Best Organic Turkeys From 13 Producers

Best Organic Turkeys from 13 Producers
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As a foodie, the holidays mean one thing to me — eating — lots of eating. And as much as my family and I love mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pie, the star of the show is always the turkey. Last year, we’ve come to the conclusion that our favorites mostly include organic turkey brands. So, this year, I was on a mission to find the best organic turkey out there. 

Here are my completely unbiased reviews to help you choose an organic turkey that will make this your most memorable Thanksgiving yet. These reviews are based on personal experience and customers’ feedback left on the Internet. So, dig in!

Diestel Turkey Ranch

Diestel Turkey Ranch Organic Turkeys

As an organic foodie, I’m always on the hunt for the highest-quality ingredients. Regarding organic Thanksgiving turkey, Diestel Ranch is at the top of my list. 

Diestel turkeys are pasture-raised, roaming freely and foraging on grass, seeds, and insects. The result is a juicy bird with unparalleled flavor and texture. 

Purchase & Delivery

You can order a Diestel turkey directly from their website or find them at select Whole Foods and Natural Grocers, especially on the West Coast. They offer fresh or frozen turkeys ranging from 6 to 30 pounds. 

Standard shipping (1-2 business days) is free to CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA, while if a customer needs express shipping (1 business day), they must pay $20. 


Original whole turkey, American Heirloom whole turkey, and Petite whole turkey are the three options for raw and uncooked turkey they offer. These are not frozen, but they ship deep chilled to arrive fresh in a biodegradable liner in 99% compostable packaging. 

The arrival temperature of the bird will vary depending on your location, & turkey may feel hard upon arrival, meaning it is still deeply chilled.

If you want an already prepared turkey, there is also an option to buy an Oven roasted whole turkey that has been pre-rubbed and pre-cooked, and all you need to do is simply heat and eat.

Price & Customer Reviews

The smallest 10-12 pound American Heilroom whole turkey will cost around $113, while if you want the biggest one (24-28 lbs), you will need to cash out around $213. While not the cheapest, for organic heritage quality, the price is reasonable.

Customer reviews rave about the rich, meaty flavor of Diestel turkeys. Many say it’s the best they’ve ever tasted. Look no further if you want a showstopper centerpiece and conversation starter for Thanksgiving.


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Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow Turkey

If you’re too lazy to leave the comfort of your home just to buy a turkey, you can always order it. And Crowd Cow is just the place to order from!

They get their birds from Ferndale Market, a collection of small family-run farms. This means that you will get a sustainably and humanely raised free-range turkey without any antibiotics, and you can really taste the difference. The meat is juicy and full of flavor.

Purchase & Delivery

Crowd Cow turkeys are available by mail, so you don’t have to worry about limited availability depending on your location. Still, availability may be limited when the demand is higher — for example, during the holidays.

So, make sure you prepare in advance, especially if you want your Crowd Cow turkey on your Thanksgiving table.


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They offer whole fresh turkeys, which are naturally processed (this means that you’ll have to brine them yourself).

Crowd Cow also sells free-range ground turkey by the pound, and, depending on the supply, you may even stumble upon other types of turkey meat.

Price & Customer Reviews

While Crowd Cow turkeys can be a bit pricey, the good news is they do have special deals and sales here and there.

The reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive. People rave about how juicy and flavorful these turkeys are and how they’re the perfect centerpiece for a memorable holiday meal. So, if you want an amazing Thanksgiving turkey experience, this truly is an amazing option.

Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie Organic Turkey

Organic Prairie is a Midwest-based cooperative of family farmers that raises certified organic turkeys on over 50 small farms across several states.

Organic Prairie’s turkeys are raised on organic feed. They are antibiotic-free and humanely raised in spacious barns with outdoor access. 

Purchase & Delivery

Organic Prairie turkeys can be found at natural food stores like Kroger, mainly in the Midwest and parts of the East and West coasts. The best option, though, is to order a turkey from the official site

All orders you will place will be processed immediately.

