What to Serve with Popeyes Turkey? Ideas for Bread, Salad, Sauces…

What to Serve with Popeyes Turkey
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Popeyes turkey is your fast track to the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Pre-made, time-saving, and delicious, it can do a great job feeding your guests with you being well-rested so that you can enjoy your holiday dinner. In addition to being very practical, it is a very versatile solution, too, offering various pairing options. So, what to serve with Popeyes turkey? 

You can serve Popeye turkey with mashed potatoes or rice. It goes excellent with pumpkin bread or cornbread. It pairs with sauces such as Alfredo or honey mustard. You can pair it with a fresh vegetable salad or spinach and peanuts. As a dessert, you can serve lava cake or chocolate pudding.

Popeyes turkey is a turkey, after all, so you don’t have to pair it with anything other than regular turkey sides. However, this isn’t always easy to decide, and some guidance is always welcomed. In the following paragraphs, I will give you some ideas on how to enrich your holiday table and what to serve with your Popeyes turkey.

What Side Dish to Serve with Popeyes Turkey? 

Popeyes turkey goes excellent with the traditional turkey sides. So, whatever you normally serve with a homemade turkey, you can serve with Popeyes turkey as well. Below are some ideas for some delicious yet straightforward sides you can serve with your Popeyes turkey. 

Mashed Potatoes

It is only appropriate to open this list with an old classic. If nothing comes to mind, or your creativity decides to take a day off with the holidays around the corner, do not despair, as mashed potatoes always have your back. 

You just can’t go wrong with Popeyes turkey and mashed potatoes, as they are made for each other. Moreover, if you want or need to, you can order mashed potatoes as a ready-made side from Popeyes when ordering your turkey.

What to Serve with Popeyes Turkey


You can pair your Popeyes turkey with rice and turn your holiday dinner into a carb-and-protein meal. Since the Popeyes turkey is rich enough as it is, you don’t have to do anything fancy with the rice. 

Just stir-fry it with your favorite seasoning, and you are good to go. You can also throw in some peas and corn kernels to give it some color and texture, and your feast can begin.

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables are yet another simple and delicious pairing option for your Popeyes turkey. You can combine peppers, tomatoes, onions, and eggplants and have a healthy and tasty side for your Popeyes turkey.  


Sadly underrated as a holiday last resort, fries can do wonders when paired with your Popeyes turkey. You can combine them with a dip as simple as mayo and ketchup or go a little more extravagant such as parmesan and heavy cream. Either way, you will enjoy the fast food charm in a fancy setting. 

Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

Another classic that won’t let you down. Popeyes turkey goes excellent with wholesome sides such as this one. Season it with just salt, pepper, and rosemary, and prepare yourself for a flavor bomb.

What Bread to Serve With Popeyes Turkey? 

Popeyes turkey goes great with bread, especially if you have some more turkey juice left in your baking pan. Feel free to experiment with the ideas below; you will undoubtedly find the right one for you.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is the best fitting idea as it continues the theme established by the holiday season or, better said, pumpkin season. Somewhere between earthy, sweet, and salty, pumpkin bread will definitely be a very cheerful addition to your holiday table. 

Dense and spongy, it will do a great job absorbing the extra turkey juice, making each bite pure holiday magic. 


Another delicious and absorbent bread is ideal for dipping it into the turkey juice. It is crumbly, though, so if you like your bread more on the spongy side, this may not be your perfect option. Slightly sweet, flavorful, and gentle cornbread will add to the holiday spirit on your table.


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Cottage Bread 

Rustic, aromatic, spongy, and delicious, cottage bread goes with virtually everything, and Popeyes turkey is not an exception. Its solid crust makes it very stable and elastic, so you can use it to make time for bite-sized turkey sandwiches that somehow taste way better than the regular ones. 

What Sauce to Serve with Popeyes Turkey? 

Popeyes turkey seems to be created to go with sauces. The tender meat pairs are excellent with virtually any sauce under the sun, so it doesn’t always be cranberry sauce. Take your pick from the ones below and enjoy. 


Known to go excellent with meaty dishes, Alfredo sauce will fit right in with your Popeyes turkey and its sides. Creamy and garlicy, it will add a whole different dimension to your holiday dinner. The intensity of the garlic will accentuate the other included flavors, while the creaminess will soften up the texture, creating a silky and flavorful result. 


Famous for its use with chicken nuggets, fried onion rings, and chicken wings, the honey-mustard sauce will enrich this big bird too. The sweetness of the honey, combined with the zest of the mustard, brings out the creative and edgy side of the holidays. 

What to Serve with Popeyes Turkey

Cream of Champignon Sauce

Even though you would typically use cream of champignon for cream soup, it works as a sauce as well. All you need to do is stir it with some heavy cream, and you will get an irresistible mushroom-tasting creamy sauce you can pour on your turkey plate or have it on the side. 


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What Salad to Serve with Popeyes Turkey? 

From green to cream salads, everything goes with Popeyes turkey. The salad options are endless, but take a look at those below to make your choice easier. 

Fresh Vegetable Salad

If you are not feeling particularly creative, chop some peppers, tomatoes, and onions, mix them in a bowl, and season with salt and olive oil. This simple salad will inject some summer cheer into your holiday table. The vivid colors and the fresh flavor pair great with the Cajun-flavored Popeyes turkey.

Spinach And Peanuts 

If you are in the mood for something edgier and unusual, try the spinach and peanut salad. Mix fresh spinach and roasted peanuts. Season with salt, balsamic cream, and olive oil. 

The result is a very delicious, stylish, healthy salad that goes with Popeyes turkey like Popeye with Olive Oil- perfect. 

Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, And Arugula

Cherry tomatoes and arugula have very different flavors that go excellent together. Add corn to this equation, and you get heaven; add mayo and cream sauce, and we need another name for heaven.


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What Dessert to Serve with Popeyes Turkey?

After finishing off your plate, it is time to crown your meal with a dessert. The dessert is just as important as the main course, as the wrong dessert can diminish your Popeyes turkey experience. Here are some ideas to pick the right jewel to round up your holiday festivities. 

Lava Cake

Creamy, liquid chocolate is not a bad ending to your Popeye turkey meal; quite the opposite, it is one of the best ways to honor your holiday dinner and bring it to an end. The rich and velvety chocolate flavor, mixed with the spongy cake on top of your Popeye turkey and sides, will give your evening a victorious finish. 

Chocolate Pudding 

Simple and delicate, yet very powerful, chocolate pudding is one of those desserts that add class even to the most rustic of tables. Your wholesome setting will get a fancy note with elegant pudding cups sending off your holiday meal gently and respectfully.

Fruit Cake 

Meaty and full meals such as Popeyes turkey with sides go perfectly with fruit desserts. Therefore a piece of fruit cake will add to that experience with its gentility and refinement. The fruity notes will refresh your palate, making it feel the cakey taste notes even more intensely.