Flexi Lace for Cakes and Cookies with an Easy Workshop

flexi lace for cakes and cookies with an easy workshop


I went to an arts and crafts show and was fortunate enough to have been given a free admission ticket. As I wandered through the isles I came across some workshops for cake decorating and icing. I unfortunately missed out on the 3D modelling classes which looked so cool as they were modelling animals out of icing. However I managed to make the flexi lace class whereby we got to make and place our flexi lace onto our cookies.

We used cutters to cut out shapes from the flexi lace and then carefully decorated our cookies with them. My friend who is not a baker or cook also was game enough to have a try and also done very well. We got to enjoy eating them after we had finished creating them.

flexi lace for cakes and cookies with an easy workshop


It was a really fun afternoon and time well spent. I found making the flexi lace alot easier than i had imagined thanks to the workshop. You can find workshops here just apply for free information by filling in your details and selecting a school or area.

Give it a try even if you have experience with different cake decorating techniques it always pays to widen out and try other or newer styles and techniques. Even if you know a particular technique it can be an advantage to pick an instructors brains or even fellow classmates brains. each person has something to offer and you could also offer ideas that someone else may not have even thought about.

If you are curious just goto our free classes page here and select a school or course near you. Fill out your information and further info will be either emailed to you or you can choose to be contacted via phone.


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