cupcakes in ice cream cones

Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones From Scratch

cupcakes in ice cream cones

Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe for the next gathering that you will be hosting for your kids? This ice cream cone cupcakes recipe is the answer. A recipe from scratch with a step by step guide on how to make it perfect. I would assure you that this will be picked by children during the party. The most exciting part of this recipe is decorating. During the special occasion, you may bake the cupcake cones ahead of time and let the excited and vibrant kids decorate the cupcake cones.

How to Make Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones Recipe


step1Prepare the Batter- In making cupcakes using an ice cream cone you need to follow the instructions thoroughly. To start, prepare a deep bowl that you will use to make a batter. Choosing store-bought cake mix ingredients will make this recipe not too complicated. If you bake a lot I would say making home-made cake batter would work better for you.



step2Prepare the Icecream Cones- Make sure that you bought an ice cream cone with a flat bottom so it will easily stand in the muffin tin. Remove the wrapper of your ice cream cones carefully. Keep in mind the cones can be easily damaged if handled roughly. After removing the plastic arrange the cones into the muffin molder. Do not grease the muffin cup.



How do you Transport Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes



Fill up the Ice Cream Cone- Pick up the ice cream cone and fill it up thoroughly after filling it place it back to the muffin cup.






Remember to leave a little space right at the top of the cone for the expansion of the batter (around 1/2 – 3/4 in.)





step5Do not overfill the ice cream cone with the batter. I noticed that the one scoop is just about the right amount of batter for a clean and neat job filling. We wanted an attractive cupcake in an ice cream cone, and the only way to achieve that is by making sure that the filling we put in is just enough. In this photo you can see that the filling is too much.




This is the outcome if we overfill the cone, the batter will overflow during the cooking procedure making it look ugly and not too presentable.






Bake for about the similar length of time that you would bake some regular cupcakes. If you want a good looking cupcake in the ice cream cone bake





What do you Put On top Of the Cupcakes?



Frosting Preparation– For frosting mixture, you can either make your own at home or you may prefer the ready-made from the supermarket.






Place the sprinkle into the small dish.






step10Before making the frosting make sure that the cupcakes had cool down. You don’t want the frosting to be melted on top.





step11Ice the cupcakes by using a clean knife or a spatula. Endeavor to allow the frosting to warm up a little if you have been storing it within the fridge, as a few frostings can be more difficult to work with if they are cold.





cupcakes in ice cream cones

Dip the tops of the ice cream cupcake into the sprinkles. You may dip fully or you might like to dip just the one side for an effect. If you are worried that the frosting will be ruined if you dip it directly into sprinkles, try to let the cone stand while you drop the sprinkle slowly into the cupcake frosting. Place the ice cream cupcake in a serving dish and enjoy the ice cream cupcakes. I’m sure children would love it.


How Do You Store Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Storing an ice cream cupcake is quite tricky. If you bake them a day ahead before a party the cupcake cones may end up soggy. I will share with you tips for storing cupcake cones. First, store them in an airtight container and put them in the fridge,  in that way the cupcakes will remain fresh. Second, if the room temperature is not warm you can also choose to store them in the food storage.



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