Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream: Which Is Better?

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream
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Ice cream comes in many flavors, from mint, strawberry, banana, cinnamon, almond. The list is endless. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the most available flavors are vanilla and chocolate. These two flavors have inspired a delightful debate among ice cream lovers, they can’t decide which one is better.

Vanilla ice cream is usually considered better than chocolate ice cream. More Americans prefer vanilla taste rather than chocolate ice cream because it is soft and creamy.

I put everything on the table. Here are the results: everything you need to finally decide which one is better in calories, which one Americans prefer, and what was the first: chocolate or vanilla? Keep on reading and find out!

What Are the Differences Between Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream?

One of the things you can look out for when choosing between two types of ice cream is the texture. If you prefer your ice cream soft and creamy so that it can smoothly melt in your mouth, then vanilla is your choice number one. 

Perhaps you prefer chunky ice cream with little chunks added to it like chocolate chips. In that case, always go for chocolate. 

You know what they say – there are two types of people: the ones who lick their ice cream, and the ones who bite it. If you are part of the former, choose vanilla. If you are more leaning toward the latter, you should probably choose chocolate.

Maybe the criteria upon which you base your ice cream selection is in taste. While a majority prefer that sweet sugar flavor that is ubiquitous in most ice cream flavors, others still fancy a little puckering after a pint of some sour ice cream. 

Chocolate is usually sweeter, while vanilla sometimes has a bourbon vanilla flavor, making it stronger and giving it a woody taste. 

Most vanilla lovers will go on about the simplicity of the flavor. Vanilla is a light base that can be easily paired with other flavors to make a perfected delight. Rather than overpower the flavors, vanilla is light enough to enhance the taste. 

Vanilla’s subtle flavor and smell present the perfect base for an ice cream sundae. It can give you endless possibilities to build fascinating flavor with fruits and your favorite sprinkle toppings. Vanilla is the most agreeable flavor and is always a safe bet to get someone whenever you are unsure of their preferred flavor.

Chocolate has a very rich and dynamic taste profile and smell. It gives off a caramel smell with hints of roasted nuts or coffee. Chocolate tastes warm yet creamy, a complex sweetness balanced with bitterness. It is this complexity in chocolate that riles up fans.

chocolate ice cream served in a bowl and vanilla on brownie

Calories and Nutrition

The importance of calorie consideration can never be over-emphasized because this directly affects your body weight and general health. It is also essential to upgrade your knowledge of calories and other crucial nutritional values such as carbohydrate level, protein, and fat content.

Both vanilla and chocolate ice creams have high amounts of calories. One scoop of vanilla ice cream contains 137 calories, while one scoop of chocolate ice cream has 143 calories.

Below are the nutritional components of both vanilla and chocolate. [1] [2] Note that the serving size is 1 scoop.

Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream
Calories137 KCal143 KCal
Total Carbohydrates16g18.6g
Total Fat7.3g7.26g

As you can see, nutritional facts are similar in both types of ice creams. When it comes to macrominerals, both ice creams have a nice percentage of calcium and phosphorus. [3]

Before diving into the nutritional details, please review our Nutritional Disclaimer page for important context and clarifications.


Chocolate was the first ice cream flavor to be invented.  The invention was possible because hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee were the first popular frozen desserts.


Where Does Chocolate Flavoring Come From?

It would be a big surprise to most people that our two favorite contending ice cream flavors only crept into the limelight in recent history. Up until the 19th-century, lemon ice cream topped the flavor charts with no major competing flavors.

Although now vanilla is considered the most popular ice cream flavor, it was invented later than chocolate-flavored ice cream. Vanilla was used as a flavor enhancer in foods, confectionery, medicine, and even soap products.

The chocolate drink can be traced back in America to the Mayans. Before creating the hot chocolate that we know, the Mayans consumed a spicy and flavorful concoction of chocolate drink flavored with chili and vanilla, among other local ingredients.

Do Americans Prefer Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream?

Americans have genuinely had a long-term love affair with ice cream, and rightfully so. Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. It is shown that ice cream has effects that positively enhance your mood. So, a bowl of ice cream is sure to get you through those rough moments. 

According to one survey, a whopping 59% of people in America like vanilla ice cream compared to the 51% who like chocolate-flavored ice cream. In addition, 11% of the participants said that vanilla is their favorite flavor, while 10% chose chocolate. [4]

Our preference in ice cream flavor may be influenced by many things, including genetic markers, age, sex, gender, or ancestry. [5]

Regardless of what you think or what flavor you prefer, approach each flavor with an open mind. There are many ice cream flavors out there, so be sure to permit yourself tasteful delight that tingles your taste buds.

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