All special delivery instructions will be shared with FedEx, who may or may not be able to follow through on your request. There are three types of orders: standard, express, and rush, while during holidays, there is a possibility of shipping delays of 1-2 business days for some orders. 


Thanks to an impressive variety of offers, you can probably find whatever size and part of a turkey you need. 

Firstly, they offer whole turkeys in various sizes from 9 to 15 pounds. In addition, you can buy a 12-pound of ground turkey, then boneless and skinless turkey breast, roasted or smoked turkey breast, ham and turkey combo, or bone-in & skin-on turkey breast.

Price & Customer Reviews

Organic Prairie turkeys are on the higher end, ranging from $84 for a whole 9-pound turkey to $136 for a 15-pound one. 

This is typical of organic and humanely-raised turkeys; however, many customers say the quality and taste are worth the premium. They frequently note the turkeys are very juicy and flavorful. 

Mary’s Organic Turkey

Mary's Free Range Organic Turkey

Mary’s has been producing organic poultry for more than two decades, so they know a thing or two about raising turkeys the right way.

Purchase & Delivery

The good news is you don’t have to live on the West Coast to enjoy Mary’s organic turkey. They ship nationwide, so you can order directly from their website by calling the number or via email and have your turkey delivered to your doorstep. 

These organic whole turkeys can also be found in several butcher shops and fresh markets, so you might even go there and get one without waiting for delivery.


According to their website, turkeys are not frozen. However, fresh turkeys will be hard on the bottom of the turkeys due to the blasting of cold air done at the plant to keep the turkeys at a low temperature for shipping and to keep them fresh. 

There are three options to choose from: a whole organic turkey, organic turkey breast, and oven-roasted organic turkey.

Customer Reviews

Customers consistently give Mary’s top ratings for their organic turkeys. People love the juicy, delicious meat and how easy the turkeys are to prepare. The turkeys produce lots of flavorful drippings for gravy and stuffing. 

Willie Bird

Willie Bird Organic Turkey

Willie Bird’s turkeys range freely and forage on grass, seeds, and insects. They are never given antibiotics or GMOs.

Purchase & Delivery

You could order your turkey directly on Willie Bird’s website via email and have it shipped right to your doorstep. 

While there was also a retail store, their website says it is closed until further notice. Keeping my fingers crossed that they open it soon!


They offer a variety of sizes from 10 to 24 pounds to suit any gathering. Besides whole turkeys, you can also order bone-in turkey breasts, smoked whole turkey, smoked turkey drumsticks, turkey bacon, and so on.

Price & Customer Reviews

The smallest size of a whole turkey costs around $106, while the largest turkey of 20-24 pounds costs around $177.

They may be a little pricier, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!” According to numerous positive reviews, my Willie Bird turkey was worth every penny for its fantastic taste and texture.


D'artagnan Organic Turkey

When I saw that D’Artagnan sells organic, free-range turkeys, I was excited to try them. I’ve been buying their duck products for years and have always been impressed with the quality.

Purchase & Delivery

Depending on the size, you can order their turkeys online for delivery within the continental US Price range.

Your order will be carefully packed in a reusable, insulated box with ice packs to maintain proper temperature, and it can be delivered to qualifying addresses in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The producer also allows you to plan ahead for the holidays, as it provides a holiday calendar with all the dates until when you can place your order.


They don’t offer pre-made side dishes but do provide recipes and suggestions for classic Thanksgiving pairings like stuffing, cranberry sauce, and root vegetables.

You can order either an organic whole turkey or a bone-in turkey breast. My family really likes their turkey breasts.

Price & Customer Reviews

Customer reviews frequently mention how moist and delicious the meat is, with rich turkey flavor. The only downside is that they often sell out of turkeys early due to demand around the holidays. I advise ordering as early as possible to ensure you get one.

Regarding prices, a 10-12 pound whole turkey costs $88, while a 14-16 pound turkey is $117.

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms Heritage Turkey

Fossil Farms source high-quality heritage turkeys from small farms across the US that meet their strict standards for humane and sustainable practices.

