What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup? 11 Tasty Ideas!

What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup
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As simple and as easy as it can get, potato soup is potato and carrot chunks in creamy chicken broth. As delicious as potato soup is, you might not believe how easy it is to make and even easier to pair, especially with just as simple sides, such as the good old sandwich. So which sandwiches go with potato soup?

Turkey sandwich, roast beef sandwich, ham sandwich, egg sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, bacon sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, salmon sandwich, vegetable sandwich, olive sandwich, and cheese and vegetable sandwich are some of the best sandwiches to pair with potato soup.

It is genuinely impressive how combining two of the simplest foods can give such a flavorful and colorful result. Potato soup pairs excellent with many sandwiches, but you must be mindful of the sandwich buns, sauces, and sandwich components, as the smallest misfit could spoil our experience. In the following paragraphs, I will give you some ideas about which sandwiches go best with potato soup and give you some tips on how to make them. 

Turkey Sandwich

A signature dish for Thanksgiving leftovers and a beloved visitor to many kitchens, the turkey sandwich fits the potato soup like a glove. The turkey sandwich is so incredibly versatile and adaptable that you can put the turkey slices inside the bread and garnish them with whatever you have handy. The best turkey sandwich garnish that goes best with the potato soup is a combination of lettuce, mayo, and thin cucumber slices. 


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Roast Beef Sandwich

For the roast beef sandwich, you will need spongy and absorbent bread to hold the beef slices firmly inside as you bite, as they are a bit harder to split. Garnish the sandwich with tomato slices and grated cabbage, and enjoy the combination of flavors that perfectly matches the flow set by the potato soup.

What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup

Ham Sandwich 

The succulent and smoky ham will flatter and enhance your potato soup experience. You will need soft and elastic bread to hold your sandwich ingredients, and it is always a good idea to smear some butter on it before filling it. 

You can put cucumber slices and green peppers inside your sandwich and give it some more zing with a few onion rings. This ham sandwich will bring out the best in your potato soup.

Egg Sandwich 

It would be a shame not to mention this simple yet delicious egg sandwich on this list as it goes perfectly with potato soup. The creaminess of the potato soup will fit perfectly with the fluffy beat eggs in your sandwich. 

To make this sandwich beat some eggs and cook them. Ensure your bread is highly absorbent, as the eggs will add a lot of moisture. Add cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices to the story and enjoy. 

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

The grilled chicken sandwich is the sandwich you can have with everything, and it absorbs the flavors from what you combine it with. Garnish your grilled chicken sandwich with some mayo or sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. 

The grilled chicken sandwich will supplement your potato soup, balancing all flavors and letting every ingredient shine its spotlight. 

Bacon Sandwich 

Greasy, rich, and crispy, your bacon sandwich will bring out the best from both worlds. It will supplement your potato soup, giving it a smoky whiff and imprinting it with the classic bacon flavor we all know and love. 

You can go simple with this sandwich, smear nothing more than butter on the bread and add some cucumber and tomato slices to freshen things up. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Simply irresistible, very few things under the sun don’t go well with the good old grilled cheese sandwich. Caloric, fatty, and protein-rich, this sandwich will add some edge to your potato soup, bringing to light all that it can offer. 

Making this sandwich is a piece of cake. Place cheese between your sandwich buns and cover the bun on the side with cheese. Place the sandwich with the cheese-covered bun on the pan and let the cheese melt, and repeat with the other side of the sandwich. 

Salmon Sandwich 

This elegant and refined sandwich is an excellent addition to your potato soup, as the understated fishy whiff and full meat of the salmon will pair perfectly with the potato and carrot chunks, enriched by the creamy consistency of the chicken broth.

Place the smoked salmon between the sandwich buns, preferably airy and soft to complement the salmon elegance, and garnish with thin cucumber slices, lettuce, olives, and parsley. You can smear some butter on the buns to add to the already present richness of the sandwich. 

Vegetable Sandwich 

A vegetable sandwich is one of the world’s most adaptable and versatile food items. You can make it with whatever vegetables you like, though I’d recommend making it with grilled eggplant, zucchini, and mushrooms. You can grate some cheese over these ingredients or have it fully vegan if you like. 

The vegetable theme of the sandwich will swiftly continue with the potato soup, making this combination one of the best soup and sandwich combos. 

What Sandwich Goes With Potato Soup

Olive Sandwich 

Melted cheese and chopped green and black olives, garnished with grated carrots, on a mayo-covered sandwich bun is a great idea to have any day but combined with the silky and creamy potato soup, it needs a new name, as “great” won’t do. 

The edgy, salty, and very specific olive taste and aroma, balanced out with the carrots and mayo, supplemented with the tender potato and carrot chunks from the potato soup, is the “bull’s eye” in the soup & sandwich category. 

Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich 

Simple, easy to make, and delicious, this sandwich will give you creaminess and freshness and will simply entice you with its humbleness. 

Nothing more than tomatoes, cucumber, and green peppers, covered with melted cheese and placed between two fresh and soft sandwich buns, the cheese and vegetable sandwich will convince you that it is the best companion a potato soup can have. 

The gentility of the potato soup, combined with the freshness and creaminess of the cheese and vegetable sandwich, flatter each other, giving you a perfectly balanced taste. 

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