What to Eat With Boiled Eggs? [31 Ideas]

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Hard-boiled eggs are an excellent start to a day, lunch idea, or even light dinner. They are so easy to make since the only ingredients you need are eggs. Because of this, people tend to serve them to their guests in various ways, and sometimes end up with lots of leftovers. If you are in such a struggle, you may ask yourself what to eat with boiled eggs.

If you have boiled eggs, you can eat with them baby spinach and cherry tomatoes, tuna sandwich, tuna bowl, spaghetti carbonara, wok, asparagus, sausage and beans, and chickpea salad. You can make moussaka with boiled eggs, egg and tuna spread, hard-boiled eggs casserole, or use them in a meatloaf.

As you can see, ideas are endless. That’s why I wrote this article and made a list of dish ideas, so you can easily find your favorites and get some new meal ideas. You will be able to see the best sides and uses of boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch, as well as for dinner.

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Breakfast?

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If that’s so, let’s make it a delicious one. So, let’s see what goes well with hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Eggs and Tuna Spread

A great way to start off your day is with eggs and tuna spread. Whether you make it in the morning or the night before, the process is quick and easy. Just mix tuna, chopped eggs, and a splash of mayonnaise and there you have it. If you like it on the spicy side, you can even add some chilly pepper flakes.

You can spread it over a slice of bread if you’re in a hurry, or serve it with toasted bruschetta sprinkled with some chopped fresh parsley. This is how I like it the most. Just make sure to store your spread in the refrigerator and use it up within a week, since cooked eggs tend to go bad if not stored properly or if they sit out longer than a week. [1]

Serving eggs and tuna spread with bruschetta is also a great idea for your next get-together finger food. Your guests will love this delicious spread!

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Eggs and Tofu Spread

Since we’re already talking about egg spreads, here’s another one of my favorites — eggs and tofu spread. This is a great option for those of you who don’t like or don’t consume fish. This spread is also quite easy to make.

To make it, drain the tofu and mash it up with a potato masher. Mix the tofu together with chopped eggs and put some salt and pepper to taste. If you want to make it more flavorful, you can add some mayonnaise (or vegan mayonnaise, for a vegan option), or you can go for a bit of Dijon mustard for a richer flavor.

This is a delicious breakfast option sure to make your day! Combine it with some sliced fresh tomatoes or sprinkle some toasted seeds over it for an even healthier way to start your day.

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Egg Sandwich

Who doesn’t like a good sandwich for breakfast? This egg sandwich is a great idea for a well-balanced breakfast. And it is so easy to make.

Take your boiled eggs, cut them into rough pieces, and mix them together with some mayonnaise. Add a drop or two of sour cream, pepper, and salt to taste, and that’s it. You can even spice it up if you like it spicy.

Spread the egg mixture over your bread and top it off with some avocados for some extra nutrients. If you’re looking for a simple, well-balanced, and nutritive breakfast, an egg sandwich is a perfect option for you!

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Eggs, Cottage Cheese and Paprika

Anytime I feel fancy in the morning, I make myself this boiled-egg delicacy. Since this takes a bit more effort, I highly recommend making it exclusively on the days you have more time in the morning and want to treat yourself to a very special breakfast.

This version of boiled eggs is quite quick and easy to make. After boiling the eggs, the only thing you need to do is cut them in half, take the yolks out, and crush them with a fork. Take some cottage cheese, mix it with the yolks, and put a splash of salt inside.

Fill the whites you have previously separated with the mixture and serve them sprinkled with a pinch of paprika. What I also like to do, is chop some fresh basil, cilantro, or parsley and add it to the filling. This will add some freshness to your morning, making it colorful and extra fancy!

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Baked Sausage and Beans

If the breakfast from the previous idea is not fulfilling enough for you, make it an English breakfast. Combine your filled eggs with baked sausages and beans, and make a feast!

For a breakfast like this, all you have to do is bake some chopped sausages on medium heat. For beans, you can use canned beans. Take the beans out of the can, add spices to taste, and mix them together.

