Best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich [10 Ideas]

best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich
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Let’s face it: unless you’re one of those who don’t usually eat breakfast, the first meal of the day is the most important one you’ll have. This is especially if your favorite breakfast is a breakfast sandwich. Usually, people add eggs, ham or bacon, and a few slices of cheese. But which type of cheese to choose? What cheese is considered the best for the breakfast sandwich?

While Cheddar and American cheese are popular choices for the breakfast sandwich, switching to something different, such as Mozzarella or Gouda, can make a world of difference.

Are you ready to explore a new realm of breakfast sandwiches? If so, then let me guide you to 10 of the best cheeses you can use for your breakfast sandwich.


The next time you want to experiment with your breakfast sandwich, why not opt for a sweet, caramel-like cheese? Norway’s Gjetost (pronounced “yay-toast”) opens up new possibilities for your morning bite.

For example, add a thin slice of Gjetost on toast, then smear a bit of your favorite jam. The result is an unexpectedly rich and sweet breakfast – a welcome break from the usual savory options in the morning!

Goat Cheese

best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich

Tart. Soft. Spreadable. Those are just some words you can use to describe goat cheese, yet oddly enough, it’s not always the first choice for breakfast sandwiches. And that’s unfortunate because goat cheese’s flavor changes as it ages further, transforming from an intensely earthy cheese to a mellow, sweet one.

Even better is the goat cheese’s ability to stand on its own when paired with greens or its willingness to let other ingredients take the spotlight when needed. You can even find them mixed with dried herbs, opening a new world of goat cheese flavors.


Brie can be a bit overwhelming if used wrong, but it’s fantastic with the right hands. Its creamy texture can turn anything it touches into a luxurious affair, kissed with just the right amount of earthiness. So why not take advantage of that for your breakfast?

Unconvinced? Add a slice of Brie the next time you make an egg sandwich. Make sure the cheese is nice and melty, so you’ll be momentarily transported into your own slice of heaven when you take a bite.


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Fresh Mozzarella

best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich mozarella

Fresh Mozzarella on its own isn’t that flavorful; in fact, you could argue that it might be too mild. But pair it with something, and suddenly, the humble Mozzarella can make a sandwich sing!

Take the classic Caprese sandwich, for example. Thick slices of fresh Mozzarella act as a fluffy cushion for the flavor combination of tomatoes and basil leaves. Even when you add a dash of balsamic vinegar, the trusty Mozzarella is there to tie everything together neatly for you. Now how’s that for a simple yet delicious and healthy breakfast?


Any cheese list is incomplete without mentioning this holey creation from Switzerland. Also affectionately known as Swiss cheese, this hard, nutty cheese goes well with just about anything.

Keep in mind, however, that Emmentaler is relatively mild, so it’s not a good idea to use this cheese on its own. Emmentaler is more of a supporting cheese, so anything with a prominent flavor works flawlessly.

Here’s a tip: try combining mustard with Emmentaler for your next grilled cheese sandwich. You’ll be surprised at how well it works.


Provolone is a cheese well-known for its mild, buttery flavor and slightly nutty undertones, making it a perfect pairing for strong-flavored accompaniments. Cured meats such as pepperoni, salami, and mortadella work well with provolone without overpowering each other. 

What’s even better is how well Provolone works with non-meat options. Want to keep it simple in the morning? Try a Provolone and tomato sandwich!


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best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich cheddar

As one of the most popular and versatile cheeses around, Cheddar is always a safe option when it comes to breakfast sandwiches. It goes well with just about any meat and can always elevate a sandwich regardless of whether you slice or shred it. 

What’s even better is the number of varieties available, which caters to a lot of preferences. Mild Cheddar is always a crowd favorite, while those who prefer a sharper flavor can opt for an extra sharp or vintage Cheddar. Of course, there are options in the middle, such as medium and sharp/mature.

Melt it or add a slice as is, Cheddar is always sure to go well with whatever sandwich you’re having that day.


Gruyere is a hard Swiss cheese with a lovely combination of nutty and sweet flavors that lend themselves well to any breakfast sandwich. It also goes well with meats such as ham and bacon, or it can stand on its own. You can even add it to a meat-free sandwich by pairing it with tomatoes and avocado.

One of the most popular uses of Gruyere is with the classic French-style sandwich called Croque Monsieur. The recipe calls for Gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce, and ham; however, you can add more ingredients if you prefer.

Or if you’re pressed for time and don’t feel like putting together something as involved as a Croque Monsieur, Gruyere is a great cheese to use in the ever-reliable grilled cheese sandwich.


best Cheese for Breakfast Sandwich gouda

Just like Cheddar, it’s hard to go wrong with Gouda’s creamy and tangy profile. It’s popularly paired with ham and bacon, but you can pair this cheese with just about anything you want. Want to try it with eggs or prosciutto, or maybe you want some meat-free option with avocado? Go for it; Gouda will have your back (or your sandwich).

And if you’re feeling adventurous for your morning munchies, try smoked gouda. It’s fascinating how a bit of smoke combined with Gouda’s creamy goodness adds a new layer of flavor to your sandwich.

American Cheese

American cheese is undeniably a staple in several homes, and it’s easy to see why: it’s easy to melt, it comes in easy-to-serve slices, and most of all, it’s inexpensive. It’s creamy enough to add texture to any sandwich without taking the spotlight away from the main ingredient. Just want the cheese? American cheese is perfect for that too!

Its flexibility doesn’t just end there, either. Want to elevate your egg or bacon sandwich to the next level? Melt a slice or two of American cheese to turn it into a decadent meal.

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