can check this out.


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