Serve everything on a plate together with some fresh chopped tomato. You can even toast some bread to add some crunch to your breakfast. This is indeed a fulfilling breakfast!

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Here’s another great boiled egg breakfast option! Boiled eggs and asparagus are a great match, trust me. You should definitely try it out for yourself.

To make this dish, you will need a skillet or a sauté pan. Cut your asparagus into smaller pieces (about 3-inch length) and put them onto the buttered pan. Add some salt and pepper and cook it until it’s done — it usually takes about 5 minutes.

Cut your boiled eggs into smaller pieces and serve them over the cooked asparagus. Drizzle everything with some lemon juice and that’s it! You get a delicious breakfast in under 15 minutes!


Avocado and Eggs on Graham Crackers

Everyone knows that avocados are a great breakfast option, but have you tried them like this? If you haven’t tried this fancy and healthy breakfast yet, what are you waiting for?

Crackers for crunch, and avocado and egg mix for healthy fats, nutrients, and antioxidants. I like to make it extra healthy so I use whole grain or integral crackers, but you can use any type of crackers you like the most. This mix goes well with all of them! [2]

To make this, just take your avocados and boiled eggs and dice them. Mix them together with some mayo and salt and pepper. You can even add a drop or two of lemon juice for some extra hit of freshness and vitamins.

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Bacon and Cheese Egg Sandwich

Eggs and bacon are a match made in heaven! And this is such a special way to have them. Make a boiled egg sandwich!

These no-bread sandwiches look like little delicious boats. To make the boats, simply slice boiled eggs in half, sizzle some bacon, and put it in between the two halves along with a piece of cheese. If you’re making finger food, you can put anything you want in between the egg halves, and pierce it with a sandwich toothpick to keep it in place.

Simple, delicious, and effective!

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Hummus and Boiled Eggs

A delicious and tasty breakfast option, hummus can be paired with almost anything and everything. So, pairing it with boiled eggs comes as no surprise.

The perfect way to combine the creaminess of hummus is with boiled eggs. When it comes to flavors, don’t be afraid of spicing it up either with some red pepper or with chilly powder — making it interesting is the key here.

Also, I like to slice some fresh tomatoes when they’re in season, but my favorite combo is hummus, boiled eggs, and cherry tomatoes — this is the best thing ever, trust me. The colors and the flavors will make your morning brighter, and starting your day on the “right” foot can make it a hundred times better.

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What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Lunch?

Among many and many lunch recipes, I listed down the ones that I personally love the most. Some of them are my favorites because they are so simple and easy to make, and some are just too delicious not to mention here. So, here are the most delicious boiled egg lunch ideas.

Savory Crepes

Crepes are my favorite dish ever — you can make them sweet and you can make them savory. When in doubt, and you’re not sure what to cook, make crepes.

Crepes with a boiled egg filling make the perfect lunch. Making the savory crepes is not as hard as it may seem at first — to make the batter savory, just add some salt and pepper to taste, add some chopped fresh parsley, and bake as many as you like (or as many as you have batter for :)). For the boiled egg filling, you don’t have to make a filling — you can just slice the eggs, put them into your crepes, and eat them with a sour-cream-based sauce.

If you want to make the filling, dice the boiled eggs, mix them with mayo and sour cream, and add salt and pepper to taste and herbs and spices to spice it up. Fill the crepes and enjoy them with a sauce of your choice!

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Who says that you can’t eat a popular breakfast dish for lunch? Julienned fried potato pancakes are perfect for experimenting with side dish combinations.

Try combining hashbrowns with a BLT salad. You must be wondering where to put your boiled eggs — just dice them and mix them into your salad. A delicious and easy option.

You can also make an egg spread — just scroll up to the breakfast combinations for the how — and put it over your hashbrowns. For extra flavor, you can spice it up nicely with herbs and spices. Delicious!

