Butterfinger vs. Reese’s: Which Is Better?

butterfinger vs reeses
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In the ocean of candy bars, you have a wide array of choices, but you probably have not missed out on some of the best peanut butter flavors that both Butterfinger and Reese’s provide. It is true that these two chocolate bars have a lot of similarities, and sometimes it is even difficult to differentiate their tastes. So, what are the differences between Butterfinger and Reese’s, and which one is considered better? 

Both Butterfinger and Reese’s guarantee creamy and crunchy peanut butter inside of the chocolate bars. While you definitely get the peanut butter in both of them, Reese’s offers a saltier and a crunchier taste, the one you expect. In contrast, Butterfinger’s peanut butter is sweeter and creamier. 

I have mainly written this article to point out some of the differences between these two chocolate bars, and to state the obvious – there is probably no need for two types of very similar treats. In other words, I have written how people feel about the features of both Butterfinger and Reese’s, so you could form your own opinion, and determine which one you want in your diet. 

What Is the Difference Between Butterfinger and Reese’s?

If you want to truly understand the differences between two very similar chocolate bars, you have to make the right comparison between the two. To do that in the proper way, you have to compare the ingredients, appearances, taste, as well as the companies that produce them. 


Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that the original version of both Butterfinger and Reese’s is a regular chocolate bar. However, after some time both companies have decided to make peanut butter cups of the same bars; therefore, do not be surprised if you see the variations in stores. However, they do not differ in taste from their original version, and you do not need to wonder whether these are some new tastes. 

When it comes to the appearances of these two chocolate bars, if you look at them without their wrappings, you would notice that Butterfinger has a smoother top layer and surface than Reese’s. It would be right to say that the peanuts in Reese’s are somehow visible even on the surface. 

In addition, if you cut both chocolate bars in half, you will see that there are differences, although they will be quite insignificant. This is since both Butterfinger and Reese’s include peanut butter as their main ingredient. However, Reese’s includes peanuts as well, which are quite visible when you take a bite of the bar.


We have to be clear here – Butterfinger and Reese’s include the same ingredients, at least most of the main ones. Therefore, in Butterfinger, you should expect peanuts, milk chocolate, corn syrup, vegetable oil, and sugar. The milk chocolate is present both on the top of the chocolate bar as well as in the core along with the peanuts. 

On the other hand, Reese’s has one additional ingredient besides the ones present in Butterfinger. Namely, Reese’s chocolate bar uses peanut butter in the bar’s core along with the peanuts. That is the reason why this chocolate bar is crunchier than Butterfinger

However, Butterfinger also claims that there is peanut butter in the center of the chocolate bar. The thing is that the peanut butter in Butterfinger is not as felt as it is in Reese’s. Therefore, many people are not even aware that there is some peanut butter included in Butterfinger. 


Taste is usually the factor that determines the popularity of a particular chocolate bar. Although, we should be aware that people like different stuff, so we cannot really discuss which taste is better. 

However, when it comes to peanut butter in combination with additional peanuts, it is obvious that everyone would expect something that is both crunchy and creamy. That is the thing that is expected from both Butterfinger and Reese’s. 

Nonetheless, Butterfinger’s taste is more focused on the sweetness and creaminess rather than the crunchiness. Therefore, you should expect more chocolate in combination with peanuts than the crunchy taste that is usually provided by the peanut butter. On the other hand, Reese’s taste is more focused on the crunchiness since it includes a significant amount of peanut butter. 

Therefore, when you taste Reese’s, you will notice a balance between saltiness and sweetness and crunchiness provided by the peanuts and the peanut butter itself. In other words, this is why people mostly opt for Reese’s since it gives the expected taste.


Butterfinger is a product provided by Nestle, which is a company known worldwide. However, Nestle has introduced Butterfinger after the appearance of Reese’s on the market. Therefore, it is often suggested that Nestle has attempted to achieve the same product, but not really successfully. 

Reese’s comes from the well-known chocolate manufacturer, Hershey, and considering that it was the first type of this kind of chocolate on the market, it prides itself on the great success. This means that Hershey was the first that came up with the idea of a crunchy and creamy chocolate bar. Therefore, it is understandable that Reese’s has seen better results from consumers. 

Butterfinger Vs. Reese’s: Which One to Choose? 

If you are looking for something crunchy and salty at the same time, then you should probably opt for Reese’s. Butterfinger would be a good option when you are looking for something really sweet accompanied by peanuts. 

What Is Similar to Butterfinger?

A similar candy bar to Butterfinger is Clark. This is also a very popular peanut butter chocolate bar that shares the same features as Butterfinger. 

In conclusion, it would be right to say that both Butterfinger and Reese’s offer some great features. However, Reese’s is something that you are actually looking for in a peanut butter bar. Therefore, if you are looking for some crunchiness, then Reese’s should be your option. 

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