What Sandwich Goes with Cream of Mushroom Soup? 8 Ideas

What Sandwich Goes with Cream of Mushroom Soup
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Although its flavor is very specific, and you cannot mistake this delicacy for anything else, cream of mushroom soup is not restrictive at all, and you can combine it with similar and opposing flavors. The creamy consistency goes exceptionally well with baked goods and sandwiches because the bread soaks up the juices and balances all the other included flavors. So what sandwich goes with cream of mushroom soup?

Mushroom sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, ham and cucumber salad sandwich, pepperoni sandwich, prosciutto sandwich, bacon sandwich, and grilled vegetable and sour cream sandwich go great with cream of mushroom soup. 

Cream of mushroom soup can serve many purposes as you can have it as a meal on its own, but also as a base for sauces and whole dishes. Combining the cream of mushroom soup with the proper side means having a rich and satisfying meal. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss which sandwiches go best with cream of mushroom soup and how to make them. 

Mushroom Sandwich 

Having a mushroom sandwich on this list is an absolute necessity, as a mushroom sandwich and cream of mushroom soup go hand in hand in terms of flavor, aroma, and compatibility. Fry up some mushrooms; I’d recommend champignons and place them between the sandwich bread slices with some cheese and lettuce. You can season them any way you like, though I would add herbal spices. 

I would advise you to grill the bread slices before making the sandwich, as the crunch from the bread will add some more edge and character to the entire meal. 

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Since there is a type of tuna salad containing mushrooms, it is logical to assume that a tuna salad sandwich goes excellent as an addition to the cream of mushroom soup. The edgy and intense tuna, enriched with olives and onion chunks covered in salad dressing combined with the earthy and gentle mushroom flavor, might be one of the best pairs you have ever tried. 

Make the tuna salad using canned tuna, chopped olives or olive pesto, diced pickles, and chopped onions, and cover everything in sour cream dressing seasoned with herbal spices. Smear a thick salad layer on freshly toasted sandwich bread slices, and enjoy!

What Sandwich Goes with Cream of Mushroom Soup

Chicken Salad Sandwich 

The chicken salad also contains mushrooms, so I cannot go without mentioning it on this list, as it perfectly pairs with the cream of mushroom soup. The creamy chicken salad will complement the cream of mushroom soup in both consistency and flavor. If you want to introduce some edge, place the salad between two toasted pieces of sandwich bread, but the sandwich will also work perfectly well between soft sandwich buns. 


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For this sandwich, you will need shredded grilled chicken breast, pickles, mushrooms, and mayo dressing. Feel free to add anything else you think might work, such as bacon bits and grated cheese. 

Ham and Cucumber Salad Sandwich 

Another refreshing salad between two sandwich buns would be an excellent addition to your cream of mushroom soup. The diced ham combined with diced fresh cucumber intertwined with nuts covered in mayo and sour cream dressing placed between two toasted sandwich buns is a delicious, rich, and refreshing meal. 

Combine these flavors with the earthiness of the cream of mushroom soup, and you get a flavor explosion of similar and opposing flavors mashing into a single tasty unit.

What Sandwich Goes with Cream of Mushroom Soup

Pepperoni Sandwich 

Put the pepperoni slices between two buttered soft sandwich buns, and add cheese, lettuce, and cherry tomato slices. With each bite of the sandwich, you will feel the fiery pepperoni mildening by the cheese and tomatoes. The spiciness of the pepperoni combined with the mildness and creaminess of the cream of mushroom soup will create a celebration in your mouth that you will undoubtedly want to repeat. 

Follow that delicious sandwich bite with a spoonful of the cream of mushroom soup and enjoy the exceptionally tasty aftertaste this combination leaves you with. Word of advice, though, don’t add any strong flavorings to the sandwich nor to the cream of mushroom soup, as the pepperoni doesn’t do well when enhanced. 

Prosciutto Sandwich 

A perfect combination of rustic and elegant, the prosciutto sandwich will mash perfectly with the cream of mushroom soup, and the two will bring out the best in each other. Place thin prosciutto slices between two buttered and soft pieces of bread, add cheese and lettuce and enjoy the simplicity of the sandwich mixed with the earthiness of the cream of mushroom soup. 

Don’t add too many ingredients to the prosciutto sandwich, as it will lose its charm when mixed with too many flavors. Keep the sandwich simple as the prosciutto will enrich it enough and if you want to add some more flavor, do so with the cream of mushroom soup.

Bacon Sandwich 

There’s nothing like greasy, fried, and crunchy bacon between two soft pieces of bread. The spongy bread texture will soak in the bacon’s excess grease, eliminating the need to smear anything on it. Add some green pepper slices, cheese, and maybe a bit of mayo to your bacon sandwich and let it do its magic. 

The smokiness of the bacon will do wonders when combined with the earthiness of the cream of mushroom soup, as those two flavors tend to amplify each other without overburdening the dish. 

Grilled Vegetable and Sour Cream Sandwich 

If you want to go all vegetables, then this sandwich is for you—grill some eggplant slices, zucchini, green bell peppers, and onion rings. Smear a thick layer of sour cream onto the soft and spongy bread and garnish with some parsley. 

This combination of vegetables, enhanced by the sour cream and parsley, mixed with the delicious and rich cream of mushroom soup will definitely be a very wise choice if you want to freshen up. 

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