Hashbrowns to Eat with Boiled Eggs for Lunch

Pasta Carbonara

What goes better with boiled eggs than pasta? Try combining pasta carbonara with your boiled eggs for lunch.

The creaminess of pasta carbonara goes nicely with the texture of boiled eggs, and the saltiness of the ham gives flavor to the neutral taste of the eggs. A well-balanced combination.

What is more, you can add to the flavors easily — just choose a type of cheese with a richer flavor and better quality. Add some zest with Pepper Jack cheese, or a hint of sweetness with Monterey Jack cheese. Or, you can stick to the classics like Parmesan and pecorino. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors and find out what you like!

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Hard-boiled Eggs Casserole

If you don’t know what to do with your boiled eggs, and it is lunchtime, making a casserole is a good way to go. A simple dish that you can easily prepare in advance, it is an efficient way to make a lunch out of your boiled eggs.

What’s great about a casserole is that you can add almost anything to it — from leftover meat, or vegetables that have been sitting in the fridge biding their time, to boiled eggs. And every time you get a delicious meal with not a lot of effort.

To make a hard-boiled eggs casserole, slice your eggs in half, arrange them in the dish, put sliced potatoes over them, and top everything with sauce and cheese — it’s as easy as this. You can also sprinkle some chopped fresh cilantro over it for flavor and color.

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A great dish to serve with boiled eggs for lunch is moussaka. A creamy, eggplant-based, Greek casserole dish, moussaka makes a tasty meal for itself, but it’s definitely better combined with boiled eggs.

If the combination of boiled eggs and moussaka doesn’t make you very enthusiastic, try it with tahini. This will make all the difference. Made out of toasted sesame seeds, tahini will give the perfect nutty flavor to this combination, bringing it to the next level of deliciousness.

Flavors and textures complementing each other — this is what this combination is all about.

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Minced meat and boiled eggs make the best combinations! If somebody asked me for something to combine with boiled eggs for lunch, this is the first thing that would come to my mind.

Quick and easy to make, you can make a full meal out of meatloaf. Simply serve it with sliced fresh tomatoes sprinkled with some pink salt, or make a colorful salad. You can also cook some potatoes on the side and mix them with chopped fresh parsley.

what to eat with boiled eggs (13)

Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti

You may be surprised at how well tomato sauce and spaghetti go with boiled eggs. Making spaghetti with tomato sauce is almost effortless, and boiled eggs will definitely add some chew to it.

However, the main flavors will come from tomato sauce. So, make sure to add some spices, herbs, or toasted seeds to make the flavor richer. Also, don’t overcook your spaghetti. If your spaghetti gets all soggy, the textures won’t feel right.

This is also a great lunch idea for when you’re in a hurry. You can cook all this up in about 20 minutes if you use a pre-cooked sauce. This way, you will be able to enjoy your meal swiftly.

Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti to Eat with Boiled Eggs for Lunch


A hearty dish perfect for cold weather, ramen soup is all you need to make your day better. A good bowl of soup will warm you up, and fill your stomach.

Ramen soup is a great base — you can add anything to it. Add some protein with meat, or some nutrients with steamed spinach; make a combination that perfectly suits your taste and mood.

Still, bear in mind that there is perfection in simplicity, so don’t go overboard with add-ins.

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Tuna Salad

If you’re craving a salad for lunch, and have some boiled eggs, why not make a tuna salad?

A tuna salad is a great way to freshen up your day. In combination with boiled eggs, your salad will be complete. The colors and flavors make you energized in a flash.

It is like a well-needed dose of dopamine on a lousy day. Just mix it up in a flash, and slice your boiled eggs as decoration. Plus, if you make your salad with fresh vegetables, it will be even more enjoyable.

what to eat with boiled eggs (13)

Spaghetti and Tuna

Another pasta dish! Boiled eggs and pasta make a wonderful pair. So, pair them up and enjoy the textures.

If you need to whip something up quickly, cook your spaghetti and, while it’s cooking, take your tuna out of the can and whip up a sauce. Do you have some boiled eggs, too? Great — it’s a meal!

