Best Two-topping Pizza [According to Survey]

Best Two-topping Pizza Ideas
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We all have different opinions when it comes to the best pizza toppings. It is almost as controversial as the chicken and egg dilemma. There are still too many questions when the topic is pizza toppings. Without a doubt, this could fill hours of discussion. After all, is it ok to put pineapple on pizza or not? And is pizza Margherita the ultimate authentic Italian pizza? What are the two best toppings for pizza?

According to a 2021 survey answered by over 6,000 American adults, pepperoni and sausage are the two preferred pizza toppings. 64% and 56% of the respondents chose these two ingredients as a pizza topping they liked.

Mushrooms (54%), Extra Cheese (52%), and Onions (48%) complete the top 5. And, in case you are wondering, 1,603 of the respondents chose pineapple (26%) as one of their pizza toppings. [1]

Two-topping Combo Recommendations for Pizza

Let’s imagine you have a dinner party at your house tonight. You want to surprise your friends with homemade pizza. For sure, pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra cheese is a killer combination, and you’d be including 3 of the 5 favorite ingredients. There’s no margin for error here, but if you are already wrinkling your nose because you don’t feel represented in this study, then let me give you some ideas that might cheer you up.

Pepperoni and Jalapeños

I had to start with my all-time favorite duo. If you like me and the extra spice, then you need to try this combination. The slightly spicy, crunchy pepperoni with that kick and freshness from the jalapenos will be a true feast for your taste buds.

Italian Sausage and Peppers

Inspired by the Italian-American classic dish, this is another duo that will make your mouth water. Choose different colored peppers and a combination of sweet and hot Italian turkey sausage. Top your pizza with fresh basil leaves and red pepper flakes, and you won’t regret it. 

Truffle and Fontina Cheese

A gorgeous combination of decadent mushrooms and cheese can never go wrong. The delicate and unique truffle flavor and the gentle and nutty flavor of the fontina cheese will surprise you and delight you simultaneously. 

Best Two-topping Pizza Ideas

Bacon and Caramelized Onions

If you have never tried this combination, now is the time. These pizza ingredients are pre-cooked before transferring them to your half-ready pizza and through them again in the oven. Try adding some green grapes during your onion caramelization process; before serving, sprinkle with rosemary for a final touch of greatness.

Romanesco Tomatoes and Black Olives (Vegetarian) 

This combination is heaven on earth. With their sweet and acidic taste, Romanesco Tomatoes make the perfect pairing for black olives’ earthy and salty flavor. If you are looking for a no-meat option, then this is a very good choice. Add fresh basil leaves and a generous drizzle of truffle olive oil for a chef-worthy pizza.

What Toppings Not to Include on Your Pizza

Based on the same survey, I can tell you what ingredients to leave out of your pizza for tonight. Eggplant (6%), Anchovies (8%), and Broccoli (12%) are in the top three as well but from the bottom. According to this February survey, these three ingredients are the least favorite pizza toppings in America. Even though I don’t understand how eggplant can rank that low on Americans’ preferences, I have to say I agree with the other two. I cannot even begin to understand the concept of broccoli on pizza. 

A Pizza Without Toppings

Another curious fact about this survey is that 2% of the respondents said they prefer their pizza with no added toppings. Do you know who else likes their pizza without toppings? Italian people! 


What to Do With Leftover Pizza Sauce? 9 Ideas

Fun fact: If you didn’t know, traditional Italian pizza is made only with tomato sauce, Mozarella di Bufala, and fresh basil leaves. Why? Because these three ingredients match the three colors of the Italian flag. Red for the tomato sauce, white for the cheese, and green for the basil leaves.

So, if you want to surprise your friends with good pizza and an additional slice of history, serve them the traditional Pizza Margherita.

Best Two-topping Pizza Ideas
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