Where to Buy Butterball Turkey? 9 Places!

Where to Buy Butterball Turkey
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When the festive time hits, the answer to this question is ANYWHERE. Butterball is a staple brand for fine-quality turkey meat, which is super popular in the USA. The Butterball star product is whole turkey, previously basted, fresh or frozen, and oh-so-tender. Besides, there is a huuuge list of different poultry products, from deli meat and grounded to breasts and roast. If you crave some of these products, but especially whole birds, here’s where to buy Butterball turkey!

You can buy Butterball turkey in most grocery stores across the USA, from Walmart, Costco, Aldi, and many more. When comparing prices, BJ’s has the best deal in season, while Kroger is the priciest. Off-season, only big supermarkets will have it on the shelves.  

Even though my Butterball supplier is usually Costco, I decided to collect all the information on where else you can get it in one place. Let this be your turkey supply list when you want a dash of Thanksgiving in the middle of the year or want to have the best deal possible! Let’s see the list!

The List of Places Where You Can Get Butterball Turkey

Butterball company has a pretty well-organized website, where you can search for products you’re looking for via ZIP code to list the nearest grocery stores. You can search in a 5-50 miles radius, plus you’ll get a notice if the product is not available there. For the heads up, you can buy all of their staple products, like whole turkeys, bone-in-breasts, and boneless roasts, in any big supermarket. 

Don’t forget to check up on your local stores, too, because many of them offer Butterball turkeys. It’s impossible to have them all on the list. ☺


Walmart offers plenty of different Butterball products – oven and Thanksgiving-roasted whole turkeys, deli-sliced roasted turkey breast, turkey burgers, and more. Frozen whole turkey breast costs $4.95/lb at Walmart; that’s about $15 to feed 2-6 people (3 lb turkey). Now, I couldn’t find the price of the holiday staple – Frozen Whole Turkey, on Walmart’s website.

Last year’s price was $1.18/lb, which is a fair price, to be honest, not the lowest but not the highest, either. There are also big sales when the holiday season starts, so you can easily get the whole bird for 99 cents per lb if you’re lucky! ☺ 


You can find many varieties of products in Target, as well. From ground turkey, turkey burgers, and a whole all-natural turkey to breast tenderloins, they are all on Target shelves. You can get frozen turkey breasts for $2.29/lb, according to their website, which is surprisingly lower than Walmart. 

Frozen whole bird has a maximum price of $1.49/lb and will almost certainly go lower when the season starts! Moreover, I like their frozen bone-in turkey breast, which you can find for $1.99/lb. I thought you would like to know that, as well.


It’s no surprise that Kroger has the highest price of Butterball turkey. Whole frozen turkey is $1.99/lb and will probably be on sale. Their website emphasizes that you can get only 1 bird at a sale price, so keep this in mind. Plus, if you have a membership card – you’ll most likely get a special price.


Costco also offers both fresh and frozen turkeys, and you can buy both for $0.99 to $1.30 per pound. This is not the information from their official site because there is no listed price at all. The best way is to contact your local Costco for fresh and 100% accurate information, but it will undoubtedly, be a good price.

Costco is my go-to place both for the turkey and everything I need for it. So, have fun exploring the aisles in search of the best side dish for your Butterball!

Roasted Turkey With Side Dishes


Aldi, as well, doesn’t list the prices on their site, but the maximal in-store price for whole turkey is $1.59/lb. When on sale, 1 lb is around $1, which is a solid price, you must admit. Last year in the holiday season, the bird was $1.07 per lb, and it was sold out in a heartbeat!

Food 4 Less

If you search for stores via the Butterball site, there will probably be hundreds of Food4Less markets listed there. Unfortunately, there is no price noted, but you can always contact or pass by to check yourself. The fact is, the whole turkey won’t be pricier than $1.99/lb.


Metro is a Canadian store, but they also offer Butterball turkey. The packaging is a bit different, it has a maple leaf at the front, and the label is in French, as well. It costs 3.99/lb Canadian dollars (equal to 2.99 US dollars), which is a lot compared to other stores.


This grocery chain supplies Butterball turkeys, too. You can’t find the updated price online, but it is $1.99/lb maximum. I saw the deal for $1.29 when it was in the sale season, so that’s quite fair!


BJ’s, apparently, has the best deals for Butterball turkey around Thanksgiving. The fresh bird was $0.99, while the frozen one was $0.89 per lb. I have no precise information about off-season meat, but it can’t be too expensive following these facts, right?

Also, if you’re part of their Wholesale Club, you may get a special offer. Even though this is a last year’s video, it still proves a point.

Is Butterball Turkey Available All Year Round?

Expectedly, there are only a few brands that offer the whole turkey year-round, and Butterball is one of them. The sales skyrocket during the holiday season, so they are in any possible store then. Unfortunately, off-season, they aren’t on shelves in every market, though, because the demand is not that big.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to find a whole bird in big grocery stores. To be sure, you can contact your local supplier directly or search for the item on the Butterball site. Either, you’ll have crisp details when you need them. Other Butterball products are still everywhere, though, and I love having them around all year round.

Where Can You Buy Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Breast?

Thanksgiving Roasted Butterball Turkey Breast is available only around the holiday, which is no wonder. You can find it in big grocery chains, like Walmart and Kroger, plus you can search it up on the Butterball site before you hit the road.

Where do you get your Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below.

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