Quickly and easily, you can get a hearty meal that will make you full and put a smile on your face.

what to eat with boiled eggs (13)

Tuna Bowl

Like calls to like — this is why proteins go together. This is also what makes tuna and boiled eggs such an amazing combination. And tuna bowl is a good way to combine the two.

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy — you can literally take whatever you like and think will go superbly together and make a you-inspired tuna bowl. Experimenting is the best way to find out what you don’t like. Also, you don’t have to go big — start by, for example, testing out different types of lettuce.

You can also add some fiber by sprinkling seeds over your tuna salad. My favorites are flax and sunflower seeds. You can also use chia if you like the chewy texture more or sesame if you’re not a big fan of texture but still want to stack up on fiber. [3]

what to eat with boiled eggs


Nothing is more satisfying than combining wok dishes with boiled eggs for lunch. All wok dishes match perfectly with boiled eggs. Boiled eggs give more flavor, but they are also filled with protein, which is integral if your diet is vegetarian.

Also, you can make an amazing wok dish simply with ingredients from your pantry. Add some noodles or rice and boiled eggs, and you have yourself a delicious lunch — I like to combine boiled eggs with a chicken wok. Whenever I eat this, I always get a craving for something pickled.

So, my full wok boiled egg meal always contains either pickles, pickled onions, or kimchi if I happen to have any at hand. Pickled food always tends to disappear quickly in my household.

Chicken Wok to Eat with Boiled Eggs for Lunch

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Dinner?


A good dinner can be simple. Enter a delicious merger of quesadillas and boiled eggs.

You can either put your boiled eggs directly into quesadillas or you can have them on the side. A delicious dinner doesn’t have to be aesthetic to serve its purpose.

Whether your quesadilla is meat- or veggie-based, boiled eggs will melt perfectly into the mix. For a richer flavor, you can always put a stronger kind of cheese, or put some more spice into the filling. Whatever you do, you’re sure to have a feast!

what to eat with boiled eggs (1)


Pizza and boiled eggs? Yes and yes. Whether sliced or whole, boiled eggs make a great pizza topping.

Sliced boiled eggs make for an excellent pizza topping. If you make your own or if you bake the frozen one, the process is the same; you should put sliced boiled eggs prior to putting the pizza in the oven.

One of my favorite topping combinations is ham, bacon, cheese, sliced boiled eggs, and some sour cream sprinkled over everything. For some spice, you can also put some pepperoni on top, and you get the perfect pepperoni pizza.

Pizza to Eat with Boiled Eggs for Dinner

Chickpea Salad

A colorful salad for dinner is sure to make you sleep better. To make it as colorful as possible, combine your boiled eggs with chickpeas and sliced veggies.

It’s as easy as it gets — simply slice and dice veggies, mix them together with chickpeas, and decorate with sliced eggs. For veggies, you can make a fresh combo with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and radishes. You can also add some fresh spinach leaves for more color and vitamins.

You won’t regret having a chickpea salad for dinner — it’s a light meal made with minimum effort that is sure to satisfy your hunger.

what to eat with boiled eggs (2)

Fried Rice

Do you have some rice leftovers? Great! Combine your boiled eggs with rice and create a delicious dinner out of leftovers.

Leftover dishes are the best dishes. You get to use up food that would have ended up in the trash otherwise, but you can also let your creative juices flow. Just like with fried rice. I always make fried rice when I find some rice leftovers in the fridge.

There’s not a lot of work, really. You just cook some vegetables — any vegetables — stir-fry them with rice, and add diced boiled eggs in the end. To add more flavor, you can add some oyster sauce, but soy sauce works really great, too. Yum!

what to eat with boiled eggs

Boiled Potato

Another great dinner idea is the combination of boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. Add some cooked bacon to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a feast! The trio will make a great and delicious dinner.

A great vegetarian option is combining your boiled eggs and potatoes with creamed spinach. Add to it some garlic toast and voila — it’s a meal.

