Here Are All 12 Sauces White Castle Has

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White Castle is a fast-food chain I love for its most famous sliders, but one of the things that often goes sadly unnoticed is its selection of sauces. From tangy to sweet, each sauce has a unique flavor that can elevate your meal to the next level. 

Since not knowing what kinds of White Castle sauce you can add to your slider is a real shame, in the following paragraphs, I will give you a list of different sauces that White Castle has to offer and what they taste like. The next time you eat at White Castle, you will definitely have a more delicious experience. So, what sauces does White Castle have?

Hot Sauce

The Hot Sauce is pretty much self-explanatory, but you won’t know what you are missing if you don’t give it a shot. It has a subtle sweetness and an irresistible kick of heat and spiciness, making it perfect for dipping your sliders or onion rings. 

If you’re looking for a sauce that will add a little zest and edge to your meal, then the Hot Sauce is a great option.

Honey Mustard Sauce 

There is no need to explain the honey mustard sauce, as it is an old classic. However, the Honey Mustard Sauce in White Castle is more on the sweet side, making it perfect for those who like sweetness in their food. 

It is smooth with a sweet, tangy flavor that goes amazingly with sliders or chicken rings. If you’re looking for a classic sauce packed in a new and original way, then the Honey Mustard Sauce is the way to go.


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Ranch Sauce

The Ranch Sauce is a creamy and savory sauce with a delightfully refreshing note. It has a very understated and subtle yet noticeable and irresistible hint of garlic and onion, adding depth and substance to its flavor. 

This sauce is the perfect choice for dipping your fries or chicken rings in, but it also goes well with the sliders, of course. 

Sweet Thai Sauce

I completely adore White Castle Sweet Thai Sauce – it’s both sweet and tangy with just a hint of spice, enough to add a playful side to your meal, but not as strong so as to overwhelm it. Its smooth texture makes it absolutely delightful for you to dip your sliders, chicken rings, or anything you might want to dip. The flavors of the Far East inspire this sauce, and it is an excellent option if you want to experiment and try new things and explore new realms of flavor.

Cheese Sauce

Once you hear cheese sauce, everything is clear, as there is nothing cheese sauce that doesn’t go with it. The White Castle Cheese Sauce is a classic sauce perfect for those who love the cheesy side of life. 

It has a smooth and creamy texture with a rich, cheesy flavor that pairs well with sliders or fries. This sauce is perfect if you want to add a little extra flavor and creaminess to your meal.

Smoky BBQ Sauce

The Smoky BBQ Sauce is a tangy and smoky sauce that has a slightly sweet flavor. It pairs great with sliders, onion rings, and chicken rings, or anything that could use some meaty smokiness. 

Zesty Zing Sauce

The Zesty Zing Sauce is a unique one with a whole lot of flavor. It is fresh, with a kick and a slight spiciness. It has a little of everything and a lot of everything at the same time, which is what makes it so original and definitely worth at least a try.

This sauce is perfect for dipping your sliders in, but it also goes well with onion rings and fries. It’s one of my top five White Castle sauces, really.


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Marinara Sauce 

The Marinara Sauce is a fresh and delicious sauce with a slightly sweet note and a delightfully understated tang. It has a smooth texture and a rich and refreshing flavor making it ideal if you want to make your meal a little brighter. If you want a little fiesta in your mouth, this is definitely the way to go!

Tartar Sauce

The Tartar Sauce is a classic sauce that’s perfect for you if you like seafood. Nevertheless, it goes great with fries, onion rings, and chicken rings. You can dip your slider inside and enjoy the refreshing creaminess and rich flavors dancing on your palate. 

Mustard Sauce

The Mustard Sauce is a classic sauce that is perfect for you if you are a fan of the signature tangy flavor of mustard. It has a smooth texture and a bold flavor that pairs excellently with sliders or chicken rings. 

Ketchup Sauce

The White Castle ketchup sauce definitely has a certain inexplicable charm, making it much more than just ketchup. It is slightly sweet, slightly tangy, slightly savory, and a whole lot creamy. You can dip your slider, fries, or rings in it and enjoy your gentle and flavorful White Castle experience. 

The Dusseldorf Mustard

The White Castle Dusseldorf Mustard sauce is slightly sweet, slightly sour, and very discretely tangy, with subtle hints of caramel. If you want to make your White Castle experience even richer, this is your sauce. 

It is impossible to pinpoint precisely what this sauce adds to your food, as it enriches it as a whole. My favorite thing about it is that it’s a very versatile sauce you can combine with any of the White Castle savories.