Top Off Brand Snickers You Need to Try!

Top Off Brand Snickers You Need to Try
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As you undoubtedly know, Snickers is among the most popular candy bars on the market worldwide. Call it a global power or call it a delicious and irresistible candy; the fact is that it has taken over the candy bar market. Even though I love Snickers, it isn’t the only delicious candy. I have found plenty more affordable candies with a similar flavor worth at least a try. So, what are some off-brand Snickers?

Milky Way 

Milky Way

Even though Milky Way is not the same as Snickers, many people mistake one for the other. They are very similar in flavor and texture, and it is easy to mix them up, especially if they are unwrapped. However, in addition to the flavor, there is another reason why Snickers and Milky Way are so easily mixed up, and it is because they are made by the same company — Mars Inc. 

The most significant difference between Snickers and Milky Way is that it doesn’t contain peanuts. Instead, Milky Way is a chocolate-covered nougat center. Milky Way bars are very easy to find at most grocery and convenience stores.



Also made by Mars Inc., the factory manufacturing Snickers, Twix is another famous off-brand Snickers very similar to the beloved candy bar. Unlike Snickers, Mars doesn’t contain peanuts, but it is just as delicious. 

The Twix cookie center is covered in caramel and chocolate, giving you a hard exterior and a soft and chewy interior once you bite in. Just like Snickers, Twix is easy to find, and you don’t have to look further than your local convenience store.



Made by the Hershey Company, this candy bar is slightly different from Snickers but still similar enough to be added to this list. While Snickers has caramel, Payday is basically nougat-covered salted peanuts. 

Payday is a particular-flavored candy bar because it combines sweet and salty notes; however, the predominant flavor is sweet, as the saltiness is there only to accentuate the sweetness of the candy bar. The Hershey Company makes this candy bar, and it’s a little different than Snickers. 

Payday candy bars are extremely easy to find, and you can find them at most grocery or convenience stores, as well as street vendors. 

Oh, Henry! 

Oh Henry!

Made by the Nestle Company, Oh Henry! is a candy bar similar to Snickers but still very original. In the center, there is rich and chewy fudge surrounded by caramel and peanuts. This caramel and peanuts combination, which is the signature combo for Snickers, makes the Oh Henry! bar remarkably similar to Snickers, but instead of nougat, the fudge center makes Oh Henry! an original sweet delight. 

Just like Snickers, the Oh Henry! candy bars are widely available and can be found in many convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations, or street vendors. 

Nutty Bars

Nutty Buddy

Nutty Bars come from the factory of Little Debbie, which has made a name as a famous light snack brand. Unlike Snickers, which has peanuts and nougat, the Nutty Bars are peanut-butter-coated wafers surrounded by milk chocolate. 

What I like about this candy is that the flavors are similar, as both contain peanut notes; however, the Nutty Bars are a bit chewier than Snickers. While Snickers is a candy bar, the Nutty Bars are a bit more of a candy bar and cake mix, resembling both, which is the signature Little Debbie brand feature. 

Most grocery and convenience stores carry this candy bar, so you will have absolutely no trouble finding it. 

Baby Ruth 

Baby Ruth

Ferrara Candy Company makes the Baby Ruth candy bar. It has a nougat center covered in caramel, peanuts, and chocolate, so it tastes quite similar to Snickers but resembles many other candy bars. This candy bar is basically a combination of several candy bars on this list, as it has it all — isn’t this amazing?

The Baby Ruth candy bar was launched in 1912, so it has had over a century to establish itself on the market, becoming one of the most available candy bars. You can find it virtually anywhere they sell confectionery products, i.e., supermarkets, vending machines, gas stations, etc. 



This tasty delight comes from the Hershey Company. When it was initially made in the 1970s, it was considered an innovation as it was made with rice. It is crunchy, absolutely delicious, and I love it dearly. 

It found a place on this list thanks to the caramel and chocolate, as Snickers also has them. However, it doesn’t contain any peanuts, and its center is made of rice. 

This candy bar has been around for a while, so it has made its way well into the market. You can find it at convenience stores, grocery stores, as well as gas stations, and vending machines. 

Rocky Road 

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a candy bar made by Annabelle Candy Company. Although it isn’t as similar to Snickers as those mentioned before, it still has to be on this list, as it does bare some resemblance to the beloved candy bar. 

Rocky Road lovers say that Rocky Road does you one better than Snickers, with its marshmallow center wrapped up in chocolate, caramel, and nuts, creating a flavorful and chewy sensation. However, the Rocky Road chocolate bars aren’t as available and easy to find as the rest off-brand Snickers bars on this list. 

You can find Rocky Road in select stores.

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