Dairy Queen Vs. Baskin Robbins: Which is Better?

dairy queen vs baskin robbins

Ice cream and summertime – two names that have become synonymous, especially for vacationing families. And in that same tradition, two other names have reached household status – Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins. So inevitably, the question arises, which is the better option?

Baskin Robbins has a far superior flavor range and distribution thanks to their “31 flavors” motto and over 6,700 retailers worldwide. Dairy Queen’s advantage is that it not only specializes in ice cream, but is a fast food restaurant; ready to serve you a full course meal before the dessert arrives.

In this article, we put two of the largest names in the fast-food industry of ice creams – Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen. So, let’s see how they compare in terms of taste, special features, franchise power, popularity, etc. In the end, I’ll give you the answer to the question of which of them is better.

Dairy Queen Vs. Baskin Robbins: Differences

Before deciding which one is better – Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins, I will tell you more about features that distinguish one from another.


Let’s kick off this comparison list with the aspect that matters most: taste! This is what will ultimately get you, satisfied customers, even more than the conveniences you offer.

We shall start with Dairy Queen since it came first. And no place better to start than their “Blizzard” item. Though their most iconic creation, the Blizzard is not technically ice cream, as it does not have enough butterfat. But fans can care less as this blend of soft-serve and customizable mix-in have satisfied their palate for decades.

But DQ does not only operate in the frozen realm of ice creams. They also have a full-blown fast-food menu. From burgers to fries, cakes to smoothies, Dairy Queen features all. And most of them are tasty enough to make you forget about the ridiculous amount of calories some of these items contain.

Baskin Robbins does not have a similarly diverse menu, as it only serves frozen goodies. But in that niche, the diversity they offer is truly unparalleled. “31 flavors” is the slogan that put Baskin Robbins on the map, alluding to their specialty of having one flavor for each day of the month.

And they can come up with some very interesting selections, such as their Rocky Road cone or the limited edition “Reese’s 3-Pointer.” Although some of their choices may fall flat in terms of diversity in texture, you are sure to find one flavor that pleases your sweet buds.


It is in the name. From the beginning, Baskin Robbins’ main appeal and marketing ploy has been their slogan – 31 flavors. Their effort to offer their customers at least one unique flavor for each day of a 31-day month put them on the radar. And they have only gone on to improve that initial strategy, coming up with some fascinating and often limited-edition varieties.

And to keep good on that promise, Baskin Robbins allows their customers to sample as many flavors as they want before making the final decision. Their tiny pink spoons have become almost as symbolic of their franchise as their slogan.

Dairy Queen’s specialty is that you can treat yourself to a full course meal first and then have the ice cream for dessert. Unlike popular brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s or Baskin Robbins, DQ prides itself on serving delicious meals and desserts. So, they are the clear choice when you are looking to fill your stomach as well as please your taste buds.


Here, you have two giants in the world of fast food. In 2020, Dairy Queen sold products worth almost 4 billion dollars in the US alone. Dairy Queen started with just a single store in Illinois, all the way back in 1938. 

At present, they own over 5,700 stores worldwide, of which more than 4,300 are located in the States. They have at least one store in every state in America except for Vermont.

But Baskin Robbins is not behind in terms of its reach. Founded in 1946 with the merger of two ice cream shops, they currently have over 6,700 stores under their brand in more than 50 countries worldwide. Nearly 2,700 Baskin Robbins outlets exist in the United States alone. This makes them the largest ice cream retailer in the world.

Of course, the franchise fee for Dairy Queen is significantly higher than Baskin Robbins. DQ has set its franchise fee at $45,000 but with a lower royalty charge. If you want to get a scoop of Baskin Robbins’ business, the lowest starting fee is $25,000 with a royalty charge of 5.9%.


At Baskin Robbins, the price for a scoop of ice cream is $2.19 (kid’s scoop), $2.79 (single scoop), and $3.99 (double scoop). Their cones cost between $0.99 to $1.49, depending on the amount. They have multiple options for sundaes, which can cost between $3.49 to $6.69.

Dairy Queen does not have such fancy names for their sizes. They simply go by small, medium, and large, which applies to both their Sunday treats, shakes, and cones. Blizzard has an additional category of mini. Mini Blizzard will cost you $2.89, the small size $3.69, the medium is $4.09, and the large is $4.69.

The price for their ice cream cones ranges between $1.99-$3.19. shakes will cost you $2.99 (small), $3.89 (medium), or $4.59 (large).


It is no surprise that both of these companies are super popular in the States. In fact, Baskin Robbins is arguably the most popular chain of ice cream parlors in the world, thanks to their widespread distribution. 

The popularity of Dairy Queen comes two-fold. They are hugely popular for their dessert selections. But they are also one of the go-to destinations for dining. As a result of their more diverse dining option, Dairy Queen is a more popular brand overall than Baskin Robbins in the US.

Dairy Queen Vs. Baskin Robbins: Which is Better?

Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. At Dairy Queen, you have more than just the dessert section as an option. So, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they offer a more versatile menu.

But if you are looking to please your sweet tooth with more flavors than you can choose from, then Baskin Robbins is the ideal place to go.

To sum up, there is a reason why these two franchises have garnered as much fame and success as they have. Both of them have been essential parts of the American fast food industry as well as part of your summer holidays.

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