Snickers vs. Twix: Which Is Better and Why?

snickers vs twix
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Snickers and Twix are widely popular chocolate bars, and they are adored around the whole world. Just the other day, I was looking at their package labels and saw that they have some similar ingredients, and if you have tried them, you might have noticed that they somehow taste similar. However, what is the difference between Snickers and Twix, and which is better?

Snickers and Twix have quite similar nutritional facts. They both include 250 kcal along with 12 grams of fat. However, Snickers is considered the better choice due to the presence of 4 grams of protein. If you don’t eat eggs, then you should know that Snickers contains eggs and Twix doesn’t.

This article is particularly written to point out the differences between Snickers and Twix. If you have always wondered whether there is a better one between the two, now it is your chance to clear out some things regarding the question. Along with the chocolate bars, I have included a comparison between the ice creams as well, so you will have a clearer idea about these sweet snacks.


Snickers and Twix have a lot of similarities between themselves, and many people consider them basically the same chocolate bars. However, they have differences in taste, but most importantly, they have differences in their nutritional facts, which for someone might play a crucial role. 

People who try to maintain a balance in their diet would like to know what they are eating, i.e. what kind of nutrients they are ingesting with a single chocolate bar; therefore, it is good to know in what way Snickers and Twix are different. 

Among the similarities, it is important to know that both Snicker and Twix are owned by the same company — Mars Wrigley. This is the main reason why these two chocolate bars might seem the same in taste. In addition, they both include chocolate and caramel, and they both consist of 250 calories, among which 12 grams are fat. 

snickers vs twix

However, if you read the nutritional facts on the back of the package of both chocolate bars, you will see that they have different amounts of particular nutrients. Those nutrients are the factors that determine how nutritious the chocolate would be, and which one would be the better choice. Below, I have listed the differences in detail, so you will be able to clearly see what is going on.


Both Snickers and Twix include milk chocolate and caramel, and that is the main thing that makes them seem similar. However, one quite noticeable difference allows you to distinguish the two chocolate bars, and that is the presence of peanuts in Snickers and biscuits in Twix. 

In addition, Snickers includes eggs as well in its content, while in Twix eggs are not included. 

Nutrition Facts 

If we are being honest, Snickers and Twix do not have any special nutritional value. They both have added sugars as well as artificial flavors, which is not something recommended if you are trying to stay healthy. However, it is good to be familiarized with the ingredients and the nutritional value of the things you eat. 

Therefore, when it comes to calories, both Snickers and Twix contain 250 calories along with 14 grams of fat. Also, they both contain protein; however, the amount of protein in Snickers is higher than the one in Twix. More precisely, Snickers contains 4 grams, while Twix contains 2 grams of protein. [1][2]

For some people, these nutritional values will not make any difference, and they will opt for the chocolate bar they like more. And I completely understand — I love both, and so I usually choose the one I’m craving.


Although both Snickers and Twix are popular all around the world, according to data from 2020, Snickers is quite more sold around the US than Twix. In 2020, 48.06 million Americans consumed Snickers, while 20.53 million consumed Twix. [1]

Also, there are more variations of Snickers products than Twix, so this is also one more fact that shows that Snickers is more popular. 


Usually, the price of Snickers and Twix is the same everywhere; however, some stores might decide to decrease or raising the price of each of them depending on their necessities. Nonetheless, in the bigger stores and supermarkets across the US, these chocolate bars are generally sold at the same price. 

Which Is Better, Snickers or Twix? 

As you can see from the details of these two chocolate bars above, it can be evident that Snickers is probably the better and healthier option. 

However, tastes are difficult to discuss, so there is no way in which it can be certainly said that one is better than the other if the focus is on taste. For instance, some people enjoy the combination of caramel and chocolate, but they do not like peanuts, so they would obviously go for Twix rather than Snickers. 

In addition, the nutrition facts denote that Snickers would make a more nutritious snack in comparison to Twix. However, both of them contain the same amount of calories, so you will intake those calories whether you opt for Snickers or Twix. If you want to know more about Snickers and its ingredients, here’s how it’s made.

Which Is Better for You, Snickers or Twix?

If you are trying to maintain balance in your diet, then you should probably pick a chocolate bar that contains more nutritional value, and in this case, that is Snickers. [2]

For instance, if your diet requires protein intake, but you are craving something sweet, then Snickers would be the more appropriate choice. Also, if you pay attention to the ingredients you ingest with every meal, then Snickers is the perfect balanced chocolate bar that will not make you feel so guilty after eating it. 

Snickers Ice Cream Bar vs. Twix Ice Cream Bar: Which Is Better? 

There is no significant difference between Snickers ice cream and chocolate bar, and the same refers to Twix as well. They are basically the same ingredients but in frozen condition, so the difference is that you eat the same snack, just cold. Some people enjoy the ice cream bars rather than the regular ones, so when they have the option, they would rather go for the frozen version of their favorite snack. 

However, some people claim that Snickers and Twix chocolate bars are more delicious than the ice cream versions of the same. In the chocolate bars, you can feel the crunchiness of the ingredients in a more specific way, and they usually taste sweeter. I think it’s all about preferences, though — essentially, people may simply prefer one textural experience over the other.

Nonetheless, if you have to choose between a Snickers ice cream bar and a Twix ice cream bar, it is a popular opinion that Snickers is better. This is due to the fact that Snickers ice cream bar contains peanuts that make ice cream more delicious in a frozen condition. Still, I really like the taste of both.

Snickers and Twix have very similar ingredients, but there are some important features that make them different. If you are trying to choose the option that is better for you, then you should probably opt for Snickers. 

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