What Sandwich Goes with French Onion Soup? 15 Ideas Included

What Sandwich Goes with French Onion Soup
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Pungent, strong-tasting, edgy, and very characteristic, French onion soup is a meal for the brave. French onion soup has a very recognizable taste, making one think it is hard to pair with anything other than toasted bread. Believe it or not, French onion soup goes great with a variety of sandwiches. Even though this soup is indeed more restrictive than chicken noodle soup or pumpkin soup, it offers more options than you might think. So what sandwich goes with French onion soup? 

Mushroom sandwich, bagel cheese sandwich, melt sandwich, cherry tomato sandwich, olive sandwich, vegetable sandwich, open cold sandwich, submarine sandwich, egg and cheese sandwich, meatball sandwich, Luther burger, pulled pork sandwich, chili sandwich, cheesesteak sandwich, and Reuben sandwich are some of the best pairs for French onion soup.

Even though French onion soup isn’t your typical creamy soup, it is thick and needs something to soak up the juices. Pairing French onion soup with a sandwich is an excellent idea, as combining two simple dishes will result in a rich, almost decadent experience for you. So, in the following paragraphs, I will list the best sandwiches with which you can pair your French onion soup and give you some quick guidelines on how to make them. 

Mushroom Sandwich 

Onions and mushrooms are an excellent combination; if you add bread and cheese to this story, it would undoubtedly have a happy ending. To make the mushroom sandwich, you need to stir-fry mushrooms and throw in some onion rings to continue with the established theme. 

Smear a thick layer of sour cream on your sandwich buns and add grated cheese. Place the mushrooms and onions on top, and you will enjoy a five-minute delicacy that will leave you with an incredible aftertaste to remember it by. 

Melt Sandwich 

To make a melt sandwich, you need to top the sandwich filling with melted cheese so it penetrates the ingredients turning them into a single, flavorful, and cheesy lump. I would recommend you fill the sandwich with shredded beef and pickles and top them with melted creamy cheese. 

The melt sandwich and the French onion soup bring out the best in each other, intensifying the deliciousness and balancing the intensity of the cheese and onions. 

What Sandwich Goes with French Onion Soup

Bagel Cheese Sandwich

The bagel cheese sandwich’s magic consists of the bagel, as it wouldn’t be the same without it. The glazed toasted bagel filled with creamy melted cheese and the intense French onion soup will be an experience you won’t want to finish. 

The bagel cheese sandwich is so simple to make that it will make you feel undeserving of the pleasure it gives you. Just cut a bagel in half, toast it on a sandwich maker and place melted cheese between the two bagel halves. That’s it; enjoy your sandwich and soup!

Chili Sandwich  

Naturally containing onions, spicy, meaty, and flavorful, the chili sandwich may be what you need if you are a fan of strong flavors and intense aromas. After making the chili, let it cool down and place it between the sandwich buns. Add a few lettuce leaves for extra crunch, and you are done. 


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The chili sandwich and French onion soup are a combination for the brave, so if you are used to milder and balanced flavors, don’t go for it. However, if you like fiery tastes and feeling every ingredient, this combination is definitely for you. 

Olive Sandwich  

Being the pearl of Mediterranean cuisine, the olives are a very welcomed addition to any dish, and then made the star of the meal, they take their responsibility very seriously, bringing their whole shine. The olive sandwich is incredibly simple to make; you just need olives and cheese. 

Slice the olives and place them between the sandwich buns, top them with grated cheese and enjoy this delicious combination. Paired with French onion soup, the olive sandwich will intensify the onion flavor while toning down the overall intensity of the soup. 

Vegetable Sandwich  

The mixed vegetable sandwich is everyone’s cup of tea, as it is incredibly versatile and has as many variations as there are vegetables. To make this sandwich, smear a thick layer of sour cream and mayo on the sandwich bun and add fresh pepper slices, tomato slices, a few leaves of lettuce, and some lemon zest. 

There’s no need to explain why French onion soup goes so well with the vegetable sandwich, as onions are a compulsory element of many salads. The flavors will mix so nicely that you will want to repeat this experience soon.

Open Cold Sandwich  

This list wouldn’t have been complete without the open cold sandwich. Made of cold ingredients and untoasted soft and spongy bread, this sandwich pairs with soups like nothing else. Top the bread with cheese, lettuce, and slices of ham, and enjoy the refinement and elegance this simple sandwich offers. 

