What Sandwich Goes With Pumpkin Soup? 9 Ideas

What Sandwich Goes With Pumpkin Soup
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Since the pumpkin itself isn’t that flavorful, the pumpkin soup gets its flavors from the seasonings you choose, and therefore it is open to combinations and pairing options of many sorts. Many combine pumpkin soup with bread sticks or croutons, but there’s no reason to go plain and simple when you can go delicious and straightforward. So what sandwich goes with pumpkin soup?

Grilled cheese sandwich, boiled egg sandwich, fried egg sandwich, mushroom sandwich, pickled carrots sandwich, bean sandwich, turkey sandwich, chicken sandwich, and ham sandwich are the best sandwiches to combine your pumpkin soup with.

Due to its earthiness, many consider pumpkin soup a restrictive dish, but it is just the opposite. Pumpkin soup is very versatile in terms of its combining possibilities; therefore, it is perfect to combine with sandwiches that will enrich your experience. In the following article, I will discuss which sandwiches go best with pumpkin soup and give you some guidelines on how to make them. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Pumpkin soup mashes great with cheesy sides, so it is no wonder that a grilled cheese sandwich and pumpkin soup are great companions, flattering each other and bringing out their best sides to the light.

The crunchy grilled cheese sandwich with creamy, cheesy filling complements the creamy pumpkin soup consistency, creating yet another contrast in the textures of these two elements. 

To make the grilled cheese sandwich, you must fill the sandwich buns with cheese and cover one outer side in cheese. Pop the bun with the cheese-covered side on the grill, let it melt, stick to the bun making it crispy, and then repeat the same with the other side of the sandwich. 

Boiled Egg Sandwich 

The boiled egg sandwich is an excellent idea to pair your pumpkin soup with, as the pumpkin flavor goes great with the taste of the boiled eggs. You can boil your eggs until they are hard-boiled or leave the yolk a bit on the soft side. Regardless of how you boil your eggs, you are guaranteed to enjoy this combination. 

Place the boiled egg slices on a buttered slice of sandwich bread and top them with cheese and lettuce. Each bite of your boiled egg sandwich, followed by a spoonful of your pumpkin soup, will create an incredible taste in your mouth, followed by an aftertaste that will keep on lingering. 

What Sandwich Goes With Pumpkin Soup

Fried Egg Sandwich 

Edgier and stronger than the boiled egg sandwich, the fried egg sandwich will complement your pumpkin soup and even impact how you experience it. You will feel a more pungent taste and an even creamier texture. 

Place the fried egg with the yolk facing down on a cream cheese-smeared bun and top it with thin tomato slices, cucumber, and, optionally, cheese. This sandwich is best when using soft and spongy bread as there’s a lot to soak. 

The fried egg sandwich will be an excellent companion to your pumpkin soup, altering the taste of the soup and creating an entirely new flavor.

Turkey Sandwich 

We cannot talk about pumpkin in any form without mentioning the good old turkey sandwich since these two are a compulsory part of every Thanksgiving table. Adding lettuce, cucumber slices, or bell pepper chunks can give the sandwich some extra crunchiness. Place the turkey slices between your sandwich buns, and top them with some cranberry sauce or another sauce you like. 


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Give the sandwich some refinement by adding cheese, and enjoy Thanksgiving in your mouth even in the middle of the summer. 

Mushroom Sandwich 

The earthiness of the mushrooms combined with the sweet and savory earthy pumpkin soup will give you a genuinely natural and wonderful flavor. There’s something about the earthy aroma and taste we all find soothing, so prepare to enjoy this combination with all your senses. 

Fry or grill the mushrooms on freshly toasted and buttered bread, and top them with a thick layer of grated cheese. The cheese will melt to some degree, leaving you plenty of texture to enjoy. 

Pickled Carrots Sandwich 

This is a sandwich that has been sadly overlooked, but it is a shame not to mention it here, as it is a true delicacy. You will need thin sandwich bread slices and pickled carrot strips for this sandwich. Butter the bread nicely and place as many pickled carrot strips as you can fit between the buns. 

To spruce things up, throw some pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the sandwich and chopped olives or olive pesto. The carrot and pumpkin flavors are very compatible, so it would be a shame not to combine them. You can add seeds to the soup, too, and enjoy the versatile textures of your meal. 

Bean Sandwich 

The canned red beans are the perfect option for this sandwich. Butter the sandwich buns and cover them with the red beans. Place some fresh spinach leaves on top and sprinkle some parmesan over the spinach. 

Feel free to add dressing to your sandwiches, such as a vinaigrette or balsamic cream. The pumpkin and bean sandwich combination may sound a little unusual in theory, but it works well in practice.  

What Sandwich Goes With Pumpkin Soup

Chicken Sandwich 

The chicken sandwich has countless pairing options, so it is no wonder it made its way on this list. Simple and delicious, the chicken sandwich will add texture and meatiness to your pumpkin soup without dominating the taste. It will allow all the flavors to come to the spotlight and will balance everything nicely. 

Making a chicken sandwich is very easy, as you just need to grill a few chicken breast slices, place them between the sandwich buns, and add cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices. Don’t add mayo, but opt for cream cheese or sour cream. 

Ham Sandwich

Another meaty idea is to enrich your meal. The ham sandwich is an excellent pair to the pumpkin soup, adding meatiness, edge, and character to your meal. The ham sandwich is an extraordinarily simple sandwich to make, and you only need to place the ham slices between the buns, smear some cream cheese, and top it with your favorite veggie. 

The ham sandwich has a heavier taste which will combine nicely with the lighter-tasting pumpkin soup, giving you yet another wonderfully mashed versatile taste. 

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