The boiled egg-potato duo is a great base for putting your own twist on a dinner meal. You can make endless combinations because the two have a fairly neutral taste that goes with almost anything. Have a go at combining!


What to Serve with Creamed Spinach? Vege & Non-Vege Options

what to eat with boiled eggs

Stuffed Eggs With Ham

A delish dinner indeed! Boiled eggs stuffed with a mixture of yolks and ricotta combined with ham — a delicacy!

Easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Mixing the yolks and ricotta and adding salt and pepper to taste is no hard work. Take some sliced ham, make a pretty plate, and dinner is served.

This can also make for a great appetizer. What’s more, to make things more exciting, you can swap the ricotta with cream cheese. What you get is an even creamier texture and a more delicious dish.

what to eat with boiled eggs

Baby Spinach Salad

I’m a big fan of pairing boiled eggs with some baby spinach salad for dinner. A light dinner will make you sleep soundly — and this is it. This is such a simple and fulfilling combination.

Plus, it’s a pretty easy meal to put together. Packed with fiber, which will help your digestion, and is high in nitrates, which help regulate your blood pressure — this meal is a plate full of health. [4]

For more color, you can put some carrots or watermelon radishes in your baby spinach salad — this is how you will prettify it instantly!

what to eat with boiled eggs

Chicken Sandwich

There is more to dinner than a simple chicken sandwich. So, make it more nutritious. Are you wondering how to do this?

Simple — add sliced boiled eggs to your chicken sandwich! Make the best chicken sandwich from your favorite kind of bread, your favorite sauce, your favorite cheese, some salad and tomatoes, and some boiled egg slices! Make it packed!

If your chicken sandwich is still feeling kind of lonely, try adding a side to it. This is sure to solve the problem. Some of the best sides for you may be salads, but there are a lot more things that are sure to make the perfect dinner along with your chicken sandwich.


The Best Sides for Chicken Sandwich [17 Best Ideas]

what to eat with boiled eggs (7)

Salmon Sandwich

If your dinner is a salmon sandwich, make it a great one, and put some sliced boiled eggs in it. Boiled eggs will give it a nice texture and flavor that will complement the salmon.

You don’t have to go all out with your salmon sandwich; there’s beauty in simplicity. Still, I’ve come across a really tasty combination. Take some whole-grain bread, put some cream cheese over it, and cover it with salmon.

Then, sprinkle the salmon with some lemon juice and slice some boiled eggs on top. The only thing you then have to do after this is put another slice of bread over it and take a huge bite. Delicious!

what to eat with boiled eggs (7)

Ham Croquettes

Creamy bechamel sauce paired with ham and deep-fried to perfection, ham croquettes pair up wonderfully with boiled eggs. Since they are crispy and deep-fried, the savory and rich flavor of boiled eggs balances them out.

This basically means that the two are a match made in heaven. A perfect dinner for anyone.

If you decide to make homemade croquettes and you like spicier food, you can even add a little kick to them with some red pepper flakes. You don’t have to worry about the croquettes being too spicy since boiled eggs will balance it out.

what to eat with boiled eggs

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Weight Loss?

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you are probably looking for ways to avoid fats in your diet. For this reason, boiled eggs are a much better option than fried eggs.

As a side dish for boiled eggs while losing weight, you can eat various vegetables, such as asparagus, brussels sprout, tomatoes, radish, onion, lettuce, etc. You can also eat boiled eggs with ham, cottage cheese, salmon, tuna, or chicken breast.

Ways to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs on Keto

Hard-boiled eggs are more than welcome on the Keto diet since they are low in carbs. One egg consists of only 0.6 grams of net carbs, 5 grams of fats, and 6 grams of protein. [5]

Some ways to eat hard-boiled eggs on Keto are by making egg bites (slice the egg and half and put cheese and ham inside), eating them in combination with a tuna salad, serving them with bacon and asparagus, stuffing them, etc.

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