Where to Find Heart-shaped Pizza All Year Round?

Heart-shaped Pizza
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Heart-shaped pizza is the bomb around Valentine’s day. Since love goes through the stomach, there is no better way to tell your Valentine that you love them than saying it with a juicy heart-shaped pizza. However, heart-shaped pizza can warm your heart all year round, not only around Valentine’s Day. So, where to find heart-shaped pizza all year round?

Sadly, heart-shaped pizzas are available on and around Valentine’s Day. There are many places you can find it during February, especially during the first half of the month. Still, heart-shaped pizza is not available all year round unless you order it specifically.

In the following paragraphs, I will tell you who sells heart-shaped pizza the longest so that you can enjoy it with your favorite person and favorite toppings on a day that is not Valentine’s Day. Although heart-shaped pizza is seasonally restricted, still lady luck may smile upon you so you can have a heart-shaped pizza after Valentine’s Day has passed. 

Peter Piper Pizza

Heart-shaped Pizza

Unlike most pizza places selling heart-shaped pizzas for a few days before Valentine’s Day, Peter Piper Pizza will sell heart-shaped pizzas from January 31st until February 14th. 

This means that you have two whole weeks to enjoy heart-shaped pizza with your favorite toppings. Moreover, they will be offering a packaged deal, including your heart-shaped pizza and a dessert for $21. 

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

In the second position, we have Papa Murphy’s Pizza. They will be selling heart-shaped pizzas from February 1st until February 14th this year. They are available to buy in the stores, but you can also order online, which is a sweet deal if you don’t want to bother going all the way to the store.

They, too, offer special deals and experiment with their pizzas, so this year, you can have a heart-shaped pizza on chocolate chip cookie dough. 


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Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s will be offering heart-shaped pizzas this year from the 6th until the 14th of February, which is not too long, but it still gives you a chance to enjoy it outside Valentine’s Day. Their pizzas are priced at $11.99. 

All pizzas will be thin-crust pizzas, and you choose your topping. 

Marco’s Pizza

Heart-shaped Pizza

Marco’s Pizza will be selling heart-shaped pizzas for a relatively short time this year, but it will be cheaper than the other heart-shaped pizzas. For $9.99, you can get a one-topping heart-shaped pizza. They are also available online or through the Marco’s Pizza app.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Mountain Mike’s Pizza will be offering heart-shaped pizzas for the longest time this year. During the whole month of February, you can find heart-shaped pizza at all Mountain Mike’s pizza locations and order it online. 

However, the price will not be unified for each location and will vary from place to place. You can also order Mountain Mike’s Pizza online or use their delivery service if you don’t feel like going and ordering it in person. 

Donatos Pizza

Heart-shaped Pizza

This year Donatos Pizza will be selling heart-shaped pizzas from the 6th to the 14th of February at all their locations. The heart-shaped pizzas will cost the same amount as a medium pizza. It is unknown whether or not they will be available online. 

Where to Find Heart-shaped Pizza Dough?

Where there is heart-shaped pizza, there is heart-shaped pizza dough. Therefore, any pizza place that sells heart-shaped pizza can sell you heart-shaped pizza dough if that is by their policy. 

You can also find heart-shaped pizza dough in the supermarkets around Valentine’s Day, but it is not a part of their standard assortment. You can also make it yourself very quickly by cutting the heart out of the dough or using a heart-shaped mold to make it. 

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