What Happens If You Eat a Whole Box of Cookies?

What Happens If You Eat a Whole Box of Cookies
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Whether you want to indulge in something sweet in the morning, a midday pick-me-up, or an after-dinner treat, cookies will do the trick. They are small and delicious, making it very easy to eat quite a few cookies at one sitting. So, what would happen if you ate a whole box of cookies?

If you eat a whole box of cookies, there will be a “heavy” feeling in your stomach, and you’ll be hungry again soon. You may experience jitters from the high amount of processed carbs, which could also disrupt your insulin levels. Lots of sodium could be an issue if you have a blood pressure problem.

If you’re still wondering what your habit of snacking on several cookies at a go might do to your body, read on, and uncover the truth in this post.

What Happens When You Eat a Lot of Cookies?

Cookies have sugar and fat that makes them highly addictive. That’s because the sugar will raise your blood glucose, which leads to a crash and your brain then wants more. 

Besides, cookies lack fiber, and hence they cannot keep you full for a long time. So, not too long after snacking on them, you’ll still feel hungry. Instead of telling your body that you are full, the cookie will drag you back for more, creating a vicious cycle. [1]

Eating lots of cookies will cause the pancreas to release insulin to make up for the excess glucose. That can raise your blood sugar levels and thus disrupts your insulin levels. [2]

Moreover, when you eat lots of cookies, you’re increasing your chances of developing chronic health problems. That’s because high blood sugar for extended periods can result in diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver illnesses. [3]

Munching on too many cookies isn’t the best move if you’re trying to keep the wrinkles from forming. The skin has elastin and collagen that could be damaged due to the elevated amounts of sugar found in cookies. This damage might result in the development of wrinkles.

Is Eating a Lot of Cookies Bad for You?

Packaged cookie versions typically contain refined wheat flour, refined sugar, and added fats. So, these treats could be tasty and satisfy your guilty pleasures, but they have a lot of calories, several preservatives, and no essential nutrients

Besides, some have high amounts of fats, hydrogenated oil, shortening (with unhealthy trans-fats), and harmful additives that take a toll on your health. 

 How Many Cookies in a Day Is OK?

While cookies vary depending on the recipe and size, two small cookies should be your ideal intake. Two small cookies have approximately 140 calories, 14 grams of added sugar, and 6 grams of saturated fat. These numbers fall within the USDA guidelines on the number of discretionary calories to eat a day (200 calories), 13 grams of fats, and 28-39 grams of sugar.

Can You Eat Cookies and Still Lose Weight?

You lose weight by eating a calorie deficit, not on the types of food you’re eating. So, you can lose weight when eating a cookie or two a day. 

However, it’s often easy to eat more than two at a time and soon, you could be downing quite a few throughout the day resulting in unwanted pounds. In addition, cookies lead to weight gain due to their high levels of sugars and fats.

What Is the Unhealthiest Cookie?

One of the unhealthiest cookies you can find at the store is Mrs. Fields Triple Chocolate Cookies. It contains an excessive amount of partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, which the FDA regards as an artificial trans fat banned from food products.

An unhealthy cookie is one with high levels of refined sugars, fructose sugars, and saturated fats. It also contains hydrogenated fats since the hydrogenation process creates trans-fatty acids.