Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Soft Serve?

does dairy queen have chocolate soft serve
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Undoubtedly, Dairy Queen serves one of the best ice creams in the country. Their soft serve can conquer everyone with their taste, texture, and creaminess. If they told you that they didn’t have chocolate soft serve during your last visits, don’t be surprised. Many people asked themselves the same question: does Dairy Queen serve chocolate soft serve at all?

Many Dairy Queen restaurants have chocolate soft serve, but there is no rule that they have to. Every franchise has different standards and ideas, and not each of them can afford to have several machines due to high expenses. Another reason is that those machines take a lot of space.

Read on to find out what different standards are in different locations, why one can not consider Dairy Queen an ice cream, and whether they have chocolate dip ice cream cones!

Can You Get Chocolate Soft Serve at Every Dairy Queen Restaurant?

In some DQ restaurants, you might get chocolate soft serve, while in others, you may not. There are even some restaurants that are in the middle. For example, they serve chocolate only on special days of the week, such as Friday or Sunday. 

That’s because there are over 2,000 different franchises with more than 4,500 stores in the US and every one of them has different standards and ideas.

One of the problems is that many stores don’t have enough space for more than two soft serve machines. Franchise owners reported having trouble finding enough space for those machines since one now occupies the same amount of space as the one used to.

The other problem is that one ice cream machine costs around 27,000$ and not everyone is sure that this big investment will pay off. They don’t want to risk going with one vanilla and one chocolate because if the vanilla machine breaks, they are in trouble. That’s why most of the stores prefer to serve only vanilla ice cream.

After all, Dairy Queen has chocolate soft serve but is not a required menu item and every different franchise restaurant can decide for them if they want to serve it or not. If it is so important to you, then let your local franchise restaurant know how much you would like this item to be on the menu. I believe that nothing bad can happen.

Do They Have Chocolate Ice Cream Cones?

Dairy Queen restaurants serve their classic cones with chocolate soft serve, vanilla and twist. They also serve cones dipped in chocolate, cherry sauce, or butterscotch dip. It is a great solution if you love crunchy coating on ice cream.

Cold, creamy Dairy Queen soft serve topped with a Triple Chocolate Brownie, Oreo cookie pieces, rich chocolate sauce, and marshmallow topping. As amazing as it sounds, ice cream cones may be the best part of the ice cream for many people, especially if you find a DQ restaurant where they serve it.

What Is Chocolate Soft Serve Made Of?

The process of making their soft serve is top-secret, but what we know is that it is 40% made of air. That high percentage of air makes soft serve that creamy and light.

When we talk about other ingredients, you will find the most of milk, sugar, corn syrup, whey, guar gum, coconut oil, soybean oil, cocoa, corn starch, and some emulsifiers. The cone is made from wheat flour, and also has tapioca starch and sugar.

One large chocolate cone has 480 calories, the medium has 340, while the small one has 240 calories. If you decide to go for the large cone dipped in chocolate, you would intake 640 calories.

The fun fact is that, according to the FDA, ice cream has to have at least 10% milkfat to be called “ice cream”, while Dairy Queen’s has just 5%. [1] For that reason, soft serve is not ice cream by definition.

Don’t forget that Dairy Queen also has chocolate and vanilla swirl on the menu, and it is called twist. However, not every franchise has the same rules, so you will need to check with the employees in each DQ you visit.

With all these different types of toppings, you can put everything in the Dairy Queen sundae and Blizzard menu, as well as a variety of candies such as Oreo, M&M’s, Butterfingers and many more. This can satisfy even the most demanding customers.