Where to Buy Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini?

Where to Buy Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini
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Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is an Italian cocktail you can make at home with fruit puree and Prosecco wine. However, there are also some delightful Secco Rossini you can find in the store. So, where to buy Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini?

You can find bottled Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini at local Trader Joe’s stores or order it online. A combination of these flavors is not usual for Rossini cocktails, and so far, Trader Joe’s is the only store that sells it.

The following text will provide you with some tips on how to locate this sparkling drink and what you should do if you are unable to do so.

Where to Get Secco Strawberry and Raspberry?

The most likely place to find Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is a Trader Joe’s online or brick-and-mortar store. Nevertheless, since you are looking for this specific taste, it would be best to contact the store and check where exactly it can be purchased.

If you are on a budget, Trader Joe’s Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is probably the best option, since it costs only $5,99. Despite being pretty cheap, this version of the Rossini cocktail surpasses expectations in terms of taste. It is smooth, bubbly and light, which is the way this cocktail should be.

Alternatively, if you prefer a Rossini with a stronger taste, you can purchase Prosecco, raspberry, and strawberry puree separately and then mix them together. You can find these ingredients in almost any store.


Is Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Good?

What are Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Alternatives?

If you cannot find Secco Rossini in store or online, you can replace it with several other light, sparkling, and equally exciting cocktails. Here are some alternatives.

Classic Rossini

Classic Rossini is made with Prosecco and strawberries. Multiple brands are making this drink, and you can find it easily in online shops or look for it in stores with broader assortments. Some of the most popular brands of this drink are Canella and Sei Belissimi.


Bellini is probably the best alternative for a Rossini cocktail, especially considering these are basically the same drink. Bellini contains Prosecco and peach puree, and some of the more recognizable brands for this drink are Cipriani Bellini and Sei Belissimi.

Kir Royal

Made of champagne and dark and sweet crème de cassis, Kir Royal is also a good substitute for Rossini. You can find it almost anywhere, starting from Tesco to Amazon.


Even though it is yet another fruity cocktail made with champagne, Mimosa is probably one of the most popular drinks of all time. Besides being sweet and bubbly, this drink has the lowest number of calories among cocktails. With refreshing orange juice, this is probably the perfect Rossini substitute.    

Blue Raspberry Martini

A Blue Raspberry Martini contains raspberry liqueur, blue curaçao liqueur, and vodka. It has a bright flavor and an unusual color, which makes it perfect for parties. You cannot buy this cocktail pre-made, however, its ingredients are available in any liquor store.

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