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Where to Buy Viennetta Ice Cream?

Where to Buy Viennetta Ice Cream
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Viennetta ice cream is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. This delicious treat is an absolute game-changer with its crispy layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and the wow factor of its special slicing process. It’s been around since 1982 and has recently made a comeback in popularity – but where to buy Vienetta ice cream?

You can buy Viennetta ice cream in various stores near you, like Kroger and ShopRite, as well as order a delivery or pickup in many online retailers, including Amazon, Vons, Safeway, Pavilions, and Albertsons.

So, as you can see, there’s no need to worry about finding a store near you that carries it – these stores I’ve shared will make it easy for you to satisfy your cravings.

List of Places Near You


If you’re like me, you get the urge to satisfy your sweet tooth every now and then. When I’m in the mood for a light, creamy indulgence, I always reach for Viennetta ice cream. And the best place to buy it is at Kroger!

Currently, Kroger has a well-known Vanilla Viennetta 22oz Frozen Dessert Cake, perfect for any occasion. Most Kroger stores provide pickup options or delivery, so you can grab your Viennetta quickly and conveniently without ever leaving home.


If you’re looking for Viennetta ice cream, I highly suggest checking out ShopRite. They might not carry a wide variety of flavors, but they do have very competitive pricing.

ShopRite has definitely become my go-to place for all my frozen treat needs since they always have Viennetta in stock, so I don’t have to worry about running out. Also, the prices are unbeatable, and they additionally carry other frozen treats like sundae cones, ice popsicles, and more.

Various Online Retailers

If you don’t have time to go out shopping, buying online could be your best bet. You’ll find multiple varieties of flavors and sizes with convenient delivery options available at many online marketplaces, such as AmazonVonsSafeway, and Pavilions, that have both delivery and pickup options!

If you’re on the west coast of the United States, you’re in luck because Albertsons also carries Viennetta ice cream. The best part is it’s available in many of their stores nationwide, or they can also deliver it to you, so you don’t have to leave your home.

Is Viennetta Ice Cream Good?

When asked the question, “Is Viennetta ice cream good?” my answer is a resounding yes! This creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake is hard to beat.

Viennetta ice cream is a classic, and its popularity has endured because of its delicious and smooth texture. Every layer of Viennetta has chocolaty crunchies as well, giving an added contrast when they’re paired with the smooth milky base.

The team at Viennetta also managed to create a mix that remains frozen without turning into bricks of ice or into a melting mess. So, you can enjoy it for hours. 

The combination of different textures makes each bite just that much more enjoyable. The vanilla flavor serves as the perfect complement to the layers of creaminess and crunch. And why not top your Viennetta with some delicious fruit or chocolate sauce? The classic flavors will stand out even more when you do.

This delicious treat truly has something for everyone – it’s sweet, creamy, and crunchy all at the same time! I guarantee you won’t be able to resist going back for another helping.

With Viennetta ice cream, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging. Now that you know where to buy Viennetta ice cream, it’s time to get ready and enjoy the enticing layers of melted chocolate and creamy goodness.

How to Serve Viennetta Ice Cream?

The best thing about this ice cream cake is that it can be served in many different and exciting ways, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth in more ways than one. You can shape the ice cream cake as an elaborate swirl and add all kinds of delicious flavorings to it.

You can use a slice of Viennetta as a beautiful cake topper for another cake. Cut off the bottom and top of one slice and use it as a pretty border for your dessert. Also, consider using two slices for bigger cakes!

Then, you can cut two slices of Viennetta and pair them with your favorite scoop of ice cream. Place the scoop between the two slices, and voila, you’ve got an elegant ice cream sandwich! Squeeze some chocolate or caramel topping on top for an added finishing touch.

In addition, Viennetta makes it easy to turn any bowl into a delicious sundae. Start with a scoop or two of your favorite flavor, then break up pieces of Viennetta on top to create layers in your bowl. Finish with sprinkles or chopped nuts – whatever you like!

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