Is Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Good?

Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Good
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If you’re not a frequent Trader Joe’s shopper, you might notice the addition and disappearance of certain items on your periodic visits. The retailer is known for swapping out some of their offerings seasonally, and their Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is no exception. And you might wonder: is it any good?

Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is generally good, thanks to its fruity, berry-filled flavor. Some people have reported Secco to be rather sweet and akin to fizzy juice, but with a slight alcohol kick of 8 percent.

Are you intrigued? We are as well, so let’s dive right in.

Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Taste

Those who love the flavor of strawberries and raspberries will fall in love with this drink. That’s because this ready-to-drink cocktail tastes a lot like fruit juice but fizzy. However, wine purists or those who prefer dry wines might find Secco a bit too sweet.

Believe it or not, Secco’s strawberry and raspberry taste is just flavoring. The base drink is still made from grapes and colored with carrot juice. Some pulp is added to the drink, but you shouldn’t encounter them too much if you invert the bottle before serving.

How Do You Drink Secco?

Because it’s technically a mixed cocktail, the best way to enjoy Secco is to serve it chilled. Once you’re ready to enjoy a glass or two, pour it into your container of choice. You can use a champagne flute if you want, but you can also serve it in a highball glass. You can even garnish it with a strawberry or two, or how about a raspberry?

Most people find themselves enjoying Secco as is, considering how flavorful it is already. There’s usually no need to add other mixers to the drink, but don’t let that stop your creativity! Secco can be a good flavor base for another cocktail that packs even more punch. 

Is Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Champagne?

Technically speaking, Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is carbonated grape wine mixed with fruit juice. Even though Champagne is carbonated grape wine, Secco cannot be considered one because it’s not produced in France’s Champagne region.

With that said, Secco is considered a Rossini, which is Prosecco mixed with strawberry puree. Don’t confuse it with Bellini, which also contains Prosecco but is mixed with peach puree instead of strawberry.

Or you can make it easier for yourself and call it a cocktail or a wine cooler.

Is Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Vegan?

Although the ingredients don’t mention any animal-based products, Secco is not vegan-certified. Skip this drink if certification is important to you; alternatively, you can contact Trader Joe’s via their product feedback form to inquire if the product is indeed vegan or not.

Is Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s doesn’t specify whether Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini is gluten-free. The label only lists carbonated grape wine, natural flavors, and black carrot juice as the ingredients; on the surface, it doesn’t look as if there’s any gluten in this drink.

However, it might be best to reach out to Trader Joe’s directly and ask them for confirmation. You might also want to get a more detailed ingredient list to detect and avoid any hidden sources of gluten.

Does Secco Strawberry and Raspberry Rossini Have Alcohol?

Secco contains 8 percent alcohol by volume, which is enough to give you a slight kick without giving you a hangover the next day. But if you’re sensitive to alcohol, make sure you watch how much you’re consuming. Losing track is easy, considering its pleasant sweetness.

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