Nutritional Disclamer

The team at Julie’s Cafe Bakery, including our writers, editors, and all involved in producing content, strive to provide accurate and informative nutritional details for our audience. However, none of us are nutritionists or registered dietitians. It’s crucial for our readers to understand the following points:

  1. Limitation of Liability: Julie’s Cafe Bakery and all its members are not responsible for any adverse reactions or any other outcome resulting from the application of the recipes, advice, or recommendations found on this site.
  2. Nutritional Information Sources: Every nutritional detail provided on our site has an associated link to its source. We pride ourselves on conducting thorough research, primarily using high-authority sites like the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.
  3. Calculation Method: The nutritional information accompanying our recipes is determined using the WP Recipe Maker plugin. For a detailed understanding of how this plugin calculates nutritional values, please visit here. If certain products or ingredients aren’t found in their API Database, we incorporate the nutritional values of the closest matching product/ingredient. It’s worth noting that different online calculators can yield varying results due to their distinct algorithms and nutrition fact sourcing.
  4. Inherent Deviations: It’s essential to note that real-world nutritional values can often deviate due to a myriad of factors. Therefore, the nutritional values listed on our recipes are intended for informative purposes only and should not be relied upon for absolute accuracy.

Always consult with a professional or your personal nutritionist when making significant changes to your diet. The enjoyment of food is a personal experience, and it’s crucial to approach it with a balance of knowledge and intuition.

Thank you for trusting Julie’s Cafe Bakery as your culinary guide. Enjoy your food journey with us!