How to Use Betty Crocker Frosting? 8 Uses + Tips

How To Use Betty Crocker Frosting

Using a store-bought frosting, such as Betty Crocker frosting, might be the most convenient way to add finishing touches to all types of desserts. However, your frosting needs to be prepared in an accurate way, so the taste of your dessert would be preserved and not ruined. Therefore, how do you use Betty Crocker frosting?

The easiest and simplest way to use Betty Crocker frosting is by whipping it. This way it becomes fluffy and smooth, and you will achieve a better feel in the mouth. However, you should also soften and thin out the frosting since that is the texture you need on a cake, muffin, or some other dessert.

This article contains every bit of information you need to know in order to use Betty Crocker frosting in the right way. I have also included some tips that might help you out in improving and upgrading the look and the taste of the frosting. Therefore, make sure that you read everything until the end, so you will get to know the frosting features and properties clearly. 

How Do You Use Betty Crocker Frosting?

When it comes to store-bought frostings, such as the Betty Crocker one, the most important thing to consider is the way in which you are going to use them. 

Even though we are talking about a frosting that is already made, you need to remember that you still have to make some effort to obtain the right taste of it. If you do not think about these details, you might end up ruining your cake or muffins, and you definitely do not want to do that. Therefore, before you begin to prepare it, it is good to know what is the appropriate way to use it.

Prepare The Frosting By Whipping It

The simplest way to prepare your frosting is by whipping it. By doing this, you will achieve frosting that is smooth and fluffy, and it will definitely give a better mouthfeel. 

However, you also have to think about details, such as the texture. You need a smooth texture that is not very thick and hard. You do not put frosting on top of a cake just for better looks of it, but also to preserve the taste and to keep it moist for a longer period of time. 

In other words, you will have to do some whipping, but also some softening and thinning out. Only this way you can make Betty Crocker’s frosting taste and look like made from scratch, and no one will be able to tell the difference. Also, there are a few additional details you have to consider along the way, so you will not feel lost when preparing the frosting.

How To Use Betty Crocker Frosting

Wait For Your Dessert To Cool 

Once you whip and stir the frosting, it will be ready to be applied to a cake or another type of dessert. However, you cannot apply it to a cake or muffins that are still hot or warm. You need to avoid putting frosting on desserts that have just come out of the oven, or the frosting will just slide off.

Therefore, make sure that your dessert has completely cooled off before you apply the frosting. Also, make sure that you apply the layers of frosting evenly, so you do not ruin the texture of your cake. Lastly, make sure that you do not tilt your cake when slicing it because the frosting might ruin the layers since it is slick. 

Use Liquid Food Coloring 

You should think about food coloring as well. Betty Crocker’s frosting does not offer food coloring, so you will need to deal with this point on your own. You may use a few drops of liquid food coloring, and add a little bit of colorfulness to your desserts. 

You can also use a paste-form of food coloring, but make sure that you add a tiny amount of it first, and see the effects that will appear in the frosting. If everything seems right in place, then you may continue to use paste-like food coloring, but if it seems like the paste is ruining the frosting, then give up on that idea. 

Also, make sure that the food coloring you intend to use is oil-based since these types of colors are specifically designed to bind well with textures and ingredients included in frostings. 

How To Use Betty Crocker Frosting

Properly Store The Leftovers

Lastly, you should think about the frosting that will stay unused. You can always store your frosting in the fridge for up to two weeks, and use it on your desserts to freshen them up. For instance, you can add a little bit of frosting to your cake every time you take a slice since this way you will give it fresher flavors. 

Do You Need To Whip Betty Crocker Frosting? 

Generally, whipping the frosting is of crucial importance since that way you avoid the appearance of air bubbles that occur during packing. The whipping also contributes to the texture of the frosting, i.e. it helps in making it less stiff. Also, it helps in making the frosting easily spreadable, so you will not have to deal with the stickiness of it when you come to this step. 

If the frosting is not prepared well, you might end up tearing your desserts during the application of it. However, you might also consider smoothing out the frosting, if you believe whipping is not suitable for the frosting of the dessert you are making. 

Whichever method you choose for applying to frost, make sure that you always have the right utensils, such as a spatula or knife, since they also affect the applying of frosting. 

How Do You Soften Betty Crocker Frosting? 

If you need your Betty Crocker frosting to flow more quickly over your desserts, then you will have to think about the ways in which you can soften it. Luckily, this is an easy method, you just need to have the right ingredients, and follow each step carefully. 

Firstly, you will need to add an extra tablespoon of shortening or butter, but make sure it is kept at room temperature. After that, you will need to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water into the shortening. Then, you will have to heat the frosting in a microwave using 5-second intervals, but make sure that you do not prolong the heating process more than is recommended because the frosting can easily burn. 