Purchase & Delivery

Fossil Farms turkeys are available for purchase on their website and ship within the continental US. Depending on your location, they may also be found at select grocery stores and butchers.

Their products are flash-frozen once packaged in recyclable boxes. 

They also boast their products are featured on restaurant menus; however, their deliveries are available Mondays-Thursdays only.


They offer whole turkeys, turkey ground meat, turkey burgers, turkey breasts bone-in, skin-on, and, of course, whole turkey in various sizes to suit any gathering, from 8 to 28 pounds.

Price & Customer Reviews

As with any high-quality organic meat, Fossil Farms turkeys do come at a premium. However, I think the quality is worth it for a special occasion. Prices range from $90 to $270 for a whole turkey, depending on the size. They also regularly run promotions and discounts for the holidays.

Fossil Farms receives rave reviews from customers praising their turkeys’ delicious flavor and texture. Many say it’s the best turkey they’ve ever tasted. The only downside mentioned is the high cost, though most agree it’s worth the splurge for an exceptional meal.

Foster Farms

Foster Farms Organic Turkey

If you’re looking for an organic turkey that you can find nationwide at a fair cost, give Foster Farms a try.

Foster Farms follows strict food safety protocols to ensure their turkeys are correctly handled, packaged, and stored. They try to meet USDA standards and use an air-chilled method to help their turkeys retain more juice. [1]

Their turkeys come in plastic packaging that isn’t recyclable, though. 


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Purchase & Delivery

You can visit their website to find out whether there are any Foster Farms Organic Turkeys in a store close to you.

If you wish to order online, you can find Foster Farms turkeys available to order for pickup or delivery in Walmart and Albertsons.


Foster Farms offers many size options, from whole turkeys to turkey breasts, legs, thighs, wings, tenderloins, drumsticks, and ground turkey. 

Apart from organic, they also have free-range turkeys. However, I have found that I like their organic turkey more, so I don’t really buy the free-range kind.

Price & Customer Reviews

Foster Farms turkeys don’t tend to cost a bit more than an average supermarket turkey since their prices are pretty reasonable and affordable for most families, especially if you’re only cooking a turkey once or twice a year. 

Besides, the producer receives glowing reviews from customers across the country. People love the freshness, natural flavor, and humanely-raised organic turkeys. 

Honeysuckle White

Honeysuckle White Free-Range Turkey

Even though not certified as organic, as a free-range turkey producer, Honeysuckle White meets my standards for a high-quality bird. 

Purchase & Delivery

Honeysuckle White stood out because they’re nationally available at major grocery store chains like Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons, and Target.

I don’t have to order online or drive to a specialty butcher shop. Instead, I can pick up one in one of these stores or even order a delivery. Also, I can always check whether the store closest to me holds their products via their website.


This organic turkey meat producer offers numerous options for its customers, so besides whole turkey packages, both fresh and frozen, they can opt for ground turkeys with various percentages of fat content, variously seasoned turkey patties, sausages, tenderloins, boneless turkey breasts, and different turkey parts!

Price & Customer Reviews

Price-wise, Honeysuckle White organic turkeys are very comparable to other organic brands. They also frequently run sales around the holidays to make organic turkey more affordable and accessible.


Butterball All Natural Turkey

Butterball is definitely one of the names that dominate the market when it comes to turkey meat. It’s also the one brand that my family has used the most because of its year-round availability.

Even though they’re not classified as organic, their turkeys are “all-natural,” meaning that their turkeys are minimally processed, and there are no artificial ingredients, which is what you want when choosing your turkey.

Purchase & Delivery

You can buy your all-natural Butterball turkey through your local grocery store and most larger stores. This, among others, includes Walmart, Target, and Kroger.

However, there isn’t an option to order a turkey from their official website.


The producer offers not only whole turkeys but also turkey roasts, turkey cuts, deli turkey, turkey sausage, ground turkey, turkey bacon, and turkey burger. 

Their whole fresh turkeys are pre-brined for a juicy and tender finish and less mess and prep work. The thing I love the most about these turkeys is their no-stress preparation!

