PayDay vs. Snickers: Which One to Choose?

payday vs snickers
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Considering that Snickers is one of the most popular chocolate bars around the world, you have probably heard that it might be the healthiest option when it comes to chocolate snacks. However, when it comes to chocolate bars and healthy choices, you might also come across PayDay as an appropriate pick for your diet. So, what is the difference between PayDay and Snickers, and which one would be a better choice?

PayDay and Snickers might have many similarities. But if you properly compare each feature they both include, you would notice that PayDay would be a better option. Namely, PayDay contains a higher amount of protein and has less saturated sugars and fats than Snickers.

If you are looking for a proper comparison between PayDay and Snickers, this is the right article for you since I have done that in precise detail. Therefore, I have compared these two chocolate bars regarding nutrition, ingredients, and other features that make them similar or different. I have also included information about the healthiest chocolate bar option, so you would have a clear image of what you should choose for yourself in the future.

PayDay vs. Snickers: Differences 

In order to understand how two chocolate bars are different when they seem so similar, you have to make a proper comparison and see clearly which one has the better features. 

Below, you will see a precise comparison of the ingredients and the nutrition facts of PayDay and Snickers, and you will be able to form your own opinion about these chocolate bars. These differences will help you see the fact why there are so many options of chocolate bars, and why people actually choose one over some other. 


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If you have tried both PayDay and Snickers, you might believe that they have the exact same ingredients included in the chocolate bar. While that is partially true, some details make these two treats quite unique both in taste and nutrition. For instance, both PayDay and Snickers contain milk chocolate, caramel, and peanuts as their main ingredients.

In addition, they both include nougat in the center of the bar. However, the nougat found in PayDay is not as sweet as the one in Snickers. On the contrary, PayDay is more popular for its saltiness than sweetness. The balance between the sweet and savory is what makes the PayDay chocolate snack unique and distinct from any other candy bar on the market. 

Nutrition Facts 

When it comes to nutritional facts, the first and most obvious difference between PayDay and Snickers is the number of calories. While Snickers contains 250 calories, PayDay comes with significantly less, i.e. 180 calories per bar. [1] [2] People who count calories find this kind of fact really important since calories play a huge role in a balanced diet. 

Furthermore, both chocolate bars contain protein due to the presence of peanuts. However, PayDay is known to be a source of a quite higher amount of protein than Snickers. Namely, PayDay contains 6 grams of protein, while Snickers only 4 grams. Also, Snickers contains 12 grams of fat, while PayDay contains 10 grams. 

In addition, Snickers carries 32 grams of carbs, while in PayDay only 20 grams of carbs are present. Lastly, PayDay contains much less saturated fats and sugars than Snickers. 

Ownership and Popularity

Snickers is owned and introduced by Mars, Inc. and it is a widely popular chocolate bar. Since Mars has branches of its company worldwide, you can find Snickers anywhere you go in different sizes and in many variations. There are probably not many people who have not heard about this chocolate snack. 

On the other hand, PayDay is owned by Hershey’s, and it is also quite popular, but maybe not as much as Snickers. Hershey’s chocolates are the most common in the territories across the US. Therefore, PayDay is mostly famous around the American states. In the case of Snickers, this chocolate bar could be found anywhere. 


Since prices can vary a lot depending on different stores and their necessities, you can find both of the chocolate bars at different prices. However, usually, Snickers is cheaper than PayDay, but you still have to check many stores if you want to find the cheapest options. Sometimes, you may find PayDay as the cheaper option because many stores have different policies for their sales. 


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PayDay vs. Snickers: Which Is Better? 

As mentioned before, they have a lot of the same ingredients, so many people would take them as the same chocolate bars that come from different manufacturers. However, if you have tried them both, you have noticed that they have different tastes, so which one tastes better would depend on one’s personal preferences.

On the other hand, when it comes to nutritional facts, it would be appropriate to say that PayDay is the healthier option because it contains a higher amount of protein and less saturated sugars and fats. If Snickers found its place in the list of the healthiest candies, PayDay might also be one of the healthier options. [3] But, we are still talking about a candy bar containing sugars and fats, so think twice how many bars will you eat next time.