Follow each bite of the sandwich with a spoonful of soup and let the magic happen in your mouth. The ham will add some much-needed meatiness to your meal, while the onions will add some edge to the story.

Luther Burger  

The Luther burger is typically made in a bagel, and it contains a burger patty topped with a slice of cheese and finely chopped onions, and fried bacon bits. The tastes of the Luther burger are insanely compatible with the French onion soup, as it also contains many onions. 

The caramelized onions from the soup and the fresh onion pieces from the Luther burger, combined with the bacon bits and the juicy burger patty, will create a new well-balanced flavor unit unencumbered by the onion flavor.

What Sandwich Goes with French Onion Soup

Submarine Sandwich  

Made in a typical long loaf of bread covered with leftover flour, this sandwich is typical people’s food. Smear some butter on the bread and fill it with cheese, lettuce, pepperoni, and cucumber slices. 

Rich and full this sandwich falls right under the category of excellent French onion soup pairs, so it will be a very good decision to bring it to your table.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

The egg and cheese sandwich is a must on this list, as it goes with French onion soup on so many levels. Beat the eggs and add the cheese to the egg mixture before frying them. You can also add some sunflower, pumpkin, flax, and chia seeds to the mixture, season with salt, and fry it. 

Layer the sandwich bread with cream cheese and a few lettuce leaves and top them with the eggs and cheese. The cheese will round up everything, and when combined with French onion soup, this sandwich gives the soup another dimension. It mildens the strong onion setting and inserts gentility with the creamy egg and cheese mix.   

Cherry Tomato Sandwich 

The cherry tomato sandwich is simple itself, but it tastes so delicious that you will think that you may think that it is complicated to make. To make the cherry tomato sandwich, toast the sandwich bread and smear a thick layer of butter on the buns. Add the cherry tomato slices and garnish them with basil leaves. 

For extra flavor, add some olives, too, and enjoy the magic going on between the ingredients. The cherry tomato sandwich brings freshness and cheerfulness to the French onion soup, mildening the intensity of the onions by compensating for it with the basil flavor and aroma.

Meatball Sandwich  

The meatball sandwich is a universal sandwich that goes with a wide variety of sides, so it is no wonder we mention it here too. Some meatball recipes include fresh onion in the meatball mixture, so, logically, French onion soup goes with this sandwich. The onion and meatball combination, enhanced with the bread’s sponginess, the cheese’s creaminess, and the zing of the tomato sauces, is guaranteed to tickle your palate in ways you couldn’t have imagined. 

To make the meatball sandwich, you need to fry up a few meatballs, place them along the sandwich bread, top them with thin slices of cheese and smear some tomato sauce on top. Simply delicious. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich  

The pulled pork sandwich is an absolute delicacy as it contains shredded pork, pickles, fresh onion rings, and sour cream sauce. To make it, you just need to layer the ingredients in the order you think is best, whereby you need to smear the sour cream sauce on the bread first. 

The pulled pork sandwich and the French onion soup go together incredibly well, as the pork and pickles naturally call for onions. The caramelized onions and the pork, pickle, and fresh onion combination will be one of the best-matched you’ve had. 

Cheesesteak Sandwich  

Rustic, satisfying, and satiating, the cheesesteak sandwich will be a great option to pair your French onion soup with. To make your cheesesteak sandwich, you need a steak and cheese. Optionally, you can add mushrooms and pickles; I highly recommend you do that. 

Chop the steak and place it between the sandwich buns. Fry the mushrooms, chop them and pickles and put them over the steak, then layer them with melted cheese. 

The richness of this sandwich alludes to the richness of the French onion soup creating a flavor unit you won’t be able to forget anytime soon. 

Reuben Sandwich 

This sandwich is incredibly rich and delicious and traditionally made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut makes the magic here with its crunchiness and tang. Making this sandwich is very simple; just layer the ingredients in the order you like, close the buns and enjoy every bite. 

Combined with French onion soup, this sandwich brings out the intensity of the soup by combining it with the tang of the sauerkraut and the delicacy of the cheese. Rusting and elegant at the same time, this combination will become one of your top favorites. 

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