Where to Buy Ed Sheeran Sauce?

ed sheeran sauce where to buy
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When you think that Ed Sheeran cannot get any better, you find out that there’s an Ed Sheeran sauce. You will definitely love the shape of this sauce when you taste it. But to taste it, you first need to buy it, so keep on reading to find out where to Ed Sheeran sauce.

Tingly Ted’s offers two variants, Tingly and Xtra Tingly. The Tingly Ted’s sauce is the product of the collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Kraft Heinz. It is a hot sauce that makes your mouth tingle and brings the definition of hot sauce to another level. 

The Tingly Ted’s sauce, named after Ed Sheeran’s childhood nickname, is a medium hot sauce that feels warm and tingly without causing that overwhelmingly spicy feeling many hot sauces do. 

It contains 39% jalapeno, making it an excellent fit for those who like spicy and hot food without being dominated by these flavors. The Extra Tingly variety is for the braver ones, but still, it is reasonably hot and gentle enough so that it doesn’t numb your palate. 

Since this is still a new project, the Tingly Ted’s bottles are to be distributed during 2023, so the sauces aren’t yet available in the stores. Nevertheless, you can pre-order your bottle online at www.tinglyteds.com or www.instagram.com/tinglyteds.

What Sauce Did Ed Sheeran Launch? 

Ed Sheeran launched the Tingly Ted’s sauce in collaboration with Kraft Heinz. He was openly a fan of Heinz products for years, especially ketchup, so he decided to craft a sauce and realize his long-time wish through this collaboration. 

How Hot Is Ed Sheeran’s Sauce? 

Tingly Ted’s Sauce is a moderately hot sauce. Although it belongs to the hot sauce category, it isn’t on the steep end in terms of hotness. There are two varieties of the sauce, i.e., Tingly, which is the standard version, and Extra Tingly, which is spicier and hotter than the standard one. 

Both varieties create a warm and tingly sensation in the mouth without overwhelming the taste buds. 

Why Did Ed Sheeran Launch His Sauce?

According to Billboard, Ed Sheeran stated that he had been missing something in his life for a long time, and after careful consideration, he concluded that he was missing flavor. He has been a long-time fan of the Heinz tomato ketchup, and now, he found a way to make his wish come true and launch his own sauce in collaboration with Kraft Heinz. 

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