Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting vs. Regular Frosting: Which One to Use?

Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting Vs regular frosting
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Cake without frosting is like cookies without milk. Sure, the cake is perfectly edible, but the whole experience will feel incomplete. Fortunately, Betty Crocker has a diverse selection of frosting to choose from that is ideal for people who do not have the time to make it on their own. But how are their whipped frosting and regular frosting different?

The whipped frostings have a fluffier and lighter consistency, whereas their regular ones are thicker and creamier. But there are also differences in ingredients

Betty Crocker has quite a few different options in terms of flavor for both whipped and regular versions of frostings. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at their frostings, see how they are made, their nutritional value, and which recipe suits which type of frosting.

Comparing Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting and Regular Frosting

All of Betty Crocker’s frosting options can be categorized under two headings – Whipped frosting and Rich & Creamy frosting. And though there are similar flavor profiles in both categories, there are some notable differences between them.


Both frostings’ ingredients are identical, with water, corn syrup, sugar, palm oil, etc., being the main ingredients.

But every Betty Crocker whipped frosting utilizes hydrogenated palm oil. This oil is a processed fatty acid that acts as a preservative and improves the taste and texture of confections. This is why hydrogenated palm oil is widely used in many processed foods.

But Betty Crocker’s regular frostings do not have this ingredient, except for their “Rainbow Chip Rich & Creamy Frosting.” All other frostings are devoid of this processed fat. They only have palm oil, not its processed counterpart.

Additionally, cellulose gum is another item you will mostly find in the whipped frostings, not the regular ones. This gum is a plant derivative that adds to the product’s texture. 

Taste and Texture

Typically, the whipped frosting has a fluffy and light consistency. In contrast, the regular frostings are thicker and heavier. This is highlighted in the size of their servings. 

2 tablespoons of whipped frostings contain 24 grams of the product. 2 tablespoons of regular frostings contain 33 grams. So, their regular frostings have a heavier texture.


Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting: Everything You Need to Know


Betty Crocker has 10 official flavors under their “rich & creamy frosting” trademark. In comparison, they have a total of 8 different varieties of whipped frostings. 

As we have mentioned previously, a lot of the variations share the same flavor profile. But there are some distinct variations. For example, the rich and creamy frostings have a “coconut pecan” option, which is the only frosting with a crunchy texture. There is also a lemon flavor and cherry flavor variation in this category.

Size and Serving

All of the Betty Crocker whipped frostings come in a 12 oz bucket, 340 grams. According to the official specifications, each serving of whipped frosting is 24 grams. So, you get a total of 14 servings per bucket.

On the other hand, Betty Crocker’s regular cream and rich come in a 16 oz or 1 pound bucket. Here, a single serving amounts to about 33 grams of frosting. So, a single bucket of regular frosting contains roughly 13 to 14 servings in total.

So, they both contain the same number of servings, and each of them is 2 tablespoons. But a tablespoon of rich and creamy has more frosting than their whipped counterpart. This indicates that the whipped frosting is lighter than the regular ones.


Betty Crocker’s whipped frostings have fewer calories per serving than the regular variants in keeping with the lighter consistency. The whipped frosting has a calorie count of 110 per serving. In comparison, the rich and cream variants contain 140 calories per serving. [1][2]

Regular frostings also have higher levels of carbohydrates and total fat. However, both types of frostings are devoid of any notable protein.

Before diving into the nutritional details, please review our Nutritional Disclaimer page for important context and clarifications.

Is Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting Good?

Betty Crocker’s whipped frostings offer a quick and easy solution for your cake-making needs. They have different varieties to suit different types of cakes.  For example, the buttercream and cream cheese variants are ideal for carrot cakes and cheesecakes.

In terms of nutrition, you have to be mindful about the use of corn syrup and the calorie levels in the product. However, the whipped frosting has noticeably fewer calories per serving than the regular frostings.


How to Use Betty Crocker Frosting? 8 Uses + Tips

So, if you can keep the intake at a moderate level, then Betty Crocker’s whipped frostings are a good choice for coating cakes or cupcakes.

Which Is Better, Whipped Frosting or Regular Frosting?

If you are looking for a richer tasting and thicker frosting, go with the regular “rich and cream” options. If you were looking for a bit of crunch in your frosting, then try the pecan variant in this category.

But if you want something lighter and fluffier, the whipped frostings should be your go-to. Also, if you want to minimize the calorie intake as much as possible, then whipped frostings are a better choice.

Which Betty Crocker Frosting Is the Best?

Betty Crocker’s whipped frostings have a nice light feel and the right amount of sweetness. The cream cheese and chocolate variants in this category have the most appeal.

Which Betty Crocker Frosting Is Best for Cake?

Depends on the type of cake. For cakes that are already very sweet, you should try the lemon or the cream cheese variety to add tang to the show. Similarly, cream cheese frosting and vanilla frosting are best for cheesecakes and carrot cakes.

To conclude, Betty Crocker’s frostings are a great way to top any cakes and cookies with minimal fuss and hassle. And if you are feeling extra impatient, you can eat the frosting straight out of the tub to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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