Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

chocolate marshmallow cupcakeChocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

It’s the type of weather for a hot cup of cocoa and a tasty cupcake. These cupcakes are a treat with plenty of chocolate and a surprise of marshmallow in the center.
These very dark and very dense chocolate cupcakes are frosted with good homemade marshmallow frosting along with sprinkles. This really good marshmallow chocolate cupcake is really easy to make and a lot of fun to eat. And, I even bet you could quickly whip up a bit of hot chocolate in order to go with that chocolate cupcake.

These cupcakes are super easy to make

These cupcakes are super easy to make up – no out of the ordinary equipment necessary – and they also bake in just about no time at all. The home-made marshmallows tend to be a bit of work and they need an electric mixer, however they are worth every bit of effort. Plus, once you make these homemade marshmallows it’s dreadfully hard to buy them in a bag again. Not only do they taste better but they are also so much less expensive. The most important thing to try and remember when you are piping or spooning marshmallow frosting onto the tops of cupcakes is that you will need to work very quickly with absolutely no interruptions because it sets faster than you could ever imagine.

My one piece of advice is to make sure you line up the cupcakes on to a rack, get all of the sprinkles in a bowl ready to quickly sprinkle on to the marshmallow and also be sure you have the piping bag already sprayed with some non-stick goo prior. This is so as soon as you’ve whipped in the vanilla and all of the marshmallow looks pretty and perfectly fluffy you can put it into the piping bag and then onto the cupcakes very quickly.

chocolate marshmallow cupcake


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