Cold Stone vs. Baskin Robbins: How & What to Choose?

cold stone vs baskin robbins
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For something as sweet as ice cream, picking the right one can be chillingly stressful. First, you choose which company’s product you want to consume, only to realize that a single brand can offer dozens of variations on both flavor and toppings. Two of the biggest perpetrators in this regard are Cold Stone and Baskin Robbins. But which one is the better pick and what are their main differences? 

Cold Stone allows you to customize your order with numerous options, ensuring you have a unique experience each time. Conversely, Baskin Robbins has more ready-made flavors; 31 flavors for 31 days of a month. In terms of franchise strength, Baskin Robbins is far superior to Cold Stones Creamery.

Of course, variations alone do not make a good ice cream brand, nor does it guarantee that all options will be good. So, in this article, we dive in much deeper than their menu. We will look at their range of flavors, taste, texture, price range, customer service, etc. We will also take a step back and compare the two franchises as a whole.

Cold Stone Vs. Baskin Robbins: Differences

It is not just their names; Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin Robbins differ from one another in many ways. So, let’s explore some of them.


Of course, the biggest factor when deciding on ice cream is the taste. And the popularity of these two brands should tell you that they know how to serve up mouth-watering delights to their customers. But how do they compare against each other?

“31 Flavors”- this has been the Baskin Robbins’ constant slogan since the company’s inception. The conceptual foundation of the company is that they can serve you 31 different flavors of ice creams – one for each day in a 31 day month.

So, right away, the diversity Baskin Robbin offers you makes an instant impact. However, not all of their flavor delivers the same impact on your taste buds. They do have some fun and original and tasty options to try. But the taste and texture in many of their selections leave something to be desired.

Cold stone Creamery does not have this range of flavors. But what it does have is customizability. They believe that their product should taste good and pack a lot of stuff in it. So, you have the choice of enhancing your favorite flavor of ice cream with any of the ingredients of your liking. 

Of course, the taste is nothing but subjective. So, the best way to figure out which company’s product feels better on the palate is to try them out yourself first. 


Cold Stone is a clear winner in this category. Yes, Baskin Robbins may have more options upfront. But most of their ice creams pack the same consistency and texture. 

But at a Cold Stone, your imagination and creativity determine the texture of the ice cream. If you want to put cookies or biscuits in the mix for crunch, you can do that. Do you want to add some lush fruits to the mix? Sure you can. Want some salty and sticky caramel to melt your teeth? Go right ahead. 

In fact, if you are feeling extra adventurous, you can combine all of them in the same scoop. Again, it is up to the individual to decide which texture suits their palate more. But in terms of diversity and flexibility, cold stone has got the edge over Baskin Robbins.


As alluded to already, the feature that stands out when you visit any Baskin Robbins retail (and there are many of those), is the wide range of flavors. And to help their customers in the selection process, Baskin Robbins lets you sample many flavors before making the final decision.

They also have a “flavor of the month” feature. This could entail some brand new, limited-edition options such as “Reese’s 3-Pointer”.

The main draw at a Cold Stone Creamery is that you are in charge of your order. Be it cake, ice creams, or drinks; you get to choose what goes in it and in what proportions. Now, this can sometimes lead to a puzzle as too many choices can obscure your thought process. But the end product is going to reflect your creativity and preference to the max.


Cold Stone has 931 stores in the USA as of 2020. They also have over 200 stores in 27 countries around the world. In many places, Cold Stone prefers to co-brand a store with other popular franchises. This is part of their business strategy.

According to their official website, Baskin Robbins has established more than 6,700 stores worldwide, of which nearly 2,500 of them are located in the USA.


At Baskin Robbins, the price for a scoop of ice cream is $2.19 (kid’s scoop), $2.79 (single scoop), and $3.99 (double scoop). The price of their cones ranges from just under a dollar to $1.49. They have various options for Sunday, which can cost between $3.49 to $6.69. 

Cold Stone has given unique designations to their serving sizes. You have kid’s size, Like It (small), Love It (regular), and Gotta Have It (large). The “Like It” serving costs $4.00. “Love It” is $4.25, and “Gotta Have It” is $4.75. 

Additionally, the first mix-in is free of charge. Every mix-in afterward will cost you $0.75. 


Thanks to their widespread distribution, Baskin Robbins is one of the most popular brands in the US. They remain a very popular destination for any family on vacation. 

In comparison, the Cold Stone is a recent establishment with significantly fewer outlets. So, they have some ways to go before competing with Baskin Robbin’s reach.

Cold Stone Vs. Baskin Robbins: Which Is Better?

In terms of having a unique, personalized taste experience, Cold Stone has the advantage. But chances are, the ice cream shop closest to you belongs to Baskin Robbins, whose products are capable of satisfying your palate on a hot summer day.

Ultimately, choosing the right ice cream is as much about convenience as it is about flavor. On a warm summer day, any good ice cream feels like bliss, whether it be from Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone Creamery.

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