Price & Customer Reviews

Customers appear to love these turkeys, and some even comment that they taste more “turkey-like” than conventional turkeys.

Butterball’s organic turkey is a solid choice for organic and sustainable food advocates.


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Norbest Ranch Raised Turkey

As someone who cares deeply about the quality and ethics of my food, I was excited to try Norbest’s Ranch-Raised Turkey before this Thanksgiving. Norbest is a farmer-owned co-op based in Utah that’s been producing all-natural meats since the 1930s.

Purchase & Delivery

Norbest turkeys are raised in open-concept barns with access to the outdoors while providing sustainable packaging that is appealing to someone who tries to limit excess plastic usage.

You can buy them to select retailers and grocers across the country, so you usually don’t have to worry about finding them close to you. Still, I remember that finding them during the holiday season can be a bit more difficult.


Norbest offers ground turkey and deli turkey, as well as turkey breasts and turkey roasts, while it also provides whole turkeys from 6-7 to 24-30 pounds.

So whether you’re feeding a small family or throwing a big holiday party, they’ve got you covered.

Price & Customer Reviews

Norbest turkeys tend to be slightly higher in price, though many people feel the quality and taste are worth the extra cost. Norbest turkeys are typically a bit pricier, ranging from $1 to $3 more per pound compared to, for example, a similar Butterball turkey.

Koch’s Turkey Farm

Koch's Bronze Turkey

I was impressed by an organic turkey from Koch’s Turkey Farm last Thanksgiving. It was so juicy and delicious, I can’t remember the last time I tried a turkey that good. Koch’s is a family-owned farm in Pennsylvania that’s been raising turkeys since 1953.

Purchase & Delivery

If you want to buy some of several possible turkey-based products from this family farm, you can do so in Whole Foods markets, where you can either order a delivery or a pickup.


From deli turkey meats to ready-to-eat smoked turkey or ground turkey breasts, it seems this family farm will get you covered for whatever type of lunch or dinner is needed.

Customer Reviews

Koch’s turkeys are certified organic, hormone-free, and humanely raised. They’re fed an all-vegetarian diet and raised in a stress-free environment.

The family boasts of raising organic turkeys certified by Pennsylvania Organic Certifiers.

They raise them by the strictest standards in the industry, which seems to be recognized by numerous satisfied customers. However, some of them have been complaining about the new packaging being hard to open and messy.

Elmwood Stock Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm Heritage and Broad-Brested Turkeys

Although they come last on this list, the quality, flavor, and customer service of Elmwood Stock Farm are all decent. This will definitely be one of my Thanksgiving turkeys this year!

Purchase & Delivery

The official website allows the customers to place their orders there for pickup at farmers’ markets in Lexington and Cincinnati or on the farm in Georgetown and home delivery throughout Central Kentucky, Louisville, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati. 

Organic meats, pantry items, and farm gear are all available for nationwide shipping, in addition to local pickup and delivery.

The producer ships frozen meats using insulated shipping materials, including dry ice or gel packs. To ensure the products arrive safely at your door, it ships perishable products using shipping methods that minimize transit time. 


The producers offer two types of organic turkeys — heritage breeds and broad-breasted — both raised on pasture using USDA-certified organic standards. 

All of their turkeys are free-ranging, kept outdoors on grass pasture, and fed wholesome, organic grains, resulting in moist, flavorful turkey without the use of synthetic inputs, flavor additives, or stimulants. 

Apart from the whole turkeys, they offer sausages, broths, bone-in breasts, ground turkey, turkey thighs, legs, and wings.

Customer Reviews

Not only are these Elmwood Stock Farm’s heritage-breed turkeys extremely popular among customers, but the Cook’s illustrated taste test also had only positive impressions in their magazine, stating their turkey is super tender and juicy, as well as rich in flavor. 

Their whole turkeys come in sizes ranging from 10 to 25 pounds, while their price goes up to $250.

There are so many to choose from! Which ones have you tried, and which ones are on your bucket list? Elmwood Stock Farm’s turkey is definitely my number one to try out this year! Tell me all about your Thanksgiving turkey in the comments below!