What Sandwich Goes with Chili? 10 Tasty Ideas

What Sandwich Goes with Chili
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Rich, spicy, and creamy, chili is a delicacy and an entire meal in itself. Among the many remarkable things about chili, its combination options may be the best. Since chili is the perfect balance between creamy and liquid, it goes crazy well with bread to soak the juices and pairs even better with an equally rich sandwich. So, what sandwich goes with chili?

Prosciutto sandwich, sausage sandwich, beef sandwich, pork sandwich, pita sandwich, panini, Caprese sandwich, melt sandwich, mortadella sandwich, and fried ham sandwich are excellent options to pair your chili with. 

When pairing chili and a sandwich, the critical thing to remember is to choose the appropriate type of bread. The expressively creamy consistency of the chili would go best with a contrasting bread texture, meaning that you might want to select a type of bread that is more on the crispier side on the surface and spongy on the inside. To help you make the most of your chili experience. 

Prosciutto Sandwich

Combined with a prosciutto sandwich, your chili will become even more memorable and a bit edgier than it already is. The prosciutto sandwich is very versatile, and as long as it has prosciutto inside, you can garnish it any way you like. 

I would recommend smearing a thick cream cheese layer onto toasted sandwich bread buns, putting some lettuce and cucumber slices, and enjoying the chili and prosciutto magic. 

Sausage Sandwich 

Since chili is already spicy and strong, I recommend you use milder-tasting sausages for this sandwich, such as chicken breast sausages, so as not to overburden the flavor. Your chili goes excellent with sausages as it continues the meaty mood. The sausages will spice things up even better if you have chili without meat. 

For the sausage sandwich, melt some cheese and smear it over the sandwich or hot dog bun. Feel free to freshen things up with some pickles. Any form of onion (fried, caramelized, fresh, onion rings) on the top of the sausage will give you an ultimately tasty experience. 

What Sandwich Goes with Chili

Beef Sandwich 

The beef sandwich will go great with chili as it already contains ground beef inside, so it will carry on with the established setting adding a little bit of its own magic. The beef sandwich is typically milder than the chili, so don’t worry about taking things too far. 

You will need thin roasted beef slices and mustard for this sandwich. Smear some mustard on the sandwich buns and put the beef inside, topped with lettuce and maybe cheese. Toast the buns to give them a nice crunchy exterior, and enjoy the contrasting textures and compatible tastes.


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Pork Sandwich 

Much like the roast sandwich, the pork sandwich consists of thinly sliced roasted pork. You can smear this sandwich also with mustard, but you can use tomato sauce instead. Garnish it with some red bell pepper slices to continue to mood and let the crunchiness of the bread work in cahoots with the creamy consistency of the chili. 

Pita Sandwich 

A pita sandwich can be any sandwich as long as it is wrapped with pita bread. Although the pita bread isn’t crunchy, its consistency is perfectly spongy and absorbent enough to soak in the juices and not fall apart. 

You can fill the pita bread with your favorite ingredients, but I would go with cream cheese smeared in the pita and topped with thin slices of ham or prosciutto, topped with olives and some fresh grate slices for extra crunchiness. 

What Sandwich Goes with Chili


A panini sandwich is a grilled Italian bread sandwich filled with your chosen ingredients. I would recommend grilled focaccia slices, smeared with olive pesto, and filled with cheese and mushrooms. This rustic yet elegant sandwich will uniquely complement your chili, fusing Italian and Mexican cuisines.

The creamy, meaty, and spicy chili combined with the edgy and rich cheese, mushroom, and olive filling will surprise and entice your palate.

Caprese Sandwich 

Caprese is a salad made of sliced tomatoes and slices of mozzarella garnished with basil and topped with olive oil. The Caprese sandwich is nothing more than a Caprese salad placed between two sandwich bread slices; if you toast the bread slices, all the better, as the soft mozzarella and tomato slices can benefit from the crunchiness of the sandwich bread. 

The tomato and mozzarella combination goes amazingly well with the exciting chili, balancing the flavors while adding a new and more refined dimension to this story. Another great fusion between Italian and Mexican cooking.

Melt Sandwich 

The melt sandwich is nothing more than a filling between two slices of bread topped with silky rich and creamy melted cheese. You can use shredded pork or chicken for this sandwich and some pickles and top them off with your favorite melted cheese. 

This sandwich pairs with chili incredibly well as the cheese penetrate the filling turning into a single big cheesy lump you will undoubtedly enjoy very much. The creamy chili with the noticeable meat and beans chunks will mash with the cheesy shreds of meat, delightfully surprising you with a pickle when you least expect it.

What Sandwich Goes with Chili

Mortadella Sandwich 

You cannot go wrong with a classing like the mortadella sandwich. The fatty and flavorful mozzarella slices between two toasted and buttered sandwich slices garnished with pistachios and cucumber slices will awaken your taste buds. 

A unique type of magic happens between the chili and the mortadella sandwich, making this combination irreplaceable and incomparable. 

Fried Ham Sandwich 

The fried ham sandwich is as delicious as it is simple. Fry up some thin ham slices and let them sizzle to crisp. Place them between two soft, spongy, and absorbent slices of bread and let the bread soak up the ham grease. You don’t have to smear anything on the bread, but if you want to, you can go with sour cream. 

In addition to the fried ham, place some fresh or dried tomatoes in the sandwich as well as cheese and/or mushrooms. 

The crunchy fried ham will go amazingly well with the creamy chili giving you the perfect balance between the flavors and textures of both dishes. 

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