What Bread Goes with Potato Soup? 11 Ideas

What Bread Goes with Potato Soup
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Potato soup offers many pairing options as it is flavorful but, at the same, understated, so it goes excellent with many food categories and pairs exceptionally well with bread. Creamy and rich, with chunks of potatoes and carrots, potato soup is a genuine delicacy with fans all over the globe. Incredibly nutritious and satiating, potato soup is more than just a soup; it’s an entire meal. So what bread goes with potato soup?

Cornbread, sourdough, focaccia, rye bread, cottage bread, garlic and herb bread, flatbread, parmesan bread, naan bread, brioche, and ciabatta are the best types of bread to pair potato soup with. 

Finding the proper bread for potato soup isn’t rocket science, but you do need to know a few things to make the right choice. Potato soup pairs best with light bread that aren’t too dense but are stable. Therefore, in the following text, I will discuss which types of bread pair best with potato soup. 


Cornbread is an excellent pair for potato soup. Rich, delightfully crumbly, and incredibly flavorful. The expressive corn flavor of the cornbread combines amazingly well with the potato and carrot flavor of the potato soup. 


What Soup Goes With Cornbread? 7 Ideas

Moreover, cornbread is very easy to make, which makes this bread even better. You just need to mix cornmeal, baking soda, an egg, and buttermilk in a bowl and transfer the mixture to a loaf pan. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 300 °F (150 °C) and enjoy. 

You can slice the bread and have it on the side or dice it and throw them in your bowl of soup.  


Sourdough bread is not complex to make, but it is time-consuming. You need to make the starter about 12 hours before baking the bread. The starter is made of flour, yeast, and water and is then left to ferment for at least 12 hours before baking. 

Sourdough bread has a delightfully sour flavor which goes excellent with the rich and creamy potato soup. It has a solid crust and a spongy interior, making it perfect for soaking up the flavorful juices from the potato soup. 

Have it on the side, or dip it into your bowl of soup; you will enjoy it either way.


Made with only flour, yeast, salt, water, and oil, focaccia bread is one of the easiest types of bread to make and one of the tastiest to eat. You need to mix all the ingredients together, knead the dough until everything homogenizes and let it leaven for 20 minutes. Place the leavened dough in a baking pan and make the signature dough dimples by pressing your fingertips on the dough. 

Smear it with oil and throw rosemary on the dough before baking it. 

Focaccia bread is a meal in itself, and combined with the delicious potato soup, both the bread and soup show their best features. The hard, crispy crust and the spongy, soft, and rich interior are excellent flatterers to the creamy consistency of the potato soup. 

Rye Bread 

Dark, pungent, and dense, rye bread is one of potato soup’s best friends. Nutritious, diet-friendly, and very easy to make, this bread will undoubtedly become a frequent guest in your kitchen. 

Mix white four and rye flour, and add salt and active yeast. Knead the dough and let it rest for 20 minutes. Bake for 20 minutes at 150 °C, i.e., 300 °F, and enjoy. 

The rye bread interior is denser and spongier than an actual sponge and absorbent, meaning it will be a perfect option for potato soup croutons. You can also dip the bread in the potato soup or just have it on the side. 

Cottage Bread 

Made of nothing more than the bare necessities, flour, yeast, salt, and water, cottage bread will delight you with its softness and wholesome aroma, giving your potato soup a rustic dimension. 

You need to mix the ingredients and let the bread rise for about 30 minutes. Bake at 150 °C, i.e., 300 °F. The cloud-like softness of the bread’s interior, combined with the crunchy golden-brown crust, will flatter and intensify your potato soup. 

Although stable when dry, cottage bread quickly loses its stability when wet, so don’t use cottage bread pieces as croutons unless you like watery bread. This bread is best served on the side with a thick layer of butter smeared on it. 

What Bread Goes with Potato Soup

Garlic and Herb Bread

Any bread you have handy can be transformed into garlic and herb bread. Bake a few garlic cloves in the oven and mix them with olive oil and herbal spices, such as basil, oregano, thyme, dill, basil, etc. Smear a nice thick layer of this mixture on the bread slices and place them in the oven for about ten minutes. 

Your bread cooked this way will not only enhance your potato soup experience but will trademark it, as it will dominate the entire setting. That doesn’t mean that the potato soup will be absolutely invisible, far from it. The garlic and herb bread will lead, and the potato soup will follow the established mood of the dish. 

Flat Bread 

Flatbread has already an established use with soups, stews, and broths, as it is pretty stable and holds up well when wet. You can bake the flatbread more on the crispy side and turn it into croutons or have it on the side for dipping. Season it the way you like it and enjoy its magic. 

For this bread, you need to mix flour and water and make a dough. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes, and then roll it out in circular tortilla-like pieces. Bake for 15-20 minutes and dig in.

Parmesan Bread 

Every bread can be parmesan bread if you add parmesan to it. Yes, as simple as that. Slice your bread and cover it in parmesan stipes. Pop it into the oven and let the parmesan melt. 

Parmesan bread goes excellent with potato soup, as the flavors are highly compatible and even out nicely when combined. The richness of the parmesan bread will fit in perfectly with the creamy consistency of the potato soup. 

Naan Bread 

The rich and fatty naan bread is spongy and elastic, perfect to combine with soups, especially potato soup. To make naan bread, mix flour, an egg, yogurt, yeast, and butter until the ingredients homogenize and make the dough. The active yeast will create bubbles making the naan bread a bubbly, fluffy, and light bread. 

The potato soup and naan bread combination will pleasantly surprise your taste buds and stimulate your senses with the discrete sourness of the bread. 

What Bread Goes with Potato Soup


Mildly sweet and expressively buttery and milky, brioche and potato soup flatter and supplement each other. Brioche is a bit more complex to make and takes a bit more time, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. 

To make brioche, you must use flour, oil, eggs, milk, sugar, active yeast, and a pinch of sugar. Mix the ingredients until they homogenize, and knead the bread until you get a nice, smooth dough. The making of the brioche is not hard, but it takes time. 

The brioche needs to be leaven three times. You need to knead it after each rising, and one rising takes anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour. 

Once done, the brioche bread combined with the potato soup will give you simply dreamy results. The sweetness of the brioche will allude to the tenderness of the potato soup, which will gently tease your palate. 


Last on this list, the ciabatta bread is a delightful, folksy bread, full of flavor and aroma, with the perfect consistency to combine with the potato soup. To make this bread, you need yeast, water, flour, and salt. Mix the ingredients and make the dough; let it rise and bake. 

This cheerful people’s bread will go excellent with your people’s soup. Both simple, playful, and light, these two will make certainly make your day giving you a wholesome culinary experience. 

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