Once this is done, you will have to whip the butter or the sugar using an electric beater before adding the sugar. Then, place the frosting into a plastic container with warm water, and put a lid on it. You can add a flavor, such as vanilla to intensify this process. 

Lastly, you will have to set your frosting at room temperature, so you could easily apply it to your dessert. You may need to whip it again to make sure that it is soft enough.

How Do You Thin Out Betty Crocker Frosting?

Sometimes, Betty Crocker frosting can get really thick, meaning you cannot easily apply it on a cake or muffins. Therefore, you need to consider thinning it out, so you will be able to use it properly. To do this, you will need hot water or whole milk. 

Firstly, you will have to start by adding a little bit of hot water into the bottom of a bowl, but make sure that your mixing bowl is bigger than the one in which the frosting is already placed. Then, place the frosting bowl over the bowl with hot water in it. 

After that, start stirring the frosting until you reach the consistency you are looking for. 

However, if you want to add some more ingredients into your frosting and at the same time thin out the texture of it, you may use whole milk. Add one teaspoon of whole milk at a time, and keep stirring through the frosting. 

Once you see that you have reached the perfect consistency, you will know that your Betty Crocker frosting is definitely thinned out.

How To Use Betty Crocker Frosting

How To Make Betty Crocker Frosting Better? 

You may opt for Betty Crocker frosting due to the fact that you do not have the time or ingredients to make frosting from scratch. However, that does not mean that you have to settle with the basic frosting that comes out of the package. 

There are always ways in which you can make the store-bought frosting taste and look better, and believe it or not, you do not need any special ingredients to do so. 

Add Vanilla Extract

Usually, the type of flavors you can add depends on the flavors that are already included in the Betty Crocker frosting. However, you can never go wrong with a little bit of vanilla extract in your mixture. Firstly, it will intensify the taste of the frosting, and secondly, it will help in softening it a little bit. 

Add Salty Caramel

People are usually surprised when a recipe suggests adding something salty in the frosting. However, salt is the perfect ingredient for balancing out flavors. Generally, Betty Crocker’s frostings can be quite sweet, and not everyone wants that kind of sweetness on top of an already sweet dessert. 

This sweetness also gives out the notion that the frosting is not homemade, so people can easily sense the difference. That’s why I suggest adding caramel, to give the frosting that homemade, slightly burnt taste. Also, a pinch of salt can do amazing things for the taste of your frosting and the dessert in question overall. 

Add Some Cream Cheese 

If you really want to lose the store-bought flavors from your frosting, then cream cheese is your answer. Adding cream cheese to a Betty Crocker frosting can do magical things for the flavors, and it will make it taste quite better instantly. Cream cheese does not only balance out the sweetness in the frosting but also gives it a certain amount of richness. 

You just need to combine a package of frosting and a package of cream cheese, and your job is done. You will be amazed by the deliciousness that cream cheese can bring out in a frosting. 

Consider Some Sour Cream 

If you want to balance sweet flavors in a Betty Crocker frosting, consider adding a little bit of sour cream. You will just have to add equal amounts of frosting and sour cream and mix them together. Your frosting will become lighter, sourer, less sweet and so will do your dessert. 

Add Nuts or Coconut

Textures can really help out in making your frosting taste and look better. Your dessert will definitely look homemade, and no one will be able to tell the difference. To make a particular texture out of frosting, you do not need any special ingredients or methods. 

Namely, you can use some coconut or pistachio and change both the taste and texture of your Betty Crocker frosting. You can also opt for crushed cookies, sprinkles, chocolate drops, raisins, peanut butter and so on. Usually, the ingredients that you can add to your frosting for texture will depend on the type of cake you are using the frosting for. 

How To Use Betty Crocker Frosting

Add Pumpkin Puree 

If you are making a holiday dessert, pumpkin puree is the right thing to add to your frosting. The only thing you need to consider is the ratio. Be careful with adding pumpkin puree because the frosting can easily become too light to preserve the texture and stand up on the dessert.

You will be amazed by the result you will achieve, and your frosting will completely lose the store-bought features.

What Do You Use Betty Crocker Frosting For? 

Generally, when someone mentions frosting, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a cake. 

It is true that frosting is mostly used for covering cakes, but there are different frostings that are suitable for various types of cakes, as well as other types of desserts. In addition, sometimes leftover frosting can be used for some creative and unexpected things. 

Here is how you can use Betty Crocker frosting:

  1. Covering wedding cakes
  2. Covering birthday cakes
  3. Covering muffins
  4. Covering cupcakes
  5. Covering some types of cookies
  6. Filling in pastries
  7. Bases of fruit tarts
  8. Making decorations on top of desserts 

In conclusion, you can see that the Betty Crocker frosting can be used in various ways and on different occasions. Even though it is a store-bought frosting in question, you can always use some ways in order to make the taste and look better, so no one will be able to tell that it is not actually a homemade frosting. 

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