What Is Almond Bark? What Is It Made Of?

what is almond bark
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Many people regard Almond Bark as regular chocolate, meaning they do not understand that there is a significant difference between them. Therefore, you might notice that people use Almond Bark and regular chocolate interchangeably, although that is not quite appropriate, especially when baking or cooking different kinds of desserts. So, what actually is Almond Bark, and what is it made of?

Almond Bark is also known as summer coating or confectionary, and it is, in fact, artificial chocolate that consists of vegetable oils rather than cocoa butter. Also, it can contain additional flavors and coloring. Almond Bark is convenient for cooking since it melts easily and it is simple to use. 

Often, you might notice that recipes give you the option to use Almond Bark instead of white chocolate, so you probably assume that they can be used interchangeably. They can be used interchangeably, but some differences can make a change in your cooking. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the differences before you decide to use one or the other in your cooking or baking. 

What Is Almond Bark Made Of?

Since most people believe that Almond Bark is the same as regular chocolate, it is logical to assume that they have the same ingredients. It is true that they contain some identical ingredients. However, several of them are what actually makes these two things distinct. Therefore, it is important to look into the ingredients of Almond Bark to make the real difference and know when it is appropriate to use it as an ingredient in your cooking or baking. 

Namely, Almond Bark is a confectionary made of vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter. While the main ingredient in real chocolate is cocoa butter, Almond Bark substitutes this ingredient with vegetable fats. Due to this fact, Almond Bark is also known as artificial chocolate, considering that half of its ingredients are not typical for regular chocolate. 

In the same way as chocolate, Almond Bark might include additional flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. In addition, you might also notice on the label that Almond Bark contains different types of sugars and additional coloring. These ingredients are also found in regular chocolate as well, but the absence of cocoa butter makes them distinct. 

Is Almond Bark Actually Chocolate?

Almond Bark is not made of almonds, so do not let the name confuse you. It has been used to cover almonds as chocolate, and its look resembles regular chocolate quite much. What is more, people use Almond Bark and chocolate interchangeably; therefore, not many of them are familiarized with the differences between these two things. 

It is possible to use Almond Bark instead of chocolate. However, that does not mean that it is chocolate that we are talking about. When you substitute things, it does not mean that they have to be of the same type of food, they only need to have similar structure and properties. Therefore, it is important to remember that when we talk about chocolate and Almond Bark, we are talking about two different things. 

That being said, it is also necessary to acknowledge that they are not made in the same way, i.e. they do not contain the same ingredients, although many of them might be quite similar. In other words, the main ingredient in chocolate is cocoa butter, but Almond Bark does not include cocoa butter at all. In fact, to form the same structure as chocolate, Almond Bark uses vegetable oils and sugars. 

Therefore, Almond Bark is also called confectionery coating rather than chocolate. Actually, if they are the same thing, it would not be necessary to have totally different names for the same thing. There would be variations of course, but probably it would include something chocolatey rather than only “Almond Bark”. 

Is Almond Bark Healthier Than Chocolate?

If you consider that Almond Bark is also referred to as artificial chocolate, you can probably assume that something made artificially cannot be very healthy. Therefore, since Almond Bark is made of sugars, vegetable oils, and fats rather than cocoa butter, it is obvious that it cannot be healthier than chocolate. Chocolate includes sugars and oils as well, but its main ingredient is cocoa butter, which is quite more natural than processed oils from vegetables. 

What Can You Make With Almond Bark? 

Since Almond Bark melts easily and simply, it is usually perfect for dipping molds, meaning you can perfectly use it for dipping nuts, fruits, and other foods that require melted chocolate for enhancing the taste. In addition, you can easily add color to the melted Almond Bark and make nice-looking treats.

Also, you can use it in cookies, brownies, and other baked goods that require some melted sweetness. Basically, you can use it to make everything for which you need some white chocolate. 

However, you should expect some changes in taste and other nutritional facts since chocolate has healthier properties. 

what is almond bark

What Does Almond Bark Taste Like?

Since Almond Bark is significantly similar to chocolate, both in structure and in look, it is obvious that its taste would be similar to chocolate. However, you should not expect the same taste, since Almond Bark would have the lasting effect on the mouth that usually regular chocolate has. You should remember that Almond Bark is artificial. Therefore, the quality of the taste would not be the same as regular chocolate. 

In other words, you will sense a lot of similar features with chocolate when you taste Almond Bark, but the taste would be of lower quality. Some people, who are extremely interested in chocolate, can notice the difference between Almond Bark and regular chocolate after the first bite.

Is Almond Bark Bad?

It cannot actually be said that Almond Bark is bad considering that it is widely used in cooking and baking, and people have the habit of using it daily. 

However, if you compare it to chocolate, it would be only proper to say that chocolate would be the healthier choice in comparison to Almond Bark. In other words, Almond Bark is not in fact bad, but if you have the option to choose between the two, you should probably opt for chocolate.

Is Almond Bark Vegan?

Almond Bark is without doubt vegan since it does not contain any dairy ingredients in its content. The oils and sugars used in Almond Bark are all of plant origin, meaning that there are not any ingredients of animal origin. Almond Bark is gluten-free as well, meaning that it is the perfect option for vegans. 

What Can You Use Instead Of Almond Bark?

You can always substitute Almond Bark with white chocolate since they are quite close in texture and taste. Usually, people use them interchangeably. Therefore, white chocolate might be your best option as a substitute. However, if you can obtain neither Almond Bark nor white chocolate, you can opt for candiquik and candy melts. 

First, make sure you checked out the differences between Almond Bark and Candy Melts.

Where to Buy Almond Bark?

Nowadays, you can obtain Almond Bark in bigger supermarkets and stores, meaning that you will also have the option to choose between brands. 

However, if you want to have a wider array of choices, then you should probably visit online stores, such as Amazon. You can always go for the Amazon option since it contains almost all of the brands, and their delivery time is usually quite short, meaning you will be able to use your Almond Bark quite soon. 

In conclusion, you have seen that Almond Bark is kind of the greatest substitute for white chocolate. Therefore, they are used interchangeably. However, you should remember that Almond Bark is also referred to as artificial chocolate due to the presence of vegetable oils and sugars, so it might not always be the healthiest choice. 

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