Honeysuckle White Turkey vs. Butterball: Differences & Which Is Better

Honeysuckle White vs. Butterball Turkey
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Honeysuckle White and Butterball turkeys are two of my favorite turkey brands. They offer organic and natural turkey meat that I often have in my kitchen. As similar as they are, these are two different brands, and therefore, their turkeys can offer you different flavor aspects. So, what are the differences between Honeysuckle White and Butterball turkeys, and which is better?

Butterball and Honeysuckle turkeys come in different sizes and are available all year round. The prices vary depending on the turkey size and where you get it from. Both brands offer natural and organic turkeys and specialize in turkey meat production. 

Butterball and Honeysuckle White turkeys are definitely worth knowing about since both brands invest immense efforts into upgrading their quality. I find them both irresistibly delicious, but they offer somewhat different flavors. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about both brands so that you can choose the one that best fits your taste.

Size and Variations

As a brand, Butterball offers different sizes and types of turkey meat, as well as whole turkeys. Their assortment covers ground turkey meat, turkey breasts, boneless turkey meat, as well as whole turkeys. They also offer portion-sized turkeys so that you don’t have to buy the entire thing. 

I appreciate Butterball because of the variety they offer and the way they anticipate the needs of their consumers. They offer different sizes for different meals and different gatherings while maintaining the same quality. 

In this regard, Honeysuckle White and Butterball are very similar. Honeysuckle White also offers different sizes and varieties of turkey products, including turkey breasts, ground turkey meat, as well as whole turkeys. They also offer a variety of portion sizes, perfectly anticipating and catering to their customers’ needs. 

Both brands are very consumer-oriented and are ready to meet the preferences of their customers. 


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Taste and Meat Quality

Both Butterball and Honeysuckle White brands are known for the quality of the turkey meat they offer. Butterball is praised for the tenderness and juiciness of their turkeys and turkey meat. They are also brined and tenderized, so they turn out just like advertised. 

The brand strives to deliver what is promised, and from my experience so far, they haven’t disappointed me even once, and I buy their products very often. 

Honeysuckle White turkeys are known for their gentle and natural flavor. The meat is very tender and very easy to handle, so they turn out soft and juicy, just like advertised. Just like Butterball, Honeysuckle White also strives to give the customers what they promised and does a great job in doing so. 

Packaging and Prices

Honeysuckle and Butterball Differences in Packaging

Both Butterball and Honeysuckle White are similarly packaged following the sanitary and hygienic standards required by the respective food safety authorities. Their products are usually wrapped in plastic wraps placed on Styrofoam trays specifically designated to pack meat products. 

You get them either fresh or frozen, but even fresh, they are still pretty cold, so they need some additional counter time. 

The reason I appreciate how both brands pack their products is that there are cooking instructions on each package, ensuring that you’ll manage to cook a delicious meal even if you are a beginner. 

Treatment of Turkeys and Use of Antibiotics

Since both Butterball and Honeysuckle White are brands specializing in turkey meat, they take utmost care of how their turkeys are raised. Both brands use farm-raised turkeys fed with organic food, mainly grains, and soy, but they also provide their turkeys with animal protein to follow the turkeys’ natural carnivorous diet. [1][2]

Both brands raise the turkeys out of cages and treat them humanely and respectfully. The turkeys are also raised under veterinarian supervision, and the use of antibiotics is reduced to the necessary doses if the turkey is sick. 

They don’t use antibiotics are a regular practice, nor do they use growth hormones or any other kind of artificial enhancers of the meat volume they sell. 

Honeysuckle White has also been working on its traceable turkey program. You can find out more about it in the video!

Availability in Stores and Year-Round

Considering that both brands revolve around turkeys and turkey meat, their products are widely available all year round in stores and online. Still, Butterball’s availability is slightly higher than Honeysuckle White’s. 

Even though Honeysuckle White turkeys can be purchased all year round, they are primarily available during the holidays, and their availability is more limited year-round.

Still, the product availability of both brands depends mostly on the season and the location. 

Which Is Better, Honeysuckle White or Butterball Turkey?

It is impossible to say that one is better than the other since both brands are tremendously dedicated to producing high-quality turkeys and turkey meat. They take impeccable care for each step of meat production from the very beginning until the very end, and both brands have done an excellent job in delivering the promised quality. 

If you like Butterball turkeys, you will likely like Honeysuckle White turkeys as well, but they do differ in some aspects. So, if you prefer a more gentle flavor, Honeysuckle While would be better for you, and if you are more into soft and juicy turkey meat, Butterball would be a better choice for your taste. 

What will you be going for this holiday season — gentleness or juiciness? I would love to hear your preferences in the comments below!

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