What Sauce Goes with Turkey Sandwich? 11 Perfect Combos

What Sauce Goes with Turkey Sandwich

Beloved by many and a frequent visitor in almost any household, the turkey sandwich has become the go-to delicacy you need when you want something tasty and quick. A turkey sandwich offers many garnishing options that enrich its taste even more. So, what sauce goes with the turkey sandwich?

Turkey sandwich goes with mayo, mustard, cranberry sauce, salsa sauce, crème Fraiche and parmesan, tartar sauce, or mayo and sour cream sauce. But, there are also some more nutritious options.

Adding sauce to your turkey sandwich is an excellent idea. Although the turkey sandwich is easily combinable with many flavors, it doesn’t go with absolutely everything. Letting your turkey sandwich go to waste because you used the wrong sauce is just sad, so to keep this from happening, in this article, I will be discussing turkey sandwich sauces, as well as list some healthy sauce ideas. 

What Sauces Go Good on Turkey Sandwich?

Turkey sandwich goes with a wide range of sauces and sauce combinations. The crucial thing to remember is to go with thick sauces so as not to make the bread soggy if you place them inside the sandwich, and sauces that are creamy enough, if you have them on the side. 


Add some pepper and blended dried tomato, and just like mayo, mustard turns into a sauce instead of a plain condiment. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having plain mustard if that’s what you prefer, but spicing it up is always a great idea. 

In addition, you can mix mustard and honey and create a dip in just a few seconds, or mix the mustard with ketchup and smear the mixture inside your turkey sandwich. 

What Sauce Goes with Turkey Sandwich


The best thing about mayo is that if you have it out of the jar, it’s just plain mayo, but if you have a few spices, such as herbs, curry, and powdered garlic, it’s a sauce. 

Whether you smear it inside your turkey sandwich or you have it in a separate saucer on the side, you will undoubtedly enjoy spiced mayo as a turkey sandwich sauce. I recommend mayo with herbal spices and a few drops of lemon juice if you have it on the side, or mayo with curry and powdered garlic if you smear it inside.  

Salsa Sauce 

Sometimes there’s nothing like a refreshing, flavorful, and spicy salsa sauce to give more character to your turkey sandwich. Don’t be shy and have as much as you want, as the taste of the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and delicious spices will bring out the best in your turkey sandwich. 

I’d recommend having the salsa sauce in a separate saucer because it is very juicy, and you will risk moistening your bread if you add it. However, if you want to smear some salsa sauce inside the sandwich, thicken it by adding parmesan or grated cheese. 

Crème Fraiche and Parmesan 

Crème Fraiche and parmesan is a very effective way to induce freshness, tanginess, and even more flavor to your turkey sandwich. The combination of cheesy and milky intertwined with tang and mild sourness that the crème Fraiche offers and the parmesan’s richness is an incredibly delicious way to level up your turkey sandwich. 

The parmesan will also thicken the crème Fraiche and absorb its moisture, making this sauce suitable to smear over your turkey meat and have on the side. The crème Fraiche combination is also open to many flavorings, so feel free to spice it up as you like. 

Tartar Sauce 

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the good old tartar sauce. Popular as extraordinarily fresh and zesty, the creaminess of the mayo and the finely grated pickles add an incredibly rich flavor to whatever you have it with. Smear it inside your turkey sandwich, or have it on the side, or even better, have it both ways! 

The mild herbal whiff of the tartar sauce is another bonus of this sauce, making your turkey sandwich a genuinely incredible experience.  

Cranberry Sauce 

There’s something about cranberry sauce and turkey that makes them an irresistible combination. Cranberry sauce on your turkey meat in your sandwich is like a mini-version of your Thanksgiving table. You will instantly get that wholesome, warm holiday feeling in your mouth and want more of the same. 

I’d recommend adding the cranberry sauce inside your sandwich and letting the flavors mix, creating a new holiday flavor explosion.

What Sauce Goes with Turkey Sandwich

Mayo and Sour Cream Sauce 

Simplicity itself, the mayo and sour cream sauce will tease your taste buds in ways you could never have imagined. The creamy mayo combined with the tangy sour cream will result in a smooth and silky mixture that you won’t be able to resist. 

Spice it up the way you like it and enjoy it how you see fit; it handles well being speared and had in a separate saucer. 

Healthy Sauces for Turkey Sandwich

Healthy isn’t always synonymous with bland, though sometimes these two can overlap. However, when picking healthy sauces for your turkey sandwich, you don’t have to be stuck with the dull and mundane, as there are some delicious and healthy options. 


The marinara sauce is bursting with tomato charm and herbal magic, and it’s a sauce that would be a super healthy addition to your turkey sandwich. However, I’d advise you have the marinara sauce on the side in a separate saucer, as it is pretty runny. 

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Guacamole is a super healthy sauce option, and it comes in as many variants as you want. You just need to have avocado as a compulsory element and some onions and peppers to spice it up. Since the avocado is the base ingredient for the unseasoned guacamole sauce, it has a neutral taste, making it perfect for seasoning any way you like it. 

You can smear the guacamole inside your sandwich and enjoy the refreshing guacamole taste that will pleasantly surprise your taste buds.


Although it isn’t a sauce in the classical sense of the word, we still cannot pass hummus by when talking about healthy smearable additions. The beauty of hummus is that it fits with almost any flavor combination, from meat to vegetables, to cheeses, making it a great companion to the turkey sandwich. 

Cottage Cheese With Olive Oil and Nuts

This sauce combines protein, lacto bacteria, and healthy fats, but nutrition isn’t the only thing it offers, as it also tastes fantastic. Whip the cottage cheese manually and add some olive oil to make it even creamier. Throw in some nuts and salt to taste and smear it inside your turkey sandwich. 

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