Butterfinger vs. Twix: Differences & Which Is Better?

butterfinger vs twix
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In the seemingly sweet and delicious world of candy treats, competition is fierce. Everyone has their personal favorites and justifications behind their choice. Two names that I have heard my friends mention in the conversation about the best chocolate bar are Mars’ Twix and Nestle’s Butterfinger. But how do they differ from one another? And which one is superior to the other — Butterfinger or Twix?

Twix gives you the unique experience of caramel and shortbread in a candy bar, which is unmatched in the industry. But Butterfinger has the tried and tested formula of chocolate and peanut butter, with a good amount of crunch.

In this article, I will put two of the biggest name in the chocolate world up against each other. Here I compare their taste, texture, price, popularity, nutritional value, etc. So, let’s get this battle started!

What Is the Difference Between Butterfinger and Twix?

The differences listed below will help you to choose between Butterfinger and Twix more easily. They have some differences in the list of ingredients, their textures, taste, etc. So, keep on reading to learn more.


Twix is a product of Mars, Inc., which introduced the bar in 1967. The term Twix comes from the portmanteau of two words: twin and sticks. This references the fact that most Twix packages contain two separate bars. Originally produced in the UK, Twix has gone on to become one of the most popular candy bars worldwide.

Butterfinger was originally introduced by the Curtiss Candy Company in 1923, but since then has seen its ownership change hands multiple times. At present, this treat is made by the Ferrera Candy Company, but the name still belongs to Nestle, as it was the previous owner before Ferrera.


Twix is a caramel shortbread that is covered by a layer of milk chocolate. The shortbread is made from wheat flour. The cookie is topped with a layer of caramel. Then the whole bar goes through a conveyer belt, where it receives a chocolate coat.

Butterfingers consist of a crispy center of peanut butter that is covered in chocolate. The crunchy part is thanks to the addition of cornflakes (believe it or not) but not your typical breakfast variety of flakes. Butterfinger heavily utilizes peanuts in their recipe, something which sets it apart from Twix.

butterfinger vs twix


Twix is a wonderful combination of salty caramel, sweet and creamy milk chocolate, and a crunchy, doughy cookie center. Delicious!

Butterfinger tastes exactly how you would expect a peanut butter candy to taste. The creamy peanut butter center is further complimented by the chocolaty outer shell.


Twix has multiple textures to play with. The chocolate is silky, the caramel adds a stickiness, and the cookie provides a bit of crunch.

In Butterfinger, the roasted peanut and cornflakes give it a crunchy center. What I love the most about it is that the outer chocolate coat gives a creamy texture.

In terms of crunch, Butterfingers take the prize as the cookie in Twix is comparatively softer. However, the sticky caramel gives it another dimension which many people prefer. So, if you are looking for more crunch, then Butterfinger should be your go-to, but if you are a sucker for a caramel center, then go for a Twix bar.


The price for any candy bar can vary drastically depending on the place you buy it from. Usually, a 36-pack Twix box will cost you $48. This equals $1.33 per candy bar. In contrast, a 36-pack of Butterfingers will cost you $49. Although the total weight of the box of Butterfingers is more than the Twix package.


According to their official website, all Butterfinger products have a shelf life of 10 months. Twix has a shelf life of around 1 year if stored properly. Of course, any product does not immediately go bad once it passes this date. But Twix should last for a slightly longer period than Butterfingers.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with shelf-life since both disappear the moment they reach my hands. Still, it’s good to know, just like it’s good to know how both are produced.


Over the years, several variations of these two candy bars have come out. Some are still available, while some were limited-time editions. So, here are some of those variations for both these candies:

Gingerbread TwixBites
Cookies-n-Creme TwixCrisps
Peanut Butter TwixMinis
Ice Cream TwixCups
Orange TwixCocoa Mix
New TwixSnackerz
Twix MiniaturesIce Cream Barz

Nutritional Value

A single bar of Butterfinger and two cookie packages of Twix contain the same amount of calories: 250 kcal. Still, a single bar of Butterfinger weighs more than Twix does. Most of the sugar in both candies is added sugar.

In terms of protein, Butterfingers easily surpass a Twix bar. This is mostly down to the peanuts used in Butterfingers, and peanuts do contain a good amount of protein. The protein amount in a bar of Butterfinger is 5 g, while a pack of Twix will give you 2 g.

The sodium content in Butterfingers is also slightly higher than Twix; 160 mg compared to Twix’s 105 mg.

However, Twix has a bit more fat content than Butterfingers, though the difference is about 2 g. Twix also has double the calcium of Butterfingers.

Which One to Choose, Butterfinger or Twix?

For people who love caramel and cookies, Twix is the ideal choice, especially if you love them both at once. The crunch of the cookie prevents the whole thing from being a soft soup and turns it into an explosion of flavors.

But for lovers of the peanut butter and chocolate combination, Butterfingers are hard to beat. And there is a lot of quite similar candy, so there’s no way you will miss out on it!

What Candy Is Similar to Twix?

Twix is a caramel shortbread coated in chocolate. And while you will not find the exact match, especially the shortbread part, there are some similar options for you to try:

  • Snickers: Snickers is very similar to Twix. It gives you the caramel and crunch of peanuts, but lacks the cookie part.
  • Kit Kat: The same concept of a finger chocolate bar. Just without the caramel.
  • Cadbury Caramello
  • Milky Way Salted Caramel Candy

To conclude, both Twix and Butterfingers are leading names in the chocolate world. I presented you with a compelling case for both. Now, you decide which product appeals to your taste more. I always decide according to my momentary cravings, and so I believe that this is the best way to go about it!