What Is Almond Bark Made Of? [Nutrition & Taste]

what is almond bark made of
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When you hear the name Almond Bark, you will probably not think of a chocolate-like structure used in cooking and baking sweet desserts. However, Almond Bark is exactly the ingredient you use in your favorite desserts, and it is actually a very convenient one since it has many practical features. But, what is Almond Bark made of? 

Almond Bark is made of vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter, accompanied by various flavors and coloring. It does not contain any almonds or other nuts. Almond Bark is a chocolate-like confection, but it’s not as tasty as chocolate. Another name for Almond Bark is vanilla-flavored candy coating. 

If you have recently picked up cooking as your new hobby or activity, you need to know the features of Almond Bark. Almond Bark is actually quite a popular ingredient, so you must be familiar with its properties. This article will help you understand the content and the nutritional values of Almond Bark and how it is used. 

What Is Almond Bark Made Of?

To understand what is Almond Bark all about, we have to start from the beginning. Namely, the name might suggest that this chocolate-like confection contains almonds in its texture. However, the truth is quite the opposite since Almond Bark contains neither almonds nor any other nuts

However, there is some kind of connection between almonds and Almond Bark. The name of this confection comes from its earliest use in the kitchen. In the past, Almond Bark was mainly used for covering nuts, such as almonds.

People use different terms for Almond Bark, like chocolate-like confection, candy coating, or confectionary coating. Nonetheless, none of these terms are actually appealing, so there goes the reason for the name “Almond Bark.” Of course, there is a lot of confusion about different terminology, but people are warming up to the above-mentioned term more and more.

Now, since we have established that there are no almonds or any kind of nuts in the content of Almond Bark, it is time to talk about the actual content. 

Firstly, it is important to point out that although Almond Bark looks like chocolate, it is not actual chocolate, meaning it does not contain cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is actually the ingredient that gives the properties of chocolate, which in Almond Bark are not found. This makes Almond Bark closer to candy melts than chocolate.

Namely, the main ingredients in Almond Bark are sugar and vegetable oils that are used instead of cocoa butter. The vegetable oils are usually accompanied by food coloring and artificial flavors. When these ingredients are combined together, they make a food structure that is easily used in cooking because of the features that have resulted from this combination. 


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The oil used to make Almond Bark is partially hydrogenated palm oil which is used to preserve freshness and to make this confectionary stay firm. There are also whey powder and soy lecithin (an emulsifier), and soy and milk products in traces.

Since we are talking about vegetable oils here, Almond Bark is mostly used for cooking or baking, but not for eating. It is not a popular choice for just eating since vegetable oils cannot be delicious. However, some people might try eating Almond Bark on its own and like it, so it would not be totally odd.

what is almond bark made of

Almond Bark: Nutrition 

If we consider that Almond Bark consists primarily of fats, it is logical to assume that it does not actually have beneficial nutritional values. If you have assumed that, you are completely right in your opinion. Fats and carbs are the main ingredients in Almond Bark, so it is not a healthy type of food. 

However, Almond Bark is usually not used in great amounts, so the nutritional fact should not concern you very much. But, again, you should not exaggerate in its use, especially if you want to maintain some kind of healthy balance in the food you include in your daily diet. 

To explain the nutritional values more precisely, I have considered 100 grams of Almond Bark. [1] Therefore, 100 grams (4oz) of Almond Bark contain approximately 540 calories, out of which 27 grams contain fat, and 72 grams contain carbohydrates. Almond Bark does not contain any beneficial features, such as iron, protein, or calcium, usually found in healthy food. 

Is Almond Bark Bad For You? 

If you have looked into the nutritional values of Almond Bark, you have understood that there is nothing beneficial in its content. Therefore, it would be right to say that this confectionery does not contain nutritional properties that are considered good for you. 

However, if you consume it in limited amounts and only as an additive in certain desserts or snacks, then it would be okay to allow yourself to intake some of it once in a while. 

Does Almond Bark Have Almonds in It?

Even though the name contains the word “almond” in it, there are neither almonds nor any other types of nuts in Almond Bark. This usually surprises many people, but the name originates only from the earliest use of Almond Bark. Namely, Almond Bark has been used to cover almonds as a type of dessert, so the name stayed even when this confection was used for different purposes. 

What Does Almond Bark Taste Like?

Since Almond Bark looks like chocolate, many people assume that it tastes similarly. However, because there is no cocoa butter in the content of Almond Bark, the taste is quite different. Chocolate is rich and melts in your mouth with a lasting effect, while Almond Bark does not have the same features. When you eat Almond Bark, it leaves a waxy feel in your mouth.

It is not as delicious as chocolate, but it can give some similar notes since it comes with flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. Consuming it alone would not be a good idea, but it can be quite tasty in desserts. 

Is Almond Bark Better Than Chocolate? 

If you have looked into the features of Almond Bark carefully, you are probably aware that it cannot be better than chocolate. At least not in taste. Cocoa butter present in chocolate is an ingredient that gives special richness and flavor to desserts, so the taste is not really comparable. 

On the other hand, Almond Bark has better and more convenient features when cooking. Namely, Almond Bark melts really easily and quickly, meaning that you can get it ready for any kind of dessert in no time. Also, you do not need any special guidelines to melt Almond Bark, and that is why people love using it in cooking. 

All things considered, Almond Bark is regarded as a magical ingredient for sweet desserts. Although it does not come with beneficial nutritional properties, this is a good tool to make your desserts more delicious and sweet. 

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