What Sandwich Goes with Broccoli Cheese Soup? 7 Perfect Combos

What Sandwich Goes with Broccoli Cheese Soup
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Broccoli cheese soup is one of the gentlest yet flavorful soups. The recognizable broccoli flavor, mixed with the creamy cheese and combined with other ingredients of your choice, results in a creamy, delicious soup you won’t be able to resist. Seemingly restrictive, broccoli cheese soup offers many pairing possibilities, sandwiches included. So what sandwich goes with broccoli cheese soup? 

Chicken sandwich, turkey sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, salmon sandwich, beans and spinach sandwich, avocado and prosciutto sandwich, and mixed vegetable sandwich are some of the best pairs for your broccoli cheese soup.

Not only healthy but delicious too, broccoli cheese soup pairs perfectly with anything containing bread, so sandwiches are an excellent pairing option. The cheese, broccoli soup, and sandwich combination are two meals merged into a single tasty experience. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will explain which sandwiches go with broccoli cheese soup so you can make the most of your soup and your sandwich. 

Chicken Sandwich  

Containing grilled chicken breast, tomato slices, and lettuce over a mayo-smeared sandwich bun, this sandwich works even better when the buns have been toasted to counter the creamy consistency of the broccoli cheese soup. 

To make the chicken sandwich, place the grilled chicken breast slices and top them with the tomato slices and the lettuce leaves. You can also add some grated cheese to the equation and make the experience even cheesier. 

Broccoli and chicken have been friends forever, so it is no wonder this list begins with the chicken sandwich.

Mixed Vegetable Sandwich

If you are more on the vegetable side and would like a refreshing yet satisfying sandwich with your broccoli and cheese soup, then the mixed vegetable sandwich should be your choice. Grilled or fresh, the vegetables in the mixed vegetable sandwich will nicely accompany the broccoli cheese soup. 

The procedure for this sandwich cannot be more straightforward. Just layer the vegetables on the sandwich bread and smear a layer of mayo and sour cream. I recommend using fresh pepper slices, tomato slices, and onion rings, or if you go for the grilled version, zucchini, eggplant, and grated carrots.

What Sandwich Goes with Broccoli Cheese Soup

Turkey Sandwich   

Typically made around Christmas and Thanksgiving but highly encouraged throughout the year, the turkey sandwich is definitely an excellent idea to pair your broccoli cheese soup with. Place your turkey slices on a mayo-smeared sandwich bun, layer them with cucumber slices, cheese, and tomato slices, in no particular order, and enjoy. 

The broccoli and cheese soup may even double as a turkey sandwich sauce, as it is delightfully creamy. The broccoli will allude to the turkey slices, making them juicier, and the cheesy part of the soup will seduce the turkey sandwich as a whole.


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Grilled Cheese Sandwich   

Not mentioning the grilled cheese here sandwich would be a crime, as it is an excellent pair to the broccoli cheese soup. Making this sandwich requires a little more effort than the other sandwiches mentioned here, but even with that, it is one of the simplest dishes ever. 

Fill the sandwich with cheese and cover one of the buns in cheese too. Grill the cheese-covered side until the cheese melts and sticks to the bun, and then do the same procedure with the other bun. The result will be a cheese-covered cheese sandwich; it doesn’t get much better than this. 

The crunchiness of the grilled cheese sandwich will oppose the creaminess of the broccoli cheese soup delightfully, amplifying the best in both textures. 

Salmon Sandwich   

Fish and broccoli have an ongoing relationship, so having the salmon sandwich on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. Salmon is naturally an incredibly delicious fish without the typical fishy aroma. You’ll need smoked salmon stripes for this sandwich, which I find even more delicious than regular salmon. 

Place the smoked salmon slices on the sandwich bread bun and top them with pickles, olives, and possibly some cheese, though it isn’t necessary. 

Paired with a smoked salmon sandwich, the broccoli cheese soup tends to be more intense-tasting, with the broccoli being at its peak.

Beans and Spinach Sandwich

There are beans and spinach salad, but the beans and spinach sandwich may sound a little unusual. However, it still works great. To make the beans and spinach sandwich, you need to make the salad first and then transfer it between two sandwich buns. Mix the beans and spinach in a large mixing bowl and add some olive slices and peanuts. 

Season the salad with salt and balsamic vinegar and mix everything well. Transfer the salad between the sandwich buns, and voila! You have beans and a spinach sandwich. 

Broccoli goes excellent with spinach; therefore, they tend to find themselves together in many dishes. The cheese from the broccoli and cheese soup will give the beans more flavor, and the olives from the sandwich will intensify the soup’s flavor. The peanuts are the cherry on top of the cake, as they will surprise you with their crunchiness now and then. 

Avocado and Prosciutto Sandwich  

The avocado and prosciutto sandwich is an exquisite and straightforward meal. Requiring nothing more than a few prosciutto stripes and an avocado sauce, this two-ingredient sandwich pairs excellent with broccoli cheese soup. 

Smear the avocado sauce on both sandwich buns, preferably toasted, and layer the prosciutto stripes on top. The contrasting textures of the avocado and prosciutto sandwich and the broccoli and cheese soup, accompanied by the smoky flavor of the prosciutto, polished with the tangy whiff of the cheese, will undoubtedly be one of the best meals you’ve ever had.

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